Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 24th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Nutz tells Ram that he knows what she is saying! She asks Ram to choose..! Ram says.. Priya…he chooses Priya..! Ram says.. always he supports Nutz.. but today.. coz of someone else.. she went against Ram? Ram says..he will support Priya .. till the day she is right..! Ram says.. they both love Kartik .. so how can they mistrust each other..n Priya loves Nutz! Nutz says.. Priya doesnt love her… coz she is jealous of her..coz Ram loves Nutz.. n she may realise that he does not love Priya..! She says… Ram has raised her..n now for just 6 years of marriage… with Priya.. he has forgotten their lifelong relation! Ram tells Nutz to take care n turns to leave! Nutz tells Ram that if he genuinely cared for her.. he would have chosen Nutz..not Priya..! He has declared his decision she doesnt need him …he can go to his wife.. thanks..! Nutz turns her back on Ram n he leaves..!

Ram spots Neha.. and asks what she is doing here? Neha says.. Priya was hyper n wanted to see Pihu.. so brought her there! She compliments Ram for choosing Priya…and says that by doing that he has supported Nutz only..! She says.. Nutz is emotional …and will take time to calm down n going forward she would have regretted.. if Ram chose her over Priya…! She asks him to let it be and relax..! Neha tells Ram that.. Priya needs complete rest.. mental..n physical..n asks him to avoid family related stress ..!

Caddy is walking away from Rahul in the rain ..! He tells her ..he was joking..! The passersby ..start attacking Rahul..! Caddy asks them to not interfere n says..he is friend..! Rahul tells Caddy that he knows she cares… then why she is ignoring him? Caddy says..have promised Neha n Priya to be away from him..! She says.. Priya has so much stress in her life..cant add on..! Rahul says that when he heard of Kartik-Nutz..he realised.. all this anger.. is useless..coz one second ago if one is angry.. next moment something happens n all is lost..! He says.. life is too short. .anything can happen..! He says.. its not his zidd to meet n talk to Caddy .. he says.. sorry… for the drama. .but he had no choice..! Caddy refuses to listen to him n walks away…! Rahul breaksdown. .but a while later Caddy runs to him n hugs him..! They keep hugging each other..and Caddy says.. she realises.. she loves him too but cant tell Neha-Priya..! Rahul says..what if they dun know about them.. n they dun ask..! Rahul asks Caddy to think how to pay him back for the tears n all ..! He asks her what she will have ? She says chocolate! Neha calls n asks Rahul where he is? Rahul says at home..! Neha says..called u at home.. n Rahul says..just left. .with friends..! Rahul says.. if she thinks he is with Caddy .. she is wrong as she is rude..n insulted him front of his friends.n Neha is right about Caddy.! Neha says din say that n she likes Caddy just dun want them crossing limits! Rahul asks any emergency n Neha says Priya needs her so if he can come! Rahul agrees to come over!

Caddy says..this is wrong. lying so much! Rahul says. .nothing is wrong.. n with time Neha will realise.. she is good.. n asks for ice cream! At home… Pihu is reading books and Priya says.. dun like soup… n Pihu says will tell granny n screams ..! Priya says..scared of u more than mom ..! Pihu tells Priya..story of ant n elephant..! Ant finished pooja n left.. Elephant came out n cried.. Priya asks why ..Pihu says coz ant stole his chappal..! Then one day …Ant n elephant walking together n elephant was scared.. so ant asked him to hide behind him!

Priya asks who taught these silly jokes? Pihu says.. Saumya chachi said.. Priya is sad so.. learnt from friends in lunch .. n memorised! Priya says. .not that bad .. n says.. lil baby is laufing a lot..! Pihu says.. Ram asked her to make Priya smile..! Priya says.. ok .. then she will smile lil..! Pihu asks her to smile big..! Priya asks..enough? Pihu says yes.. n says..lets practise more..!

Ram comes n ask if they r doing toothpaste ad? Pihu says.. smile practise..! Ram says.. only need to think of Pihu to smile! Ram tells Priya..come home..! They start for home..!

Part 2

Pihu is playing with her doll in the car n RaYa are quiet..! Ram plays radio .. song plays… main na bhulunga .. n then changes the channel .. its bade aache lagte hain song! Priya says… have headache.. dun wanna listen! Song is ..lag ja gale.. n Ram switches off the radio..! Rams moby rings.. and its Pramod.. who tells him about a meeting! Ram says.. not to keep as its sonography day with Priya..! Priya asks him no to cancel meeting. n says..she will go with Saumya.. or Neha..! Ram says.. if she is more comfy with them then ok …! RaYa are quiet.. !

Nutz thanks Ayesha for the flowers…! Nutz rues that cant believe what Ram did! Ayesha says knew it..but din tell coz Nutz mite not believe! Nutz says. now realised…truth … n in bad times..get to see peoples true sides! Ayesha says.. Ram said..what was in her heart. but Priya . says something on face n something behind the back! She says. Priya said Nutz is like sis.. but plays tricks behind back! Ayesha says.. one who is not of her own sis..cant be of anyone but she has conveniently ..kept people with her! Nutz says.. Ayesha says on face. but Priya plays games n throws trump card at right time but she will beat Priya now! Ayesha says.. she will coz Kartik n Ayesha are with Nutz..!

Neha rues that.. one day she is out of home.. they mess all up..! She screams on the kids..! Vikram comes n asks..why cursing kids..! Neha shows lipstick mark on a cup ..n says not mine..! She asks Rahul what is this? He says.. lipstick..! Rahul says..its mine..! Vikram asks since when he applies? Rahul says.. sometimes.. he does..! Neha asks why? Rahul says.. for college play…n he is playing Juliet.. ! Neha says..they need to talk about this..! Rahul says.. lipstick mark gone..n if she wants she can ask directly..! He says.. shade is cherry licious.. n he will buy for her. if she wants.. or use his! Vikram-Neha are shocked..!

Friends talk and ask Ayesha about her bro..and she says..he is fine..! One of the friends talk of her son winning competition n says wants to make him compete in Singing competition! She asks about Kush.. n Kush says..he will ..! Ayesha says. no..coz of Kartik issues no time…! The friends leave..! Kush requests Ayesha to sign the form..! Ayesha says no.. as she doesnt wanna embarrass herself..!

Part 3

Pihu tells Kush that her .. first teeth broke but no pain! Kush says..then she has to wear fake teeth! Pihu says.. she has hid it under her pillow n a fairy will take it n then come n put it back..n she will make a wish too! Kush asks what she will wish for? Pihu says..for Priya to smile ! Kush says.. superkids competition there.. n Pihu can make Priya happy …! He asks her to participate n when she will win .. Priya will be happy! Pihu says ok..!

Rishabh is walking around n asks..Nutz… Ram said all that directly to her? He tells Nutz that.. he is with her 100% .. Nutz says she knows..! She tells him not to tail Ram.. around..! Rishabh says.. he respects Ram but is not with Ram this time! Nutz says.. Ram showed his loyalties..are with Priya! Nutz rues.. just like in hindi movies.. here also.. bro change after wedding.. ! Rishabh says. .family first.. wife one side.. family on another..! Saumya asks why think about sides? All on one side.. ! She asks him to explain Nutz.. not agree with her! Nutz asks.. is she a kid to be counselled..! Saumya says. to listen to Ram . n Nutz says dun wanna hear..about their greatness ! She asks Saumya.. to stay away from RaYa .. n that.. she is Natasha for her. not Nutz..! Rishabh asks her to decide loyalties n asks her to shut up n not give opinions! Rishabh says. if she is not on Nutz side she is not on their side! Saumya leaves from there..!

Precap — Priya asks Pihu ..since when she is interested in singing? Pihu says..she wanted to sing. but her teeth is broken..! Ram says..teeth is not needed to sing. .she can still sing! :

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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