Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th June 2013 Written Update

In kailash Mahadev is being shown . He is looking worried because of the Yugantar which is going to be soon in the world.
In Sheer Sagar Mahalakshmi devi is worried and she is remembering the things which has happened in the past related to jalandhar and Vrinda and The curse of vrinda to narayan… with the heavy heart she asks narayan Isn’t there anything which can be above the Kaal. Mahadev , Brahmadev and you are abover kaal still seems to be worrying for the happens.

Narayan describes Mahadev , I and Brahma dev if we want then we can destory the respective things related to the future destruction but that would be an insult to the Kaal (time). None of the Tatwas are above Kaal because Kaal decides what is to be there in the destiny. If I want then I can get rid of the curse of Vrinda , or if Mahadev wants then he can destroy Ravan And I too can destroy ravan now. But taking an example of our does people will try to misuse there power in future who would be powerful. They will use there power for destruction rather than the well of the world.

In Kailash:
Mahadev, Ganesh, Kartikeya and Parvati is having there dinner and Parvati is looking at Ganesh with her wet eyes and with a heavy heart mahadev also looks at parvati.

Ganesh is having Modak too happily but then parvati can realize what he is going through. She asks him “Son its not necessary that you should leave kailash tomorrow morining itself.. if you want to stay here for some more time then you can stay ” Ganesh Replies no Maa.. I will have to leave tomorrow as to gain knowledge being late is not good.

Ganesh Stands up from his place and take a full plate of Modak and Asks parvati to feed him all the modaks with his heavy heart and says … who knows when he’ll get a great chance like this again.” Kartikeya Cries and Mahadev has a wet eye too looking at him. Parvati feeds him modak.

In other side Lots of Demons are playing different kinds of instruments to make Kumbhkarn wake up..but he is not waking up. He is sleeping as in his own world. Seeing this ravan gets annoyed and screams “Kumbhkarnnn” and his shout goes into Kumbhkarn’s ears and he woks up and asks himself… 6 months passed so quicky. Ravan Says Times has come to make this human beings work. you have to make our servants and should make him learn what tough life is . They should get pain so much .. as it was a mistake by brahma dev that he has saved me from Asuras , Devtas, but he didn’t save me from no humans and Animals.

In other side Ganesh goest to mahadev and asks him Can I request Something ?? Mahadev asks yes… then he says ” Pitajee Can I sleep in your laps tonigh ” Mahadev says you don’t need to have a permission my son. Then he goes and Mahadev is patting his hand on Ganesh’s head and he is saying… Pitajee ” only patting i won’t be getting into sleep” Mahadev says I know… I have to sing some lori for you to sleep.

Mahadev starts singing that lori for ganesh “Tum Shivansh Tum Gauri Nandan” and in the mean time parvati and kartikeya arrives and feels bad for ganesh and feel like crying . Ganesh Sleeps in Mahadev’s Lap.

Night passed and here is a new morning .. :

Ganesh says to parvati “Maa I will soon come back to kailash after gaining knowledge and you know ” maine ek baar vachan de dia to dedia ” and every one smiles with a wet eye”
Mahadev says in the future when this world will face some problems regarding “Agyanta(unawareness) ” Both of you will enlighten this world by your Gyan”(Knowledge)
Ganesh and Karttikeya Takes Blessings from there parents and hugs them” Both Of Them leaves Kailash

Update Credit to: reeti

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