Hitler Didi 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 24th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Munna carrying a sack on his shoulder and comes into the hall where ammo, Indira , Rishi and Indu are all present.
Indira is adamant on her decisions as she wants Munna to open the sack to see who’s in. Ammo does not want Munna to open the sack there’s a sort of small tiff between both ladies, finally Rishi also gives his consent to open the sack.
A priest is there and Indira asks if ever he’s only able to find out about who’s the culprit or he can also control the evils. He agrees and asks to open the sack.
Ammo says there’s a witch in it as Indira does not believe in supernatural powers as well as Rishi Munna opens the sack and Jamuna comes out.
Munna gets irritated to have carried such a heavy weight and Jamuna also is very angry as she was suffocating.
Jamuna tells Ammo to do something of these family Ammo tells Jamuna to calm down.
A shadow is shown…
Ammo is happy and asks the priest to continue with the prayer. The priest calls for Indu but Indira refuses saying that there’s something fishy going on as initially Ammo was not ready to let Munna open the sack but when Jamuna came out she was relieved.
She promises to find out what is going on and what is the secret in 24 hrs.
She leaves and Rishi follow her asking what she promised to find out… Indu makes an excuse and Indira just leave from there.
The shadow is shown again with a curved dagger… Ammo slaps Jamuna for being incautious of not being able to handle the situation… Jamuna says that it is the fault of Munna who caught her. Ammo says that Indira should not find out anything.

Ammo tells Jamuna nothing should happen to Indira and her child otherwise she will kill her. Ammo gets irritated and leaves she’s cursing Munna for catching her and asks two bodyguards to come with her.
The shadow is roaming in the dark with the curved dagger and on the other side Indira approaches the locked room.
RIshi who was searching for her spots her near the room and tries to stop her from entering he’s trying his level best but a stubborn Indira wants to find out what is the secret…
Jamuna fights with curved dagger lady and finally her face is shown she’s none other than Zara.
Indira finds a watch showing the time and date her room was caught on fire.

Rishi can’t understand what Indira wants to say with the watch… Indira finds a pair of earrings lying over there and asks Rishi who could the person while Zara with her dagger is near the door watching at Indira in rage.
She smirks… When Indira asks Rishi what is the aim of the person who wants to kill her?

Indira begs for forgiveness from Ammo and Ammo says she should not as the secret of the room is already in front of her and she must know the truth.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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