Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya telling Neha to tell doctor that she is fine now, Neha replies doctor will tell about your health. The doctor after doing the check up of Priya, asks her to rest and tells Neha her BP is low. Priya tells Neha that Karthik gave chotu’s responsibility to her and she should go and take care of him. Please let me go. Neha asks her to relax and says you saw naa Natasha has accepted the baby, she will take care of him. If God can do such a miracle ( means changing Natasha’s heart towards the baby) then why can’t God save Karthik. She asks her to be positive. Priya asks about Karthik, She says she will keep her posted and leaves.

Scene shifts to Natasha and Karthik:

Natasha holds karthik’s hands and urges him to wake up for the sake of Chotu. you have to play with him. Ram looks on. She asks Karthik to says something. Suddenly his heart beat increases and it shows in the ECG machine, natasha says I know you can hear us. She asks him to get well soon and tells chotu that his papa will be alright soon.
Ram comes outside and tells the doctor that Karthik started responding when Natasha kept the baby beside his bedside. Shipra, Sudhir and everyone smiles and have a sign of relief. Ayesha too smiles ( It seems she turns good). Natasha comes out of the ICU and hands over the baby to Shipra. Shipra smilingly takes the baby and says your papa listens to you. He loves you a lot, Natasha looks on. Ram feels happy and tells Vikram, he wants to inform Priya about Karthik responding to the treatment. Vikram says let her rest now, tell me after she wakes up. Rishabh tells Soumya about Karthik. The baby starts crying, Natasha asks Shipra to give chotu to her. The baby keep quiet as soon as Natasha takes him in her hands. Shipra and Sudhir asks her to come home. She says yes papa. Ram happily says Karthik will come home, I talked to the doctor and Priya will also be fine by that time.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Shipra is taking care of the baby, Natasha insists to take the baby as his diaper needs to be change. She asks for Ayesha’s help, Ayesha hesitantly says yes. But Shipra says she will change the diaper. Sudhir tells Shipra that Ram has organised everything for Karthik. Nurse, equipments everything and he will be in observation. Shipra asks Natasha to take care of Karthik and she will care of Raunaq. Ayesha looks surprised. Mamaji looks on and asks Ayesha what is in her mind.

Mamaji says here everybody is become friends forgetting everything. Mamaji says you are all alone. Ayesha says she learnt never to lose hope, and she knows how to use the relations. Sudhir comes and Mamaji says it is natasha’s faith that Karthik is getting well. Sudhir thanks him. Ayesha smiles evilly.

Scene shifts to Ram and Priya:

Ram calls Soumya and tells about Karthik recovery and Priya. Ram tells Vikram why you are upset with me. Vikram says you create your own tensions. Ram says I should have told Priya. Vikram says I know choti is your weakness but whatever you did was not justified. Vikram says I feel you should have tell everything to Priya. He continues that husband’s should have accepts his wife’s family. He says your love for Priya should be the first priority, if you two are together then can handle any problem. vikram says I have to tell you this, Ram says you can tell me anything yaar. Vikram says I will leave now as kids are alone at home.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Karthik is seen on the bed still unconscious, Natasha asks the nurse is everything alright. Ayesha comes there and says if Karthik would have ran away with me then this would n’ t have happened. Natasha says you was helping him in running away along with Priya. Ayesha says she was actually bringing Karthik to her. She says I feel for you. She starts acting and says I want you to punish him. She says next time don’t compare me with Priya, do you know what Priya did, she was helping Karthik in the run so that even police cant chase him. She has a perfect plan for this. It was a fake attack which she acted, but her plan backfire when Karthik gets shoot. Natasha says she knows what to do now. Natasha says she will get everything she wants, with Priya’s way. Ayesha smiles and says I am with you.

Ayesha tells Sudhir that she is going. Sudhir says ok. Ram tells her I can’t stop you to come in this house but please keep away from my family and choti. Ram says she is weak at the moment and you are using her. Ayesha says you are doubting me and your wife Priya……Sudhir asks what are you saying about Priya. Ram tells Sudhir that just now Ayesha told Natasha, whatever happened to Karthik is because of Priya. She told Priya acted stress attack. Ayesha is shocked. Sudhir says she will never change and says he remember what she told them in the Police station. he says he don’t want to see her in his house. Ayesha leaves in a huff.

Ram thanks him. Sudhir says he is always with the truth and hope he also do the same but he failed him. He says I am not talking about Natasha, she is a kid, but why you thought we could do bad with Natasha. Ram says he knows he is guilty of them and asks for forgiveness.

Next morning Natasha calls Ram. Ram asks him is everything alright. He asks about her. Natasha asks where are you? Ram says I was about to go to the hospital to see Priya. Natasha asks him to come there as she needs to talk something urgently. Ram says he will come after coming back from the hospital.

Scene shifts to Cady:

Rahul’s friend calls her and asks her to meet Rahul. She says she can’t meet him. His friend says Rahul had sleeping pills but we saved him. he asks her to meet Rahul. Cady comes there and says are you mad, you took such a big step. You should have thought of your parents. Rahul says you are ignoring me. Cady asks Rahul to promise her not to do anything like that. Cady says sorry. Rahul says he was just joking and asks her to relax. Cady gets angry and says do you have an idea how much I was tensed.and says she will never meet him. she leaves.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Ram comes and Natasha tells him that she holds Priya responsible for Kartik’s present condition. Ram says what is wrong with you. How can you think like that. She says, If our plan would have worked, then Karthik might be in Jail now and may be my anger will be lower by then. But I dont know whether he is be alive for not. Ram says he will be save and says don’t let these fear come in your mind. He says you gave him life by accepting this baby. He says dont trust Ayesha. Natasha says she is not provoking me. Priya is the one who is playing the games. Ram says Priya is on your side and we are one big family. We can fight, but at the end of day we are on the same side. She says dont lecture me, and if God forbid Karthik didn’t live then I will hold only Priya responsible. She says you have to make a decision today. You have to choose between me and Priya. Ram says what kind of stupidity is this? Natasha says it is upto you to decide, Ram says I choose Priya, my decision is final. The episode ends on Natasha stunned face.

Natasha tells Ayesha that Priya waits for the right time and use her trump card, and finishes the game, but now I will defeat Priya in her own game. Ayesha smirks.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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