Junoon 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 20th June 2013 Written Update

PRithvi keeps going over DB’s claim that they slept together as a couple and he thinks that he saw a truth in her eyes.
He looks at Meera pic and wonders why he was not able to stop Db’s claim and stop her. Why can’t he remember. He is sure that he would never cheat on Meera even in an unconscious state. (pic kahaan sey aya). He needs to find out what’s happening or he will never be able to look her and himself in the eye.
He tries hard to recollect what happened that night and how he reached db’s room.

He starts hitting his head on the cupboard as he can’t remember anything and saying it is not possible that he would have cheated Meera. Db sees him and watches from the door and walks out with tears in her eyes.

Scene 2

She calls mishrain and says that all these years she saw IP’s ups n downs, tears, hurt, pain and yet she never had tears for him as she does now for the cheat –ie Prithvi. Mishrain says she cant see her this way and snap out of it.
Mishra comes to talk to her and insists it is important. Due to prithvi, the promise made to the person who bought it – they want 2 crores instead.
DB gives the locker keys to mishrain and tells her to give the money to Mishra. Then she asks does Mishra if he feel Prithvi would do such a thing after careful thought. Mishra says he trusts what he saw but he can’t believe Prithvi would do something like this. Db says that’s what she thinks. She doesn’t want an innocent caught in
Mishra says hopefully someone is not using Prithvi as a pawn.
It is a dangerous game. Shocked she stands and says this is not ordinary only one person can do that – IP.
Mishrain asks in shock – hopefully IP has not come back.

They look at each other and db walks out and goes to the puja room and fills a bucket of water, fills a pot and sits in front of god.
She picks a statue of Mahadev – the destroyer and talks of the trinity and say she will put the trinity in trouble so they never put her back in that trouble. She puts the idol in the pot of water. Mishrain stops her that it’s a sin to drown god. DB says she is scared of IP’s shadow and wants to be away from him. Mishra says it’s your imagination as its not possible for IP to come back he is dead. Dead men don’t come back.

DB asks what if he is back but Mishra says some one is there behind this and to draw the snake out one has to put water in the snake hole.
Prithvi paces in his room wondering what chakravyuh he is in and he has to find the truth.
Mishra is on the phone giving instructions as db listens and warns not to make any mistakes.

Prithvi corners lallan at knife point to know who comes in and out and how many entry ways are there to the house. Lallan insists that there is only one point of entry as IP had the house designed so no enemy could sneak in. He then let s lallan go.
A servant runs in with the newspaper saying IP has been found and gives it to Mishra and DB. Mij tells db that if IP were alive he will see this.

Hudda – yay – looks at a computer monitor with someone and says I searched every where and she is in my backyard. I love technology.
He tells the operator to make some edits to the pic and prints out a pic. It’s the new look of Prithvi.
Hudda says that this is the secret. 3 names 3 identities but the face is the same. kamal ka cheez hai db that who is behind the game.

Prithvi walks in and says this is not DB’s kamaal but of IP.
Hudda asks him who he is –
Arjun singh? He shakes his head in denial
Prithvi? No again and responds ‘IP’ and takes his glasses off.
He then tells hudda Ishwar has come to give you darshan, won’t u take my blessings with a very casual cold attitude.

Hudda pulls a gun on IP who is casual and says when death did not stop me who are u. He then points a gun back on hudda and rapidly fires.

Update Credit to: prem_diwani

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