Crazy Stupid Ishq 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 20th June 2013 Written Update

Miral says that she’s leaving n now ayan has to decide to whom he want to go, ayan choose miral n leave with her. Next morning, pampi was upset she dnt want to leave ayan’s frndship, she try to convince miral one more time, miral was not receiving her call, pampi leave a message on voicemail, that she dnt mean to hurt her all happen due to MU n ask for sorry.

Scene changed, ayan came to meet miral, she was very upset, ayan ask for sorry, miral says that he has not taken her side when she got insulted, ayan says that he knew abt his frnds thats y he was not in touch with them, he choosed her, miral was happy n ask abt anushka, n that letter n she realised that it was pampi who wrote that letter but before ayan react he got a call from office n he leaves.

In office, punnuji was angry n just asking ayan to get the album ready asap as he has committed to distributers, ayan says that he shud atleast confirm with the artist before giving commitments, punnu rudely replies that if he rely on artists the company will be ruined, like ayan’s father ruined it, it hurt ayan n punnu realize that, ayan dnt react n says that he shud atleast told him, punnu again get rude n says that he’s the boss here n will not ask anyone before taking any decision n gave him 2 days to complete the song or he’s loose his job.

Other side, pampi goes to meet miral, her parents ask her to leave, but miral takes her inside n very rudly ask her to fulfill her promise as she knw abt the letter n also that she purposefully did it to separate her n ayan but thy are still together, pampi leaves.

Scene changed, ayan tries to manofy shahdab to sing the song, shahdab says that if he pressurize him lyk that he’ll drop the idea of cum back album. Ayan leaves disheartened. Both tullu n pampi were upset n rain starts.

Scene Changed, ayan returns to shahdab’s house n ask him wat if that they go to the same dargah/mosque where he made the song at first n it works, he gave ayan a chance n agrees to sing.

Other side, pampi calls Mr. Atwal n ask for sum money, she has decided to leave which makes aarti happy. Scene changed, ayan n other goes to dargah n set the setup n shahdab start singing (wow beautiful song it was), ayan goes into memories of pampi n realize that he luves her.

Precap: Ayan want to say sumthing to pampi; Miral insults pampi.

Update Credit to: Amor

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