Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Ram brings Ishaan home

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya saying Mahender is wrong, he won’t decide for us, we will find Ishaan, don’t worry, nothing is impossible when Ram is here. Meera nods. Ram thinks you are one woman army. Priya asks will you find Ishaan. Ram says yes, Adi is waiting, I will find him. She says I will stay here and prove that you always keep your promise, I m sure you will find him. Ram leaves. Mahender thinks will Ram find Ishaan, its good if he doesn’t find him. Ram meets Vikrant and Adi. He says Ishaan has jumped down the window, he is very smart, he calculated the distance, talk to Krish. Adi says Krish is getting the cctv footage. Vikrant asks how is Sara. Ram says she is worried for him, Mahender was there, he was igniting fire, Priya stayed there thinking of her family, Mahender was saying bad about Meera and Sara, I wished to beat him. Ram takes the pill.

Adi says don’t know how Priya manages all this. Ram gets angry on Mahender. He says I can’t tolerate Mahender, Priya is amazing, she can handle him. Adi says Krish’s video call is coming. Krish talks to Ram. Ram asks about Ishaan. Krish says my source has seen Ishaan going to the nearby building, I m not coming, I will see you tomorrow. Ram says I will go there. Ram reaches the building. He sees Ishaan standing on the edge of the terrace. Ishaan says I can hear you, my ears are sharp. Ram says people make fun of you because they are scared of you. Ishaan says they bully me, why are they scared, I don’t complain about anyone. Ram says you have a sharp mind, they don’t have it, you read physics of 19 year olds. Ishaan asks how do you know. Ram says you are standing on the ledge of a 40 storey building, so I came to see you. Ishaan says no, you came for Sara’s sake, she fooled me and got me here to separate me from my dad, so I m troubling her. Priya comes and looks on. Ram says I know it that you knew you will have a safe landing, you know be calculating physics here as well, I can help you, I also like physics, we can talk, if anything falls from here, whats the gravitational force, the velocity of the thing thrown down is different, we will race, you jump down and I will throw a pen, lets see who reaches first, you won’t get a time to change your heart, do you want to jump down and check this theory, I have much money, I can spend on your education, you can become a scientist, or that money can help in your treatment. Ishaan asks why would you bear my expenses. Ram says Priya is my wife, I love Sara as my sister. Ishaan says I love my dad, don’t send him to Delhi. Priya thinks who has told this to him. Ram says he will stay here and work with me. Ishaan asks really. Ram says promise, for this, you have to get down.

Priya asks who told you that we will separate you from your dad. Ram says I never break my promise, I always keep it, you can ask Priya. Priya says we will go home now, come. They bring Ishaan home. Sara hugs Ishaan. Meera does Ishaan’s aarti. Ram asks Meera to ward off bad sight from him also. She says why not. Priya says bad sight won’t catch you. Meera applies back dot to Ram. She says Priya is your shield. Ram says she is strong like you, come.

Nandini says we thought Priya will lie in the house as a furniture, but this didn’t happen, we have failed. Shubham says I m worried that Shashi may tell my truth, so I instigated Shivi to do this drama. Nandini asks why don’t you ask me, I have raised Ram, I told him that just we are his family. Shubham says Ram is my brother and then Priya’s husband. Mami says Ram will always take Priya’s side. Nandini says wrong, before Shubham comes back, you make Akki your best friend, when time comes, then Akki will take your side, else you will become zero, we are losing everything. She cries. He says I promise, I will see to that.

Adi and Vikrant talk to Ishaan. Ram says they used to make me do the homework. Sara says Vikrant would be zero in studies. Vikrant says I was a hero. Adi says he was so lean that time. She laughs. Varun says Ram, thanks, you brought Ishaan back home. Ram explains Ishaan not to worry his parents again. He says we all are your family, if any problem comes, you can reach out to any one of us, we will help you, smile now. Ishaan smiles. Ram says hug your mum. Ishaan hugs Sara. Priya says we will go home now. Adi says we are hungry, I heard Meera will feed us halwa. Meera says yes. Adi jokes on his tummy. They laugh. Mahender thinks they are laughing, its happening as they want. He says I will go now. Priya signs no to Meera. Mahender leaves.
Krish tells about Alibagh. He says your dad and Kumar were there. Adi says Priya loves you Ram. Mahender asks Meera to sell the bakery. Priya and Mahender argue. Ram calls it enough.

Update Credit to: Amena

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