Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu and Angoori hold their husband captive

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori and Anu in balcony. Angoori says to Anu I’m getting angry, Vibhu is coming in between my relation. Anu says I cannot understand that why is he doing. Angoori says what is he trying to prove that he can cook great then me and can take goor care of me. Anu says his elders were not capable enough to take care of themselves then why is he doing this and what is he trying to prove that he is genius, he don’t even think about me, one day me and Vibhu went to watch a movie and I was getting cosy with someone else because I thought he is beside me. Angoori get’s shocked and says the other guy didn’t said anything. Anu says he was having fun and said thanks to me. Angoori says I think Vibhu will steal Tiwari from me. Anu says don’t worry nothing will happen. Angoori says it’s time of net anything can happen. Anu says we can do one thing we won’t let them meet eachother. Angoori says how is that possible. Anu says I’ll trap Vibhu, you can trap Tiwari. Anu get’s call from Pappu Telemarketing, Teeka says I swear on your husband please dont hungup and try to sell his product. Anu says shutup and disconnects call.

Vibhu walj into his house all tiered up, he sit. Anu walks to him with galss of water says you must be tiered. Vibhu in shock. Anu ask now your transformer is working fine. Vibhu says no it was left but Happu and his gang come and arrested me. Anu mocks him and says you could have called me I would have asked commissioner. Vibhu says I had a thought of that but already I was out of jail, Happu took log to just fix a ghagra and he was having 25 ghagra of Mr. And Mrs. Commissioner. Anu ask what ghagra were doing there. Vibhu says you can ask this question to them. Anu ask what you were doing there with ghagra. Vibhu says I was fixing it, Happu praise me a lot so I get emotional. Anu says you are going mad. Anu get’s call from Pappu Telemarketing and try to sell products. Anu and Vibhu shouts at him and disconnects call. Vibhu says to Anu let’s go upstairs. Anu close the main door, sit beside him. Vibhu ask why did you lock main door. Anu says because now you will come in and go out with my permission now follow mr.

Angoori waiting for Tiwari at main door. Tiwari walks in and call Angoori. Angoori locks main door. Tiwari ask what are you doing. Angoori says I locked the door and these key’s will be with me, you were praising Vibhu food so much which hurt me a lot, I think that he is your wife. Tiwari says it’s something else. Angoori says now you are attracted with Vibhu. Tiwari says I told you nothing is like that. Angoori says okay it will be clear in sometime when you and Vibhu will get urge to meet eachother, I’ll understand about attraction. Tiwari says it’s for night and till morning everything will be clear don’t be a rude wife. Angoori says I know that you and Vibhu are having red love and it will go white and start crying and says these key’s will be with me and you will be locked here and I won’t open till the time your craze for Vibhu don’t go down. Tiwari get’s call Angoori says put it on speaker. Teeka try to sell his product. Angoori shouts at him.

Anu in balcony dancing and singing. Vibhu joins her and they both get’s romantic, he close the curtains.

Tiwari in bedroom says Angoori flop my plan, it was going great Vibhu was working but she ruined everything. Angoori walks to her and ask do you need anything. Tiwari says I want fresh air. Angoori says you can open window. Tiwari says for that I have to go out or else I’ll suffocate. Angoori says if you will go out then I’ll suffocate. Tiwari try to get romantic with her. Angoori says you didn’t had romance with me you were busy with Vibhu. Tiwari says you are comparing yourself to Vibhu you both have a lot of difference. Angoori says I think Vibhu will become your other wife. Tiwari says stop it, I love you a lot. Angoori says you sre telling lie you love Vibhu. Tiwari says I love you. Angoori says I hate you. Tiwari hugs her, have a drink.

Tiwari in balcony praising Angoori. Vibhu walk to his balcony and see Tiwari. Tiwari says to him you know I didn’t praise you today. Vibhu says I know I also felt empty. Tiwari says how is Anu. Vibhu says she is good. Vibhu ask how is Angoori. Tiwari says now she is calm. Vibhu get’s naughty with him. Vibhu says good night and they leave.

Next morning. Angoori in garden sith Tiwari. Tiwari reading newspaper and try to sneak out of house but couldn’t because Angoori catches him moving and shouts at him sit there. Tiwari sit on chair. Angoori ask him where were you going. Tiwari says I was going on walk. Angoori says no need of walking. Tiwari says if I’ll not go on walk I’ll get gad. Angoori says I don’t care at all and I have filled thurmus with tea, drink and have biscuit and do your exercise here. Tiwari ask don’t you trust me. Angoori says I trust you more then me hut now a days your trust is shaking a bit, should I give you to eat. Phone rings. Tiwari says go and check. Angoori says him to take my swear that you will not move and she go inside. Tiwari says I thought I’ll play with Vibhu a little more but my stupid wife. Master and Gupta walking. Master ask Tiwari didn’t you come for walk. Tiwari says my wife is not letting me to go. Gupta mocks him. Tiwari mocks him back and says I want to talk something important, Vibhu is being a good man now a days this is a golden opportunity to ask him to do work. Master ask how. Tiwari says praise him a lot, the more you praise him the more you will get return. Gupta ask where can I get him. Tiwari says find him. Master and Gupta thanks him for information and they start looking for Vibhu. Tiwari go back and sit down. Angoori come out and say good voy to him.

David ask what is going on in this house. Anu says Vibhu got wings if he fly then it’s your responsibility and leave.
David ask Vibhu why did she trapped you. Vibhu says Tiwari ask me to do some work I do it what’s wrong in that. David says you are working for enemies. Vibhu says he is my friend and he praise me a lot. David says he is using my formula to make you work

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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