Kaamna 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update: Yatharth plans to force Sakshi mam to stay with them

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Malti aunti comes to Manav asking him to give her the Jab ki mala and the book which has the Bhajan of Mata jee, Manav explains that he feels Sakshi mam has gotten tensed with something which he has said, Malti aunti says that she is more tensed because he never asked them to stay when Manav replies that he is also really shocked with her decision and was not ready, Sakshi mam says he should have been ready because both of their lives are out of track and it is their responsibility to make sure it comes back on track, and even yatho is mentally stable.

Manav accidentally drops the Geeta when he picks it up but the letter drops out which Manav picks, he reads the letter and is shocked to see the name Parth, Malti aunti explains that he was her grandson whom they lost in a road accident after which Sakshi refused to remain happy but she is glad that Yatharth came into her life, she started seeing Parth in him and then even started performing the musical therapy which she stopped when they lost Parth because she used to sing for him, Manav is not able to bear so hugs Malti aunti thinking that Sakshi mam was filled with so much pain but they were not able to see it.

Vibhav is sitting on the sofa drinking, Ranay comes asking why is he still sitting outside but then Vibhav replies that the days are gone when he used to sleep in peace because that women is sitting in the room, he is worried what she might feel wrong about so start quarreling, he asks how long would he have to act of this love to which Ranay says that he would have to do it for the rest of his life since he is about to marry her, Ranay gets tensed asking if he is really going to marry this women, Vibhav explains he is feeling as if he needs her in his life after seven long years but Ranay explains that the truth is he has become her puppet as she makes him do anything that she desires, he would have to do something otherwise would not be able to do anything since he was alone but happy however if she is with him then would not let him be at peace, Ranay says he is going to say something even if Vibhav doesnot like it, he informs that Vibhav would have to do anything he can but make sure that Akanksha doesnot control his life anymore, Vibhav replies they have two and a half months in which he wants to get rid of this women.

Manav is sitting in his room constantly thinking about how Sakshi mam used to always give him strength and support when he was fighting the custody case of Yatharth but she herself was in so much pain, Malti aunti sees him so entering the room advises that he must sleep as it has gotten really late, Manav informs how he used to be shaken by the thought that Yatho might be taken away from him, but is glad that the court gave him custody however Sakshi mam cannot even file the case in the court of Bhagwan, he praises her for the strength explaining she is really strong as she kept all her pains hidden. Malti aunti agrees with him. Yatho is acting as if sleeping thinks he would not have to convince his father so much and even his plan is ready.

Vibhav is with Ranay when Akanksha comes calling him Riche Rich, hje thinks that whenever she takes his name then always needs something from him, she comes to hug him asking what was on 13th June, she explains that it was the day when Nihgarika diasppreard and she has heard that the date is really auspicious so they are going to get married on it, hearing this Vibhav gets shocked when she hugs him, he tries to excuse her saying he needs to complete some formalities so they should postpone it but she is adamant, Akanksha questions if Ranany is listening to their conversation and asks him to prepare for the wedding, Ranay wishes them both a happy and contended life in the future as a couple before leaving, Vibhav is forced to act with her.

Sakshi mam enters the room, she wonders why does Parth always make a mess of the books, she sees the drawing which includes Sakshi mam, Parth, Dadda number one and Malti aunti, Sakshi mam thinks he is also her happy place and no other place is happy for him.

In the morning Sakshi mam is sleeping when Yatharth stands beside her bed, she waking up questions how did he wake up even before him, Yatharth doesnot reply and starts numbering the boxes, he comes back to her requesting that she teach him one last spelling and asks the spelling of Gowalier, she starts teaching him in the same way but he replies that she must teach him in the normal way as when the old mam is leaving then the old habits should also end, Sakshi questions why is he talking like this as their relations would always remain the same even when she is leaving, Yatho replies that the relation between a teacher and student is till they are together but his exams ended when the case ended and so everything is going to be new from now on, Yatharth brings the murti requesting her to keep this in his her new life since this is the least which she can do. He takes the drawing asking her to forget it says this is the old drawing.

Manav asks Yatho to come out, he explains he has numbered all the boxes and wonders if his father has arranged for her transport since Gowalier is 502 kilometers away, Manav replies that he has arranged everything for her transport so there is nothing to be worried about, Sakshi mam comes asking Yatho to get ready as then they would have the breakfast together, he however replies that since she is leaving him then he would once again be alone so they will have the breakfast, he rushes inside. Sakshi turns to Malti aunti asking her to see how well their Yatharth has coped with all this problem because she thought he would be sad but he is smiling, Manav replies that she is seeing what he is saying but he can feel what is in his eyes, not all people can hide their pain behind the smiles as some act like Yatho. He is really affected that she is leaving him and so is just trying to act this way.

Sakshi mam asks Manav how much time will it take for the tempo to arrive since she might get late, Manav agrees so he tries calling the tempo. Sakshi mam decides to go and call yatho as he has been in the bathroom for a long time, Sakshi mam requests Yatho to come out but he replies that he is taking a shower by himself so she can leave while he will be fine, she informs that she wants to leave after meeting him but he insists that it is okay, hearing which she gets tensed.

Precap: Sakshi mam is with Malti aunti when Manav asks why does she want to leave when it is their turn to support her, she replies that she cannot stay with him. Yatharth rushes out of the bathroom thinking if she truly went leaving him, he rushes out to the lounge when he gets tensed wondering why did she leave him.

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