Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Natasha sitting beside Karthik’s injured and may be lifeless body and shouts Karthik. Ram and Rishabh are shocked. She cries and says I hate you and I don’t want to cry for you. She says she dont want to see him alive. How could he do this to me, going away after ruining my life. She cries miserably while Rishabh and Ram looks shocked. Natasha says you cant leave me and go.

Rishabh asks Ram to go to Priya. Natasha while crying happens to look at her mobile and sees one voice message from Karthik. In the voice message Karthik says” I dont know whether I will be live or not but please forgive me nuts. I really love you a lot, Nuts”. Natasha cries more hearing his words. She remembers the flashback scene where she says she loves him and says if you ever make me cry then I will take your life. karthik says never. Natasha then asks him whether bhai and Priya will be able to love each other as theirs is a arranged marriage and not love marriage as them. she says I really hope them to be together. Karthik says they will grow old with each other. She reminiscences the old happy days. Karthik jokes about how many babies she wants, Natasha replies 6 but Karthik says he wants 10 babies. He says he will love her in any circumstances and she also promises to love him forever and stay forever. Karthik says our marriage will be rocking as our whole life is ahead. Flashback ends. Natasha cries badly.

Scene shifts to Vikram:

Rishabh informs him that Police misunderstood Karthik and thought he is running away and shoot him. He was taking Priya bhabhi to the hospital as she got stressed attack. He says I dont think he will be save. Rishabh asks them to come there. Vikram says he will come there now. Vikram asks Neha to take an U turn.

Scene shifts to Khush and Pihu:

Khush calls Pihu and says he is alone at home. Pihu asks where is your mother? Khush says someone shoot Karthik mama and mamma said mama will leave all of us. Khush says he will die. Pihu says my papa will bring him after talking to the doctor. Khush says he is her brother and says if someone kill him then he will miss her.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Dadi cries knowing about Karthik’s condition. Maa asks Soumya about Priya health. Soumya asks them to pray. Soumya says Natasha is dumbstuck and Shipra is inconsolable. Dadi prays for Karthik well being. Pihu says she wants her mamma. Soumya tries to make her understand but she doesn’t listen. Maa and Dadi asks Soumya to take her to Priya.

Scene shifts to Ram and Priya:

Priya asks about Karthik. Ram says we will meet him after sometime. Priya says she knows her brother wander from the path but she was sure he will not walk on the wrong path always. She says when she fell on the road, Karthik holds her lovingly and took her here. She remembers Karthik falling down the ground and says Karthik was hurt and I saw blood oozing out, I was unconscious but I saw a little. She asks where is he? and wants to meet him. Ram is speechless and says let the doctor come. Priya says did anyone treated him? She insists on meeting him. Priya says he was not running away. He accepted his mistakes and asks for forgiveness. He talked to me and wants to say sorry to all. He will surrender to the police. He will take his responsibility. Priya asks him not to be upset with Karthik. Ram says now no one will be upset with him. Priya asks him where is he? Why you are not telling me anything.

Scene shifts to Natasha:

While Natasha is crying inconsolably. Rishabh tries to console her. Priya comes out of her ward and is shocked to see Karthik in such a state. She asks why the doctor isn’t attending him. She asks karthik why he is sleeping. She asks Natasha why he is lying. She asks Karthik to surrender and take up his responsibility. Karthik regains the heart beat and Priya shouts for the doctor. Meanwhile shipra and sudhir comes there with Ayesha and are shocked to see Karthik lying on the floor. The doctor’s take him for the treatment. Sudhir and shipra says to Karthik he will be alright. Priya looks shocked.

Natasha comes to Shipra and hugs her. After the operation, doctor informs them that the operation is successful and he was critical but now stable. As there is a huge blood loss, we kept him on a life support system. Everyone is relieved a bit, doctor asks them to pray and anything can happen. Shipra again cries and hugs Sudhir. Priya asks Ram why you didn’t tell me about sending Police there. You should have tell me. I made him understand and he was ready to surrender and accepts his mistakes. Ram asks her to be quiet. Priya says she also want him to be punish but not this punishment. he might die. Ram asks her to calm down and think about their baby. Priya says you care for our baby then why you forgot my brother is also someone else kid and chotu is also someone else baby. You didn’t think of anybody else. That bullet could have hit anyone of us.
Ram stands with his head low. Sudhir and Shipra looks at him disgusted.The episode ends on Ram sad face.

Precap: While it is raining and song is playing Baarishein…, Natasha looks at the flowers and gets white bouquet for Karthik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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