Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th June 2013 Written Update

Aaradhya and madhav reach hospital and are conversing to each other. Aaru is angry upon madhav as he is narrating stories to their kid from now. Aaru funnily taunts him that if their kid keeps hearing stories even b4 his birth then he will become a book worm whereas she wants him to become a football player. Other side shekhar is playing with a football in his cabin and Aaradhya says that she feels that instead of being a doctor, he should have become a football player. Madhav says how come football player and aaru is adamant. He says that he wants their child to be intelligent like him and aaru as that she wants the baby to be stylish and cool like her. They enter the cabin and both the couple greet each other and finally shekhar takes maya for sonography. After its done, he tells maya to wait outside and leaves. Aaru starts praising shekhar’s attire and personality which doesn’t suit his profession. Madhav gets jealous and aaru notices it. She asks him abt the same but he denies. Aaru asks sweetly that if she loves their baby more than him, will he be jealous the same way? Madhav says no and both laugh. He says that it’s their baby but shekhar cannot be brought in between.

Shekhar asks the other doctor if the reports are true and he nods. He tells him to do the tests again and bring the reports. Aaradhya asks what’s wrong with aaru’s report and he says he hopes everything is fine. Maya are chatting various things when shekhar arrives and tells them that the reports will delay for 3 days as the machine isn’t working. Maya are worried initially but shekhar lightens the mood by telling aaru to gain weight for the sake of the baby. He gives tips to madhav on how to praise a fat wife. Finally Maya leave while shekhar is worried. Aaradhya comes and asks shekhar what’s wrong. He says if everything isn’t fine then aaru has to face a lot of complications in her pregnancy. Maya reach home and aaru is sad as she desired to see the moments of her baby. Madhav tries to pacify her that she should have patience. He in turn tells that he is ready to do anything to lighten her mood. Aaru takes the chance and tells madhav to do something for her that will leave her completely shocked and unexpected. Madhav is confused while aaru says that if he succeeds she is ready to do anything. Just then bharti comes and asks abt the reports. They tell abt it being delayed and then madhav excuses himself from them and leaves. Bharti asks aaru what’s wrong and aaru is confused as well.

Its late at night and dinner is served. Aaru is making the woolen dress along with dadi. Dadi asks Prerna if the dish she had specially asked to make for aaru is ready. Prerna says its ready and jus then bharti comes and expresses her concern of notgetting any news from madhav. She asks aaru abt him but she says that after he had left home he didn’t call. Dadi asks Prerna if Rahul knows anything abt madhav. She replies that Rahul is also with madhav and she has no idea what botha re upto. Just then the door bell rings and aaru excitedly rushes to open it. However, dadi tells her to slow down and she slowly goes to the door. As she opens the door, she finds Rahul. She asks him where madhav is and just then madhav comes from behind of Rahul. Everyone including aaru are stunned to see a completely “new avatar” of madhav. He is in blue jeans and white shirt properly tucked inside the jeans and his hair jelled behind. He looks more handsome and smart. Aaru is awed by his appearance but acts like she is angry. Madhav is sad to see her face. However, all others are happy and appreciate his change. Bharti asks why he thought of changing his looks. Madhav looks at aaru and then indirectly tells that with changing time and new chapters adding to his life, he thought of giving new shades and looks to his life.

All move to have dinner. After dinner, madhav reaches room and wonders why aaru didn’t say anything and is sad that all he did went in vein as aaru didn’t like it. He thinks of a plan to call aaru to the room. Despite fo having his clothes on the bed, he calls aaru telling that he cannot find them. As aaru comes, she sees them and scolds madhav for calling her for no reason. Madhav asks if she didn’t like his new look. Aaru asks what new look? Madhav is like and aaru says it’s the same face, eyes and nose then what change? Madhav turns back, sad and aaru moves to him and says that for her, whether he changed his appearance or not, he is the same and she loves him. She says that she loves him “dil ki nazar se” not by his looks. However, she adds that as he did all this for her, she and their baby has loved this new change. Madhav smiles and maya share a cute hug. It’s shekhar’s house and Aaradhya is running from shekhar as she doesn’t want to eat the tablet. Shekhar pleads her to have it as its good for the baby. She doesn’t agree and just then he becomes serious nd tells that he doesn’t want their baby to face any complications like aaru’s baby might have. Aaradhya takes the tablet and eats it while she advises him to inform madhav abt the complication. Shekhar tells that he should be sure but he discloses anything. Aaradhya tells him to at least give madhav a hint coze later when they find the reports are the same then it would be a bigger shock for maya. Shekhar agrees and decides to call madhav the following day.

Its morning and madhav is getting ready to go to office. Aaru gives him towel and then goes to get tea for him. In the meantime, madhav decides to call shekhar and ask ask abt the reports. As madhav calls, shekhar tells that the reports will come in the evening and he had actually lied to him abt the machine being at repair. Madhav is worried but shekhar asks him to just come and meet him once b4 they get the report. He adds not to bring aaru with him. Madhav agrees and decides to go then itself. Aaru comes back with tea but madhav leaves telling that an urgent client called and he would have tea later. The screen freezes on a cheerful aaru who took a sip of tea which she had brought for madhav.

Precap: Shekhar tells madhav that the baby hasn’t grown as to how much he should grow at the 3rd stage of pregnancy. He adds that it’s coze aaru’s body is so weak that she cannot hold the baby. Madhav is shocked. Later, shekhar calls madhav and tells that if this is the case then aaru might face a miscarriage. Bharti hears this at the other line of the call. She is shocked.

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