Savitri 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 18th June 2013 Written Update

Savitri and RK are at the top of a cliff, Savitri looks around. RK magically lets the stars fall down and brings the moon closer for Savitri but she is not pleased. He asks if Satya can ever do this, she says no but he doesnt need to either. If he gives her a small stone even then it would be more worthy than the stars and the moon. He wont ever be able to win her love. Again RK is not pleased and shouts out Damyanti. Savitri turns around and walks away.

Savitri comes to a crossroads, she takes out the bag of rice which is glowing. One path is leading to the edge of a cliff the other is a path. She takes the path but as she walks ahead the rice dont glow. She takes the other path where the rice start to glow again. She wonders how can this be the way to the third Dwar since there is not path. The Dwarf appears and tells her thats the only way. Savitri walks forward to the edge when RK appears and tells her not to jump. The Dwarf tells RK since he has the Pravesh Mani he has to go the other way and only Savitri can jump off the cliff. RK offers Savitri his Pravesh Mani in exchange for her rice. Savitri declines his offer and jumps off the cliff. RK shouts Damyanti and jumps after her but soon comes back on the cliff.

In Chaudhry Mansion Vishgati guised as Leena is thinking how she has to get Satya to go to TarraDwar when Ashish comes and reminds her of the Pooja they are having at home. Vishgati is not pleased to hear this. On touching Vishgatis shoulder Ashish senses it not to be Leena and asks her but she laughs it off saying of course shes Leena. Ashish is still suspicious.

Savitri wakes up to find herself in a beautiful place, like a childs wonderland and shes very happy by the beauty. She notices her clothes have changed too. Its a beautiful white outfit and she looks like an angel.
She sees a fruit tree and goes to pick the fruit but the branches of the tree move out of her reach. She hears a voice, its a flower talking to her. She goes near to smell the fragrance, as she does someone covers her mouth and pulls her back. Savitri is scared to see a man with long hair. He tells her its not real and is all an illusion. He is to be blamed for all this and cries loudly.

Precap: A woman introduces herself to Savitri as Vishkaamini, Queen of Nagri. She offers the fruit from the tree to Savitri which she takes happily and bites it. As she does Savitri feels dizzy. The old man from hiding behing a tree says what has hse done by eating the fruit. Vishkaamini says to herself that now Savitri is a part of this Nagri.

Update Credit to: FIZK6

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