Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pihu going into a rroom and asking the caller what he knows about Sammy’s murder and why did he call her. Priya hears her voice and goes in search of her. Caller tries to hit Pihu with a rod from behind, but Priya saves her on time and gets injured instead.

Priya is unsconscious on bed with Khush, his sister, Pihu, and Suhani around her. Doctor infoms that Suhani that another 24 hours are very critical and asks her to take care of Priya, else she may go into coma again. Doctor says he has started treatment, but she has to be careful. Pihu’s sister asks her if mom will be fine. Pihu says she will be fine and not to worry. Rajath meets Pihu and says Priya saved her by risking her life. He says when Priya needs her she is accusing Priya, she did a lot to her. She did not have money for house expenses in Dubai, but she took care of Pihu’s even small needs.

Khush and Suhani wait near Priya bed. Pihu looks at Priya’s pic and remembers her childhood days spent with Priya and she loving her a lot. Khush’s sister comes to Priya’s room and starts crying. She keeps her childhood toys/teddies near Priya’s bed and remembers her childhood days spent with Priya. Pihu rememebrs Priya crying in Pihu’s childhood, she remembers her telling that she will get a prince charming, etc.

Pihu goes to Priya’s room. Khush and Suhani see her coming in and go from there. Pihu sits next to Priya, holds her hand and asks her sorry. Khush sees that and asks Suhani to go, he will take care of Priya and Pihu. Suhani asks him to let Pihu and Priya alone as they are togehter after so many days and she feels Priya got back Pihu. Khush and Suhani leave from there.

Natasha calls Kady and informs her that Priya got injured while saving Pihu. Kady sees Daija packing her clothes and asks her where is she going. Daija says she is going back to Dubai and Rajath is at airport. Kady asks why did Rajath take such a sudden decision. Daija says she does not know, he said he came to settle Priya’s life, but could not settle it. Daija says Rajath is hurt now seeing Priya and Ram separated and ask Kady to let Rajath go. Kady says even she will go if Rajath goes. Daija says Rajath needs her now and will come back soon whenever she calls her.

Vikram comes to Priya’s home and says Khush that Kady told about Priya getting injured.

Khush says dunno why Priya is always targeted, she tries to help people always, but gets hurt always. Viram says Kush that Priya is very strong, then how can he lose hope. He says Khush that he has to be stronger and be with his family. Vikram goes to Priya’s room. Khush says doctor told another 24 hours are very critical for Priya. Vikram says he will come back later and goes from there.

Juhu sees Khush praying god to get Priya well soon. She asks Khush if everything is alright. Khush says Priya is unconscious and don’t know who did it. Juhi asks him not to worry as she should get better. Khush says she will get better and once she gets well, he will find the culprit who hit Priya. Juhi then sees Pihu with Priya holding her hand and sleeping. She wakes her up and asks what happened. Pihu takes Juhi out. Juhi asks her to eat something. Pihu says she just wants mom to get well soon and Priya is suffering because of her. Juhi again insists her to have something. Pihu says she will not have anything until Priya gets conscious. Juhi asks what if she does not get conscious. Pihu says she is confident that priya will get well soon and shuts the door. Juhi thinks what happened to Pihu.

Precap: Priya says Pihu that she is the best gift of her and Ram’s love, she is her princess and her life, how can she be bad…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. Maine episode nhi dekha tha to yeh precap mai pihu is thinking or priya actually get conious tell me guys

  2. Hi Sania,

    They show that actually priya is talking to Piyu in the precap.

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