Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi hearing Rubel and Payal argue. Rubel supports Adi. Adi gets hurt seeing Payal speak against them. Payal says I m your wife. Rubel says things can’t become well between us now. Adi leaves. Ayesha dresses like Pankhudi and acts. Nani and Harish have a talk. Nani says I m sorry, I have to go to Australia as court gave me the dates, will you manage everything fine. He says yes, we will manage here tonight, then we have to make sure Adi and Ayesha don’t come face to face. Avantika praises Nani’s clothes for the party. Nani thanks her. Harish says I have to go, I can’t stay in the party, I will be back soon.

Avantika says come back soon. Harish asks Nani to wait for his message and make Ayesha ready. Shanky talks to Anuj. He asks Anuj to do anything but to stop Adi at home. Rubel sees Payal busy on her phone. The party arrangements are done. Adi comes there. Nani talks to him. Rubel says lets start the party now. Sheela comes there and brings a bottle to play the truth or dare game. She tells the rules. Avantika says we can have a talk. Sheela says no, Adi will also play. They play the game. Anuj is out. Rubel asks him to do acting. Sheela challenges him. Anuj acts and everyone smile. Nafisa asks Ayesha not to go down and get ready.

Payal is out next. Payal says I can’t do this. Adi says try once. Maybe you can do it. Nani asks Payal to sit. Payal asks what to do. Adi asks truth or dare. Payal says dare. Adi asks do you still love Rubel. Payal is shocked. Payal says yes, I love Rubel. Everyone smile. Adi says well done. Everyone claps. The game continues. It comes on Sheela. She says its cheating. Anuj says I will punish you. Avantika says truth or dare. Sheela says truth. Anuj says tell me the truth, any bad things about you. Sheela says I cook well, I take care of family, I work day and night, I don’t think I have any bad thing in me. Avantika says yes, you are perfect. Everyone smile.

Nani waits for Harish’s message. Harish is guiding the ambulance to come. Anuj asks Payal to enjoy with everyone. Payal keeps her phone. Shanky rotates the bottle. Nani messages Harish but is out. She smiles. Payal asks truth or dare. Nani says truth. Payal says what do you think about Sheela. Anuj says it’s a good idea. Anuj says speak truth. Sheela says I will leave. Nani says fine, and Sheela is a chatterbox. Nani says she praises herself a lot. Sheela says I m not so bad. Nani says yes, she is very good by heart so we love you. Everyone smile.

Rubel is out now. Rubel says I want another chance. Adi says you are getting it. Adi asks Rubel about Payal. Rubel apologizes to Payal for neglecting her in two years and blaming his work. He says I want to rectify my mistake so I want you to give me one chance. Payal smiles and says yes. Rubel smiles. Everyone are happy. Nani thinks soon all the problems will be solved. Avantika is out. Sheela asks her to speak about Adi. Avantika says I will miss Adi, but I know he is going to bring Pankhudi.

Adi says I want to share something with all of you. He says I m really lucky to get a family like this. Adi tells that they have always supported him, even in his madness to find Pankhudi. Everyone smile. Ruksaar tells Ayesha that they will go to see the Diwaan Mansion. The power goes. Adi says I will check out. Nani tries to stop. Ayesha also comes out. Adi puts the torch on Ayesha’s face.

Ruksar beats Adi. Adi falls. Ayesha checks his breath and is worried.

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