Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming to the venue with Mihir and Trisha. Raman asks Richa to make the arrangements the best. Richa says Trisha don’t worry, your engagement will be the talk of the town. They see the decorations designs. Yeh khatti meethi takraar hai ya pyaar………………..plays………….. Ishita checks some designs. Trisha smiles and Mihit looks upset. Raman chooses the design which Ishita does not like, still he does not change. He asks Mihir and Trisha, and says its done. Ishita taunts him. They leave.

Simmi is upset and tells Mrs. Bhalla says this is wrong. Mrs. Bhalla asks what. Simmi fills her ears against the Iyers which are not spending much in Mihir’s marriage, will they not give us anything, they are insulting us. Mrs. Bhalla says leave it. Simmi says they should give us gifts, I think they don’t like Mihir because of Mihika, they are saving money. Parmeet joins hand with Ashok and says thanks for bailing me. Ashok says I bailed you out to get your help against Raman, if you double cross me, then remember I will put you in jail again.

Parmeet laughs and says I will help you, I have much info about Raman. Ashok says lets see. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla come to talk to Amma. They ask for gifts, they have to give them things as Mihir is Raman’s brother type. Vandu says its waste of money, we won’t do this. Mrs. Bhalla says we have to answer people. Amma says they are asking dowry. Simmi argues with Amma. Amma says we don’t have such rituals. Simmi says we came to unite families, and taunts them. Amma says dowry is against law, we can’t do this. Vandu says relations are not compared with gold. Ishita and Raman come there and greet everyone.

Mrs. Bhalla asks did you all the arrangements. Raman says yes, we did not select same design so we came late. Trisha greets Trisha and says Raman did good arrangements. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi lets go. Ishita says come with me. She asks Amma to sit with her. Amma asks what. Ishita says please Amma, sit. Ishita says thanks to both of them, and says you are super moms, so happy mother’s day to both of you. Raman smiles. Ishita gives them gifts. Mrs. Bhalla gets happy. Ishita says check it. She gives her weighing scale. Amma smiles. Ishita says as you live dieting and losing weight, so it will help you. She gifts Amma. Amma opens it and smiles.

Ishita says massager. As you have knee pain, it will be good for you. Ishita gifts a baby bag for Simmi. She says happy mother’s day. She gifts Vandu a spa gift voucher as she works a lot. She says select a day, drop Shravan at my home and enjoy. Vandu says I will take gift on sister’s day too. Ishita says you will gift me that day. Ruhi comes and sees the gifts. She wishes Ishita happy mother’s day. She says you should also get a gift.

Ruhi thinks what to give and says idea. She brings Raman to Ishita and joins their hands saying he is your gift. Do alag alag dil ka…………………plays…………….. Ishita and Raman look at each other. Everyone smile except Simmi. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………………plays……………….. Ruhi says I don’t have money in piggy bank, so I brought him, I make him learn everything, he will take you to long drive. Raman says Ruhi did you ask me before gifting me.

Ruhi says now we can’t take the gift back. Raman says we will buy a gift for her. Ruhi says you are mine, I m lending you to her. Raman lifts Ruhi. Ruhi hugs him and Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays……………. Simmi says lets go mum. Parmeet gets a place in Ashok’s office and is very happy. He says my fate is so good, if I get trap, someone always save me, first Ishita saved me and now Ashok. He laughs. Ashok comes to him and asks how did you like your cabin. Parmeet says you made me happy. Ashok says its good, but now do your work, my company took a new project, its joint venture, majority partner is Raman.

He says I want you to head this project. I lost to Raman once, but I won’t tolerate to lose again, I won’t give you second chance. Parmeet says I don’t want, see how Raman comes to apologize to me and you. Ashok says that’s good. He says I don’t think you did wrong seeing Ishita with evil eyes. She is an attractive woman. You are young too. He says I think after Shagun left Raman, he became cool, he is champion in words, he says I love Ishita and his marriage is for real, but I pity for Ishita, she is so beautiful and Raman does not value her and don’t have any relation with her, poor girl.

You be with me, you will be happy, I will bring many girls for you, just do your work against Raman. Parmeet says fine and shakes hand. Ashok says all the best and leaves. Trisha and Raman have a talk. Trisha says I learnt cooking as I m getting married. Raman says don’t stress, Mihir is a good cook. Someone comes to meet Mihika. Ishita and Amma smile. Amma welcomes him. Amma says sit. The guy says I m S Vibhu (Name not heard clearly). He says I came to meet Mihika for marriage. Amma says he lives in America. He says yes, we met online on Tamil matrimonial site, I think we are perfect for each other, I came here to meet her. Amma says he is a software engineer from respected family. Mihika comes and meets him.

Mihir gets jealous seeing them. Ishita says so sweet. Raman says are you mad, choosing guy from internet. Ishita says the guy is not afraid to commit, she is lucky. Trisha says online dating is nice. Raman does not like the guy and talks to Ishita. Amma says he is first class, his family is no great. She praises Vibhu and his family. Raman says I married in mad family. He says a son in law is CEO of a multinational company and other is president of Rajnikanth fan club. Amma gives shagun to Vibhu. Raman says it looks everything is decided. Vandu says yes. Raman asks about engagement. Vandu says on same day on Mihir’s engagement. Amma says in same hall. Trisha says its great. Vandu says it will be convenient for Raman and Ishita to attend. Ishita looks at Raman and smiles.

Parmeet meets Ishita and shows his car asking her to come on drive. Ishita taunts him and says if you do the same thing again, I will not slap you but get everyone together to beat you.

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  4. Hey what are this twists.any one give a big slap to that simmi.I hate parmeet and ashok hey is hu must break the glass of the parmeet’s car.idiot par meet

  5. Bloody parameet, simmi n ashok ….cant they just throw negative characters out of the show…..but no they are adding more negative characters……bloody cvs n ekta kapoor
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