Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th March 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ram asking Priya to go home and he will come after some time. Priya says ok. do call me. She goes with Vikam and Neha in their Car.

Kapoor Mansion:

Ram comes to Kapoor Mansion and calls loud for Ayesha. He sees her pictures all around the walls.
Then Servants informs him that she is not at home. Khush comes and calls Papa. Ram hugs him and asks how are you khush beta. Khush tells him Papa i miss you. Ram says I too miss you. Khush asks did you bring Pihu? Ram replies I will bring Pihu next time. Ram asks where is your mumma? Khush replies that I dont know. Mumma will not stay at home. She goes everytime. I am alone at home. I eat food, watch Tv and sleep and dont trouble anyone. Ram asks Did not you play? He says I play at my room. He says I didnt cut the cake on my birthday and didn’t even give to my friends. He hugs Khush.

Ayesha comes back home and sees Ram. She’s shocked and asks why what happened? Didn’t you started life there? Ram asks her to shut up. He yells at her that if she dares to misbehaves with his maa, dadi then it matters to him. I dont care about what you do about your life. Ayesha says that she didnt throw them out. they went with their wish. He tells you got only my property and Maa, dadi, Rishabh and Soumya will get what they deserve. They will come back to this house. He says let me remind that you didnt got everything.
He says I was wrong about you. I thought you are Priya’s sister and Sharma’s daughter. you would habve values. but you cant become a daughter nor daughter in law. you are so pathetic. Ayesha says then why you want them to come here. Ram says their son is still alive. if I can give you everything at once, then I shall take it back too. I will not let anything bad happen to them. dont test me. If i am good, I can be bad for you too. My family will come. and if you do any bad thing then you will regret all your life for coming in my life. This is your final warning. Ayesha shocked.

Vikram Home:

Priya on the phone call with Shruti. she thank her to giving her house on rent.
Ram comes there and asks what shruti told. Priya tells him that shruti is giving her flat to them on rent. Ram says it is good we all will stay together. you aren’t looking happy. Priya says I am worried about rent. We have to search a job. Ram assures her that everything will be fine.

Vikram says to Neha that he was feeling guilty to hide from Ram, Priya and sudhir. He says I am so relieved. Now everyone knows everything. Neha smiles.

Priya searching a job for Ram and Ram searching a job for Priya in a newspapers.

On the Road:

Ram and Priya wait for an auto to go for an interview. Ram asks her to take care. Priya asks Ram to call her. Priya gets down the auto and enter the company.

Vikram home:

Pihu calls Khush and he says I am missing you. Pihu says me too. Pihu says I came back to Mumbai and I will stay with everybody. She says everybody at one place. Khush feels bad and says I dont have anyone. I have only mumma, but she doesn’t stay at home. you have everyone.
Pihu assures him that she will come to meet him.

On the Road:

Priya gives the interview and takes the auto.

She comes to some other company and gives an interview. She reaches the third company and sees Ram there, coming out after giving an interview. She asked Mr. Kapoor. Ram asks her to go inside. She comply. She gives the interview and come back. Ram asks her how was the interview. They wish that they will get a job. Priya says it is strange that we came for the same job. Ram says it doesnt matters. It is good that we are together. Priya smiles and BALH music in the background playing. They leaves.

Saudamini home:

Mamaji comes to Saudamini home. Her mother opens the door and welcomes him. She takes the bouquets from Mamaji’s hand. She tells him that Saudamini is not at home. She flirts with Mamaji. She says it is our blind date. She falls on Mamaji. Mamaji somehow escapes.

Sid home:

Ayesha informs Sid that Ram came back and wants everyone to be back at Kapoor Mansion. She says how will I manage them. She says Ram warn me to behave good with everyone including khush. I will behave good with Khush as he is my Son. How dare he.
Sid make her understand to be careful and make them happy as per Ram wish or else their plan flopped. Sid says my plan is set. I talked to my lawyer and I will be free in 6 weeks. behave good with your mother in law. Sid says Ram will take everything back. Ayesha says if Ram wants, he will take everything back.
Sid says I have something. He hugs her with evil smile.

Ram & Priya home:

Ram says finally everything is set. I am tired. He gets a call from Galaxy exports. He says did you apply for a job in our company. Ram says yes. He says, I called to inform you that you got a job in sales and Marketing department. congratulates him. you come in the morning. Ram says thankyou.

Ram informs Priya and Priya congratulates him. He says this house is lucky for us. Priya says you are Mr. The Ram Kapoor. You should have got for the job. Ram says I was scared. Priya says I was also scared. Priya says I trust you more tha you trust on yourself. so I was scared a little bit.

Just then Priya gets a call from Galaxy exports and she says that you got a job in our company. you can join from tomorrow. Priya surprised and loss of words. She says I got a job. Ram says it is good naa. You shall be happy. She says I cant believe it. Ram asks what is company name. She tells Galaxy exports.Ram says that he got a job in that company itself. They feels happy that in a single day both of them got the jobs and in the same company. She says I was worried that we gave the interview in the same company. She says now I am so excited. Ram says I told you just now that this house is very lucky. Priya says dont know about home. But you are lucky for me. Ram says our good days have started and we will support Dadi and Maa. Priya says whatever you do, I am with you Mr Kapoor.

She smiles, looks lovingly at him. Ram too smiles. BALH music in the background playing. The episode ends on her cute smile.

Precap : Pihu comes with Natasha to Khush School. Khush and Pihu hug each other. Khush says you came back, I have so many games. we will play games. Other kid who is standing there with khush asks where were you? Pihu replies I was in Jaipur.He asks Pihu you will not go naa. Pihu replies my papa said that we will not go anywhere. ….

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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