Amita Ka Amit 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 12th March 2013 Written Update

-Episode starts from yesterday’s scene Sanjay asking Amit to drop Amita at home as he’s taking Preeti for shopping, Amit agrees. Amit’s nani is on the phone with Amita’s grandpa, telling him that they’ll reach mandir on time. Falguni comes there with wedding cards, and nani reminds her about going to the mandir in the morning to give the first invitation to kanha. Falguni just nods and she has a flashback about the diary where she’s asking Tina and Ria about Amita’s diary. Nani ask her what’s wrong? and she tells her there is something going on,Tina and Ria are planning something but they hiding it from her. Nani tells her not to worry and concentrate on the wedding. Falguni reminds nani about the diary, nani ask her if anyone wrote in the diary yet(Ria and Tina made up an excuse saying they are making a scrapbook for Amita where all of their relatives will write something about her in the diary). Falguni tells no, she asked everybody. Nani says so that means they lied to us, Falguni answers her yes and she needs to find out the truth. Nani takes wedding cards from her hands and says i know how to find it out, they look determined.

-Aarti is telling Kajal, you designed Amita’s wedding card so good. Kajal says Amita will be so happy. Aarti says Amita doesn’t look happy. Amita’s mom comes there and ask her who is not happy? Aarti answers no one. Amita’s mom tells them not to just sit there and talk, there is so much to do. She gives them some work to do on cards and leaves. Kajal starts asking Aarti what were you saying about Amita? Aarti tells her ever since Amit told Amita to lose some weight, Amita’s mood is always off. Kajal starts having flashback of Amit telling Sanjay how he can not love Amita. Kajal tells Aarti not worry, everything will be fine. Just then Amita arrives all happy. She’s really excited seeing her wedding card and starts asking about her lehnga design. Aarti and Kajal are surprised to see her like that. Aarti ask her whats wrong with her and why is so happy ? Kajal ask her what is she hiding in her hand? Aarti takes it from her hand and ask if Amit gifted her this. Amita nods. Kajal hugs Amita and is so happy. Amita and Aarti are little surprised to see her like that, Aarti tells Kajal, Amita didn’t win the world cup so stop it. Kajal says I can’t tell how happy i’m for Amita. Amita’s grandma comes there and tells her to taste these sweets for tomorrow. Aarti picks up one, Amita was about to but then she stops herself. She tells she can not eat anything which increases her weight as she needs to lose some weight before the wedding. She wants to look good for Amit on the wedding day.

-Its morning, At Amit’s house everyone is in a hurry and leaving for the mandir. Amit’s nani and Falguni give a signal to each other. Amit’s nani starts saying she got such a bad headache. Amit tries to convince her to come and they’ll buy medicines on the way. Nani declines saying she can’t go under the sun as the pain will increase. Falguni stops Amit saying leave it, if she wants to stay let her then. Ria wants to stay with Nani but Nani says its okay you guys can go. Everyone leaves and nani is normal saying now i’ll find the diary. At the mandir, Amit-Amita’s dad exchange cards while Amit-Amita look steal glances. They go forward to give the invitation to kanha while Amit’s mom stops Amit. She looks at Amit and says you said she’ll lose weight but doesn’t look like it and gives weird(dirtish) looks to her, Amit tries to stop her saying we don’t have to talk about this right now but she won’t stop. Ria hears that and says something about Amita(i guess about dieting) while Amit and his mom are embarrassed. Ria says that’s why i was thinking it looks like Amita lost some weight. Amita looks happy hearing that. Amita’s mom says coz she’s dieting. Amit’s mom answers it doesn’t make a difference to her, she likes Amita anyways (yh right). Amit just nods. Ria tells Amita, if she needs any help she can tell her. Amita says she’ll try to lose as much as she can. Tina jumps in saying in that case you can take Ria’s help, Ria is perfect. Amita’s mom ask about Amit’s nani. Falguni informs her about she resting at home.

-Here Nani is shown searching for the diary in Tina’s room. SHe couldn’t find the diary and thinks she needs to tell Falguni that she couldn’t find it. Pooja is going on in the mandir. Amit-Amita take blessings from the priest. Amit calls out to his mom saying i have 500 rupees and needs Rs.1 more. Amita gives it to him. Amit takes it saying thank you and Falguni is fuming.. Nani is trying to call Falguni but it doesn’t work. She thinks to go to Ria’s room. She prays in front of kanha to help her find the diary for Amit. She was about to leave when she spots some books there. She starts looking for the diary and there she finds it in the religious books. She starts reading the diary, and reads everything that Amita wrote about Amit in the diary. She’s pretty much shocked.

-Amita-Amit are taking everyone’s blessings. Ria says something about standards and all when Amita’s dad ask them about inviting people at the wedding (lets just not go into the detail) Amit changes the topic. He ask Amita if she’s meeting Preeti today, Sanjay gave something for her. They both leave from there as the gift is in the car while Falguni is mad. Amit tells Amita that he didn’t buy the coffee mug he gave her yesterday, it was sanjay’s idea. Amita is little disappointed. Amita tells i brought a coffee for you, it is easy to make and you’ll like it too. He gives it to her. Amita is happy and takes it.

-Amita tells him she doesn’t know how to make it but she’ll learn how to make black coffee. Amit says black coffee ?she answers it’ll help to lose weight(awww ohh ammu). Amit is really touched hearing this. Falguni is watching everything and is fuming to the max.(goshh…leave them alone) Everybody is leaving from the mandir. Ria and Tina are giving evil smiles to Amita. Tina stops Amita saying Ria was going to help you with the weight, we should start it right now. Falguni is not happy. Amita tells Ria come to her house, Tina signals Ria not to go. Ris invites Amita with her but Amita declines saying she can’t go there .before the wedding. Falguni tries to stop Ria saying she can’t go with you Amita she’s going out with Rohan. Rohan says its okay so Ria agrees to go while Falguni is worried what will Ria do now. Episode ends…

PRECAP:- Falguni and Amita are face to face, Amita’s diary is in Falguni’s hands. She throws it away on the floor and says to Amita, “what do you think of yourself ? You’ll say no to Amit, we never liked you anyways.”

Update Credit to: mehak30

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