Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge 12th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Aradhna tells Divya that they have to head out rightaway! Divya says that AshNi are not at home ..what will they think? Aradhna says that they will call up later! CS asks them to reconsider before leaving..atleast inform BB! Aradhna gives CS some token amount as appreciation! A guy tailing Aradhna-Divya spots them leaving the Mathur Mansion n informs the hitman! AshNi reach home! They rush inside and call out for Aradhna-Divya! They find the guest room empty! CS comes and informs them that they left in a huff! He says that he tried to stop them but they headed out! AshNi get worried..! BB comes and asks Ashu what happened to his hand? Ashu says.. a minor injury! Ashu shares that Aradhna-Divya headed off all of a sudden! Nidhi asks BB if he is aware of Aradhnas hubby? She shares about Bharadwaj being Aradhnas hubby n having two kids..! BB is taken aback..! Nidhi talks of Divya-Daksh being bro-sis! The hitman calls up Bharadwaj n informs the development! He asks the hitman to kidnap the duo and lock them up at some isolated place n wait for him to come! The hitman agrees!

Daksh overhears and thinks Bharadwaj is tying up AshNi to avenge Daksh! BB says its not possible ..there must be something else! Nidhi says that Aradhna had said that Bharadwaj tried to kill them as he wanted her insuarance money! BB says that so Aradhna fled to save her life n Divyas! Nidhi says that so if Bharadwaj finds out they were staying here.. he can still harm them! Ashu says that the firing the few days ago happened was for Aradhna not Nidhi! BB suggests to inform cops! Ashu agrees!

Daksh is holding a pistol and says that he wants to see AshNi die infront of his eyes and even their cremation! The hitman is tailing Aradhna-Divyas taxi! They suddenly block the taxi and kidnap the mother-daughter at gunpoint! They take Aradhnas phone away and ask her n Divya to get into a car! They sit in the car and are taken to some isolated place outside the city.! Divya uses her cell to send Ashu a message but the hitman finds the moby and snatches it away..! In the meantime the message reaches Ashu n he says there is no time to wait for cops and that they need to reach on their own! Ndihi agrees n says they can call cops on the way! BB asks them to keep him apprised!

Aradhna asks the hitman why they have kidnapped them and want to kill them? She says no one will give ransom for them! The hitman says that they have no personal enmity but only doing their job! They were asked to kidnap n tie them up ..so they did! Nidhi calls cops and tells them to rush ..cops ask them to contain the goons till they reach! At the isolated location, Bharadwaj reaches with a briefcase full of cash..! Aradhna is shocked seeing him n so is Divya..! AshNi hurry along the way! Bharadwaj takse out the gun n points to Divya/Aradhna!

Part 2
AshNi reach the location..! Daksh too! Bharadwaj tells Aradhna that today both of them will meet their death! He says he wont let them escape alive .. n wants to see them die in front of his own eyes..! Aradhna asks him why he wants to kill them? She never interfered in his life! Bharadwaj says till she is alive..danger will be there on his head! Aradhna tells him that after marriage..all he has given her is punishment.. n still she gave him two kids.. n one of them is with him..Daksh..! Bharadwaj says. .that what she did was her duty n what he is doing is his right! He says..they have only one relation left .. DEATH between them! Bharadwaj is about to fire when Ashu leaps forward n starts to fight hthe goons! He points the gun at Bharadwaj but another goon hits him! Ashu hits back..! Daksh is shocked after hearing his mothers revelations! Ashu frees Aradhna-Divya! Bharadwaj points the gun at Ashu..! Nidhi is shocked! Daksh comes n points the gun on him..! Bharadwaj asks him to take a look at what he is doing! Right then someone attacks Daksh n the guns falls from his hand! Bharadwaj points gun at Aradhna-Dviya and says ..now they wont survive! Daksh points the gun back at him n asks him to drop the gun..! Cops reach the spot and take the gun from Bharadwaj n Daksh n arrest him!

Part 3

Daksh goes to Aradhna – Divya..! Nidhi rushes to Ashu n hugs him..! BG- Mar jaun ya jee loon zara! Daksh touches Aradhnas feet n hugs her! AshNi watch..! Daksh thanks them .. n also apologises for his behaviour..! AshNi hug..! Aradhna says that today Nidhi saved her life twice..! Aradhna comes to AshNi ..n hugs Nidhi n blesses her! Daksh greets his sister n helps Divya walk down! Aradhna says that the gunfire the previous day was meant for Aradhna but hit Nidhi..! She says that Nidhi and Ashu put their life at stake to save Aradhna-Divya while her hubby tried to kill her n his own daughter! Divya apologises to Ndihi! Ndihi says its ok… ‘

Precap – Daksh announces that .. KGH has gotten its new MD n Nidhi asks..who is it? All garland Ashu..! Ashu is surprised n Nidhi is delighted!…

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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