Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 11th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shipra calling Ram and informs him that Natasha went somewhere. Ram asks where she went? Shipra says she don’t know and asks him to do something. Ram says they will come there.

Scene shifts to the Police Station:

Natasha comes to the police station, and the police officer recognises her. She tells the inspector that she was beaten up by her in-laws and shows her wound. The constable writes the name of her in-laws in the FIR. Inspector says he will see them.

Scene shifts to Sharma House:

Shipra tells Ram and Priya that they were happy with Natasha’s arrival and suddenly Natasha asked us to send this baby out. Priya says she is right, and this baby is Karthik’s responsibilty. Sudhir informs her that Karthik ran away. Police comes there, and Sudhir says he is Mr. Sharma. Inspector says so you are Natasha’s in-laws. Ram asks what is the matter. Inspector informs Ram that Natasha filed FIR against her in-laws and asks them to come to the police station. Ram says this is wrong. The lady inspector is adamant to arrest them. Priya tries to talk to her but in vain. Sudhir and Shipra are arrested by the police. Ram asks Priya to be with them and he will go and talk with Natasha.

Scene shifts to Police Station:

At the Police station, Sudhir and Shipra are beaten up badly, and police takes away the baby from Shipra’s hands. Priya comes there and sees the agony which her parents are suffering because of Karthik. She asks her papa to take care, meanwhile she will go and check on maa. Priya comes to Shipra, but lady inspector beats Shipra and asks her not to move from the place. Priya asks her to talk calmly with her. Shipra pleads innocent. Priya says don’t worry. Shipra asks her to talk with Natasha as she left the house angrily. Priya says Ram went to talk to Natasha.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Ram tells Natasha how could she do such a thing with her in-laws and asks her to get them out. She says what? Ram says they have not done anything wrong. Natasha says they have done wrong and are responsible. I gave them choice to leave the baby, but they didn’t. Ram says the baby is innocent. Natasha says he cared for her a lot 10 years back, but now he cares more for his in-laws. Ram says they are her in-laws also. She asks who he will support? Natasha emotionally blackmails him. Ram says it is not like that.

Natasha says you have changed a lot and you have to choose between Priya and me. Ram is in dilemma. Natasha says she wanted the baby to be given to the orphanage. She says she will feel the pain if she sees the baby at her home. She says my husband left me for someone else and my life stopped. Don’t you think they should be punished. She says she is all alone now. Rishabh comes and supports her. Ram says I am also with you. Rishabh says you showed today with whom you are and you have to decide and choose between Priya and us.

Scene shifts to the Police station:

Priya calls Karthik and asks where is he? Karthik says he is in Singapore. Priya asks him to return and tells maa and papa is in jail as Natasha filed a case against them. She says you have to correct whatever you have done. Karthik agrees and says he will come. Karthik talks with his friend that he is going back as Natasha filed a case against his parents, but his friend asks him to stay back or else he will get in trouble. He says Ram Kapoor will take care of your parents and get them out.

Ram comes back, and Priya asks did she agree? Ram says we don’t have a choice and she wants the baby to be out of that house. Priya says baby is having fever, and until we find a home, we can’t send him out. Ram asks Priya to support his sister and make a choice. Priya says she asked Karthik to come over here. Ram says he can’t do anything. Priya says her father is facing bad health in the station, but Ram says he can’t help them as his sister wants the baby out. Priya says it is not my parent’s fault. He says ask your parents to send the baby out, till then we can’t do anything now. Ram asks her to call her brother Karthik and give the responsibility of the baby to him. Ram leaves, and Priya gets tensed.

Priya tells Shipra that Natasha wants the baby to be given to orphanage, but Shipra says she will not give baby to anyone until Karthik comes back and take the baby back. Priya says till then you and papa cant be here. Shipra says she will be in jail until Karthik comes back. Shipra asks Priya not to send the baby to the orphanage. Priya wonders what to do with the baby. Shipra says you are a mother yourself and begs her not to send the baby to the orphanage. Shipra cries. Priya takes away the baby from the constable and leaves while Shipra keeps on crying.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Ayesha comes to Natasha and asks how is she feeling? Natasha replies she is better and says she is satisfied that she is not the only one to suffer. Ayesha says exactly. Natasha says she will punish Karthik after he comes. Ayesha says she will be with her in her revenge.

Scene shifts to Priya:

Priya is in the car and talks with the baby that she knows he is innocent, but his father did wrong and hurt so many people. She asks the baby not to fear, you will not get punishment for your papa’s sin. She hopes that Karthik comes soon and takes over his responsibilty and adds on that, till then you will be in safe hands. She comes to Neha and Vikram’s house and says about Natasha’s complaint in the police. Vikram asks did Ram know about your coming here. Priya says no, but he will understand. Neha takes the baby and says what you did was right. Priya says Karthik did wrong and left Natasha, baby, and even Jhanvi, and until he comes she can’t keep the baby with her. Neha assures her that she will take good care of the baby and asks her to take care of herself. Priya thanks them. The episode ends on Priya’s tensed face.

Precap: Vikram informs Ram that Priya came there and left the baby with them. Ram says what? Vikram says what he would have done when Priya was requesting them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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