Parvarish 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 11th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts off with pinky calling sweety and telling her to go with her to get a massage. Sweety refuses saying there is no point as she is going to end up staying in the kitchen all day long. Sweety goes outside to get the newspaper and mr mathur asks her if she has the preparations ready for Rocky’s birthday. Sweety on the phone complains about how the neighbors can’t keep to themselves. Sweety hangs up the phone and asks Ginny why she didn’t sing her song in the morning. To which Ginny says her throat was hurting.

Scene change: rocky is in his room pretending to be riding his bike. Ginny comes in and asks him that bike is okay but what about his license? Rocky then goes to his dad and says he wants to go with him when he goes to get te bike. His dad says we can give it to u some other day as well. Sweety walks in and tells rocky to sit down. She then goes outside to make sure mathur is not there n says he can go now.

Scene change: pinky tells her husband that she wants to give rocky a party as its his 18 th birthday. Her husband says did u ask sweety yet? She says no she hasn’t planned anything and that she will throw a party. He says okay then lets do it.

Scenes change: pinkys husband calls but the room is not available for the party then rashi suggests getting a party organizer to have the party.

Scene change: rocky is at the police station trying to get his license and the cop makes fun of him saying wearing a pant doesn’t make u a man.

Scene change: sweety is fighting with her husband to not buy rocky a bike as he is not old enough yet and there is always an accident in Delhi so it is not safe to get him a bike. Her husband gets mad as he doesn’t know what todo. On te other side rocky is still trying to convince the police officer to take his test.

Scene change: rocky comes home because he failed the test and mr mathur comes to meet rocky. Seeing this sweety goes crazy and says she doesn’t want him in his house.

Precap: pinky calls sweety to tell her that she has organized a party for rocky hearing this sweety gets very mad and tells pinky to stay away from rocky. :

Update Credit to: sanaaya

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