Maharana Pratap 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 11th June 2013 Written Update

Pratap was scared of loosing her, he hugged jaiwanta tightly, she calm him down n says that its thr proud ritual but pratap was not ready to accept it, he ran from thr, she try to stop but he dnt. Girija says that he’s a kid, he shud hv not cum here but jaiwanta says that he has to becum strong to face this. Pratap goes n stand in front of queen karnawati’s portrait, the voice of the cries of ladies were still disturbing him. Jaiwanta came n ask him to understand that no one has forced them to perform jowhar, this ritual was performed by thr self wish to protect thr honour from enemies n she expect him to honour his mother’s words. Pratap ask wat if shams khan loose it, she replies if it happens jowhar will be cancelled but thy dnt knw wats thr in future, so thy shud be prepared

for it, pratap says that he wont let it happen n he ran from thr. Jaiwanta says that he dnt noe how much its difficult for her to leave him alone.

Other side, udai singh wrote a letter to his friend, king of bikaner, for sending his army for help n ask the messenger to not disclose it n he promise that. Rawat came n inform him that thr’s a bad news, shams has prepared his horses by loading arms n ammunation in it yesterday night. Thr was no way out as he can attack anytime. Udai singh ask him to go shams khan with a peace message.

Scene changed, rawat arives at shams khan’s camp, thy were curious to know the reason, shams khan describe abt rawat’s clan n thr loyalty towards the king of mewad since ages, rawat says he’s obliged that he knows so much abt him. Rawat says that udai singh has invited him with his few ministers to the palace, on asking the reason he says that this time thr’s a problem with the treasure of mewad so thy r unable to pay him tax but shams says that thr will be no linencee in it, rawat continues that thy r gonna pay it in other form, the arms n ammunation which is very sacred for the royal family will b displayed to him n he can choose wat he want, saying this he leaves.

In palace, on jaiwanta’s order, all rajput ladies were gathered in the room along with sajjabai, thy were njoying the naughty talks, gigling n talking, jaiwanta came n inform them that the time has arrived to perform the sacred ritual to save thr honour n ask them if thy had any fear but none of them had any fear but thy only worried abt thr children n jaiwanta assures them that the security of the children will be taken care off, n thy all r ready now.

On the other side, pratap went to puja room n ask his ancestors to grand him power so that he can stop this ritual, he goes to the sword n tries to lift it n after few seconds he lift it n take the pledge that he’ll not let jowhar take place.

Precap: Pratap going outside with sword, shams khan arrives n ask wat is he doing, he hiodes the sword behind him n slowly takes it out of the cover.

Update Credit to: Amor

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