Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 10th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The baby is crying and Shipra tries to calm it..! The phone rings..and Shipra receives it..but no one talks..! Shipra goes to get milk for the baby..! Sudhir watches and self thot.. Shipra is tiring herself in this all..! The phone rings again.. and Shipra has to receive it..but again no one talks..! Shipra keeps the phone aside…! Its Janvi.. who hears the baby’s cries..and kisses the phone n thanks God..!

Sudhir cuts the phone and says.. must be the mother of the baby .. if she hears the voice of the kid..she wont call back..! There is a ring of the doorbell.. Sudhir opens..! Its some neighbor who asks for curd..! She sees the baby …and asks whose kid is it? She says how she had heard the voice of the kid crying n her hubby said..she must be imagining.! She asks whose kid is it and Sudhir says.. a relatives.. ! She asks the kids name and Shipra says Raunak. Sharma..! Sudhir glares at Shipra..!

Nutz is constantly drinking… Bg-Ankahee…! She recollects marriage and life with Kartik…! She is drunk and she walks on the road all drunk n lost …! She recollects Kartik meeting Janvi.. ! Nutz throws her moby down and stands on the bridge and jumps in the water ..! A while later..she is shown ..coughing..and she finds herself by Ayeshas side..! Ayesha chides her for attempting suicide..and says.. good the person who saved her..called Ayesha..! Nutz asks her to shut up and asks her to leave..! She says.. her bro.. n then says…well seems she is here to lauf on her..! Ayesha says.. she was the one who brought truth in front of her.. n she is with Nutz.. in all this n not with Kartik..! She says..she understands the pain when the person who u love most ..cheats on u..! She says..the person they loved.. ruined their lives..! Nutz asks Ayesha to shut up n leave..! Ayesha smiles and says..its her house.. n she is not bluffing..! She says.. Kartik has ruined her already.. so why give her life ?? Why leaving him scott free? She says.. she used to be jealous of Nutz ..back then.. n she cant spare Kartik… the one who ruined Nutz..! Nutz asks what can she do? Ayesha says.. not to forget.. the Nutz inside her is still alive n she never accepts defeat..!

Shipra keeps playing with the kid..n then realises..the kid has high fever..! Sudhir rushes to her side..and checks on the baby…! Sudhir asks Shipra..why so much fever? Shipra says..she is not the babys mom! Sudhir calls doc..but is unable to reach to any of them..! Shipra is panic stricken n Sudhir goes to call Doc..!

Ram n Priya come in Nutz room and find empty drinks bottle..all over..! Priya n Ram wonder where Nutz is.. and then see her walking in all drunk ..! They ask her where she was n what is going on? Nutz stays mum ..! Priya says..they have decided that Nutz should divorce Kartik n claim compensation n start a new life..! Ram too assures her..! Nutz says..she does not want divorce rather she is returning to her home..! Ram says.. what? Nutz says.. she is married.. its her home.. her family n coz of Kartik she wont leave it..! Nutz asks Priya to come with her to her home..! Ram says ..she can stay there..too! Nutz says..its RaYas home.. her home is with Kartik.. n no one has right to kick her out of there! RaYa are confused..but agree with Nutz..! Ram asks her to freshen up n offers to drop her off at the Sharmas..!

Part 2

Sudhir tells Shipra the medicine dosage for the baby! Shipra rues that.. for the first time she is worried for Priyas marriage.. ! Sudhir says..he has faith in Ram..! Shipra says …that when two families are together..they can face any trouble.. but when they split…its bad for both families..! Sudhir says he has full faith in RaYa and Shipra says..he has seen office world n she has seen home life… ! She says.. right now its.. our Kartik vs their Nutz..! She some point..this all will cost Priyas marriage..but hope it doesnt..!

RaYa arrive with Nutz n Shipra tries to hug Nutz! Nutz backs off.. .and Shipra says she wont let Nutz go anywhere else! They ask RaYa to come inside but they leave..! Shipra asks Nutz to come inside..! Priya tells Ram that its better they stay back with her..! Ram says..he wants Nutz to solve her own problems..! Priya asks Ram if he is ok? Ram says.. thanks to Priya for the support to Nutz n they walk off..!

Sudhir tell Nutz that she knows what she means to him.. n says..he cant wipe off the fact. but whatever she wants will be done…if she does wanna stay with them ok. . if not.. then also.. he is with her.. ! Shipra tells her the same..! Nutz says..she wanted Ram to leave to talk to them! She says..she doesnt want divorce.. n she will stay here like before.. ! She says outside this house she will be known as their daughter.. but on one condition ..the kid has to go out..!

Part 3

Shipra says..its a kid.. ! Nutz says…its a proof of Kartiks lies..! Sudhir says..the kids mom is not in town..! Nutz says..she is their daughter.. then why keep it there..! She says.. to give the kid in adoption …n offers to support them.! She says..keeping the kid in the home.. means they are slapping her on her face.! She says..she doesnt have a kid.. n they wanna raise this child? She says…she will give her life…n stay as their daughter.. but she will make sure this kid.. does not get a good life.. as it will mean forgiveness for Kartik..! Shipra asks..what is the kids mistake? Nutz says ..its the baby’s mistake.. for being Kartiks son..! Shipra says..that Kartik left the kid n is missing.. wait for his return! Nutz says..she has never supported her.. Kartik is living a life of luxury .. n she has to pay for Kartiks mistake? Shipra asks her to calm down!

Nutz picks up the kid n right now.. this kid has to be out of the house..! She says.. the kid is proof of Kartiks mistake..! Shipra wrestles the kid out of Nutz arms n pushes her.. n she hurts her head..! Neighbors watch shocked..! Nutz smiles..and says..whatever happened ..happened for good..!

Precap: Cops come at Sharmas place and say that Nutz has filed FIR against her in laws for violence.! Priya – Sudhir-Shipra are shocked..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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