Parvarish 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 10th June 2013 Written Update

Ahujas House

Pinky is tensed as Raashi is not found. Jassi tells Raashi left the house long back. Pinky calls Sweety.

Ahluwalias House

Sweety is shocked hearing Pinky that Raashi has run away. Sweety starts shouting at Pinky for being so lenient. Ginny comes down. Sweety asks Ginny if she spoke with her. Ginny tells yes and she is going to meet her now but cannot say where she is going.

Shooting spot

Raashi and her friends and Ginny are there. They have come to meet some top ad model. Ginny is confused what to do and how to take Raashi from there. She sees Raashi very excited with that model. Ginny calls Nanu and Nanu gives idea.

Ahujas House

Nanu is with Sweety and Pinky. Nanu asks Sweety to stop interfering in kids life as they will go far away from her. They wont tell her anything as they love her but it will affect their life. Pinky starts telling she should have been strict. Raavi comes and tells that they should be more supportive with Raashi. They don’t speak with her that much and hence she is like this. All praise Raavi for her understanding,

Shooting Spot

Raashi and her friends are jumping around the model. Ginny is confused what to do. She decides to apply Nanu’s plan. She calls Raashi and tells that Raavi is in problem and police have put her in jail. Raashi gets shocked. Ginny asks Raashi to ask her friends for help. Raashi asks her friends but they decline telling she is downmarket. Raashi gets angry at them and runs to get an auto and go.

Ginny stops her and tells she simply said and asks her to think about her friends. Raashi realises. She says even at home no body is there for us. Ginny tells it is not like that..everybody is very worried and she is there with her all the time. Both of them hug.


Raashi comes and hugs Pinky. Both say sorry to each other. Raashi hugs Nanu. Nanu appreciates Ginny. Sweety starts to scold but Nanu stops. Nanu tells that they are their kids and they need to believe them. Pinky tells she and Raashi will spend time together. Ginny asks if she can also come. Pinky asks her to go with Sweety. Ginny insists. Sweety asks why can’t they both go. Ginny says ofcourse. All laugh.

Precap: Lovely comes telling something to Sweety. Sid comes and asks how Rocky is. Sweety asks what happened to him. Sid tells his heart has broken …he has failed in his driving exam. Sweety is angry

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