Maharana Pratap 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 10th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kuwar Pratap going after Maharani Jayanta Bai. He sends his friend to stay outside. Pratap acts clever and sits in a box to reach Johar.

Scene shifts to Afghan Chowni:

Shams khan is happy and laughs loudly. He says he did not get fun, his guards say their soldiers are enough to beat Udai Singh thousand times. Shams khan says only one is enough.

Scene shifts to Maharaj:

Maharak is seeing his weapons and asks his minister do we have only this much weapons. His minister says yes, our weapons are less. The Maharaj says what. The minister says Shams khan is increasing his Sena. Maharaj says a battle is won by courage, not by its size. Maharak tells huim about his purpose to fight. Maharaj says we are fighting for our independence, for our land. Maharaj asks him the difference in the Sena. The minister does not say anything. Maharaj asks him to speak the truth and he will plan accordingly. The minister says they are 10 times stronger.

Scene shifts to Maharani:

Maharani opens the door of Johar. She touches the ground and prays. She tells the old woman Girja Tai to come to her. Pratap also reaches Johar. He sees everything hiding in a box. Maharani asks them to clean the Johar, and she says it should look like a marriage hall. She says the eldest Maharani came to Johar long time back.

Maharani sees Pratap, and asks him to get out of the box. Pratap tries to make an excuse, then he says he heard his parents talk, and that is why he came here. Pratap asks him what is this. Why are you cleaning it? What is Johar? Maharani asks the maids to leave. Pratap asks the answers. Maharani says when the time comes, she will tell. Pratap insists. Maharani looks at Girja Tai. Maharani says ok I will tell you, as the time has come. She says come, and she takes him with her. She says this johar was the witness of Mewar’s sacrifices. Pratap bows down to the walls. She asks him to salute the Johar.

She says you wanted to know what is Johar, I will tell you. She says its a ritual of Rajputs, in which we can fight with the enemies, for our respect. In johar, the women jump in the fire with a smile. She says long time back, the biggest Johar happened here. When your grandfather was alive, they fought for Mewar. When the enemies attacked, your grandfather fought with them. When he died, the enemies attacked Chittor, and surrrounded the fort. They kept like that for few months. Rajmata took everything in her hands. Then Rajmata could not bear everything and she decided to jump in the johar. Pratap is shocked. Pratap imagines everything. Everyone shouting for Rajmata.

Pratap smiles as if he is able to see Rajmata. Rajmata saying that the enemies will come anytime, our Rajputs fought well, and they have sacrificed themselves. So they have to die smiling, to save their respect. All the women follow Rajmata. All women jump in the fire. Pratap cries that he cannot save his Dadisa.

Precap: Pratap takes an oath infront of the sword, that he will beat all his enemies.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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