Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 5th April 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Nandini shattered looking at her mangalsutra she’s crying a lots and finally breaks the mangalsutra.SShe has flashback of ani and continues to cry.
Shyama wants Nupur to have her dinner and asks Anuja to call her,Biji is in Nupur room trying to make her understand that it is impossible to fight with Balraj,she says to Biji if she stays at home for a week she’ll definitely lose her job,Biji tries again to explain Nupur says after Nandini miscarriage Balraj is showing more anger nowadays.Biji says it is not nice for any children to hide something with her parents Nupur says the parents are at fault sometimes.

Anuja informs biji that Nandini is not coming out though after calling her ,Biji runs to call Nandini but in vain and therefore Akhil gets to break the door and when they enter Nandini room everything is scattered on the floor and Nandini lying on the floor.
Taiji sees Meera and Anirudh pictures scattered on the floor and keeps on looking at them when Akhil comes to see what is Taijee looking at he collects all the pictures and shows iot to the other.Taijee accuses biji for all so they decide to put Meera out of the house.Taijee says she knows something is weird with Meera. She’s dragging Nandini to come with her so that they’ll put Meera at the door. shyama says Anirudh is no more what difference it makes now Nandini says it does make lots of difference to her as her last support which was Ani souvenirs is no more.ani maligned her mangalsutra and sindoor. Nandini shows them some more pictures and says Ani ruined her life her belief in him was completely fake she thought of bringing Meera who was ani friend but Meera is his lover. when ani left she thought she lost everything and now she can feels how she was used. Nupur decides to talk with Meera and taijee encourages her.

Rimmy is with Meera and tells her to say Hi on her behalf to her river mountains etc. Taijee comes shouting in Meera room and begins to asks what is the truth,Shyama also asks Meera the truth and says she needs to say it today. Nandini comes running and in anger and says that Meera must say the truth, she throws all the pictures of Meera and Anirudh on her and tells her she thought her as a friend she brought her in her house when she was the lover of Ani her hubby .Meera has flashback of the doctor confirming her pregnancy through the first phone call she received before deciding to come to Delhi.Everyone is taunting her upon her character and Taijee asks Akhil to arrest Meera who must have wooed Anirudh doing some magic.
Pallavi also adds that Meera claimed to be the friend of Anirudh whereas…she’s his lover and living in his house after his Death amidst his family is because she’s so cheap. Almost everyone are taunting Meera Biji tells them to give Meera the opportunity to talk. Right when Aghastya arrives asking what is happening the Whole family put Meera in the middle and is insulting her she cannot bear it and she faints.

PRECAP: Pallavi and Nupur are sitting in the hall and Pallavi says that they don’t know since how long Meera and Anirudh were in a relationship, Nandini says enough that she cannot live with Meera under the same roof while the doctor is doing the check up of Meera..

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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