Amita Ka Amit 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 5th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Atul knocking at the door and asking the girls to hurry up. Preeti comes out and announces the arrival of very beautiful and pretty Amita Patel.
Ammu comes and all look at her mesmerised. Her dad blows her a flying kiss and everyone has tears in their eyes. He takes a pic of her and goes to check on the car hiding his tears.
Atul comes and tells her that she is looking very beautiful…chokes on the tears and goes away. Kajal tells her not worry about him and Ammu nods.

Her dada dadi hands her shagun and all become emotional thinking about her marriage. Ammu says she isn’t going anywhere; she will be here only and stops.
Her mother comes and tells her she must not repeat this ever…not even as a joke. Ammu nods. Varsha tells her that a daughter’s vidai gives immense happiness to her parents. They worry about it for years. Never ever repeat this ok. She hugs Ammu and both cry their heart out.

All friends bring Ammu outside and Ammu looks at the mandap. She recalls everyone’s words. Her dad’s words about finding her prince charming. Amit’s words where ha said that she isn’t the girl of his dreams and he cant compromise more. It is best that they don’t stay together. She recalls Atul singing meri pyari beheniya and Varsha’s words. Another flashback where she is saying to Amit that she wants to marry him for the sake of her family’s happiness and nothing else. You too think you too might get a reason to marry me. All the while the photographer is clicking her pics.
Varsha comes and compliments her that she is looking very beautiful. She asks Preeti to take her inside.
Ammu sees her mother worried and asks for the reason. Varsha replies that till now baraat hasn’t come and they haven’t even received any phone from the Shah family. Ammu becomes tensed now.
Her dad comes and announces that they have heard from Amit’s father and the baraat is not coming. He sits down broken and Ammu looks at everyone’s tearful faces. Atul shouts at Kajal blaming her for doing this to Amita. Her father tries to calm him down but Atul declares that he wont marry her now. Kajal’s dad suffers from chest pain.

Ammu realises she was dreaming. Her dad comes running and tells them that Amit’s father has called. A sad Ammu tells she knows the baraat is not coming.
Everyone is taken aback. Her dad clears that they have called to tell that the baraat has come here already. Ammu is surprised and all smile.
Her dad asks her to come out as her dream guy has come on a horse. Come I will show you. Excitedly, he takes her out and everyone else follows happily.

Amit is sitting on the horse and looks at Ammu….undoubtedly he isn’t happy with the wedding.
Ammu sees everyone having dancing and enjoying and then back at Amit. Mami teases her to stare at her groom and takes her inside. Ammu and Amit (with a blank look) exchange glances.

Varsha is welcoming Amit by doing his aarti and then comes the rasam of pulling his nose. Tina explains the ritual to him and Rohan tries to save him but Ammu’s dad diverts him and Varsha holds his nose. All smile. Next Aarti, Jigna and Preeti ask for neg (shagun), another rasam so as to let him enter inside. Girls enjoy teasing him but Amit is uninterested and finally hands them 3k to party.

He enters inside and comes at stage. Batuk and his friends tease him. Pandit ji calls for the bride for doing jaimala (garland exchange). Falguni announces Amita beta is here. ( :O )
Amit looks at the direction of Ammu and stares at her. Ria and Tina exchange glances.
Ammu comes on stage and thanks him. He looks away.


Varmala happens where the bride and groom’s side relatives pick both of them. Ammu succeeds in putting the garland and Amit too does. The photographer takes a family photo.
Then comes the chance for a couple click. He asks Amit to smile who reluctantly smiles after Nani coaxing him to. Tina tells him to smile its his wedding….he isn’t going to jail.
Pandit ji asks them to bring the bride to the mandap.

Aarti and Jigna share their happiness with Ammu that finally jeej is here. The 3 group hug. Ammu is also relieved as the baraat wasn’t coming.
Preeti joins them saying she needn’t tell as her face reflected everything. She tells her to now think about Honeymoon. Ammu says that baraat did come but Amit is looking very tensed.
They all tease her that she is worried for him even before their wedding.
Kajal comes with Ria who has brought gharchuda (bridal dress) for her. Ria compliments her that she is looking very beautiful but thank God that Amit came back before marriage. Ammu becomes tensed. Preeti takes hold of the situation and sends everyone outside.

Amita tells her that no one at home knows so that’s why. Ria apologizes that she dint knew about it.
Ammu wants to know what she was telling. Ria hesitates then tells her that Amit had disappeared in the morning. Looked like he dint want to marry. Thank God nani brought him back or else we all dint knew what would have happened. She asks her not to tell anyone.
Someone calls for Ammu and Ria leaves telling her to forget it and smile.
Preeti comes and holds Ammu telling her to relax.


Pandit ji is doing the rituals and chants. He calls for the bride and instrumental wedding music is playing in the background.
Ammu comes with Nani and her friends to the mandap. Her family look at her with pride.
She stops before sitting next to Amit and recalls Ria’s words. All wonder why she is standing. Tina asks Ria what did she say that Ammu is unable to take a step further. Ria just smiles.
Falguni says…beta, come sit next to Amit. Varsha too asks her to sit.
Nani lightens the situation. It happens with every girl before marriage. Nothing unusual. You sit dear and leave everything in the hands of Kanha. Ammu obliges.

Pandit ji continues with the rituals and asks for her parents to come forward to do her kanyadan. Swastina indro is playing in the background. Ammu’s dad becomes emotional and then puts her hand in Amit’s hand. Pandit ji explains the meaning of the rasam. She is leaving all her responsibilities and relations behind and going to her new house now. Her sasural will be her family from now onwards. Amita looks at Amit and he looks back at her. Episode ends at Ammu’s face.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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