Hitler Didi 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 5th April 2013 Written Update

The show starts in SN, Vanraj is playing the music and Sunaina is performing on some classical dance.
Kutumbh is not so happy, and Seher brings Prince of DID and they promote DID super mom.
Indira enters and encourages sunaina to take part in the competition and asks Seher about Indu whereabout.Seher very reluctantly says she must be inside and Indira asks what happened again??

Indu is looking at her wound and tells Indira she’s hurt,Indira gets angry on Indu instead and tells her how ill mannered she’s.
Rishi arrives and Indu runs to him saying she did not do anything and Seher comes and tells them what really happened in school and tells that Indu is not at fault.
Rishi tells Indira the Others students are mocking at Indu and Indu says she does not want to go to school from tomorrow.
Rishi tries to explain to Indira that Indu is their daughter and not her tenant she must know how to talk with her and she must alsotries to know Indu well.
Rishi drags Indira in the hall calling everyone and puts a bundle of notes in her hand saying he’s not jobless ,good for nothing as Indira called him.He has the power to give her the money.

Rishi tells Indira that he loves her so much that after she has gone he was completely lost in himself that he forgot his responsibilities and he has the capacity to earn money.He runs upstairs and the Others keep looking at the money in Indira hand.
Indira comes upstairs to pacify Rishi and sees him searching for something she asks him what and he says he’s searching for his law books.
He hears Kutumbh talking with some banyans and runs to takes his books from Kutumbh and Kutumbh says that the books were lying in a corner since a long time and was taking dust so she thought of selling it.
Indira tells Kutumbh she’s also in the same category does she wants her to sell her and she warns kutumbh not to touch Rishi books again.Rishi receives a call and it is Rajrani who’s asking and threatening him that he must definitely win his case and he must be proved innocent.

Rishi goes to his room with his books as he begins to read Indira tries to talk to her and finally kisses him on his forehead to pacify him.They sweetly talk with each other and Rishi tells her to deposit Indu fees and to ask the principal to promote her again in standard three.
Indira says it is not a proper way to raise her what will happen to her education and since how long will they get her promoted by giving donation.
Rishi gets angry and asks if she’s again doubting him and his capacity he’ll definitely earn money.

Indira is at the place of Raj Rani and she shows the policemen where he kept the girls and asks the police to arrest RR but his lawyer says that they can’t as RR has already filed the bail and when he turns he’s shocked to see Indira….

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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