Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 4th June 2013 Written Update

Aarthi is lying on the street , A thief go & take her bag. Akhil is shocked to see Mira’s mom. Mira is worried why her mom isn’t answering the phone, Balraj told her to clam down. The phone then rings it Akil calls, he told Balraj about Mira’s mom, he began smiling. Akhil said she is live, balraj is angry now. Balraj tells Mira.
A guy ring the door bell as Aloka opens the door the guys give a bag of vegetables & run away when he Shayma comes, As she comes the bag, she found a old pic of herself when she was a dancer & that note that Mongia sent to her to meet him at 7.
At the hospital, Mira wants to meet her mom, but can’t as she is operation. Balraj asked Akhil if he knows anything, he told Balraj how she wanted to reach him concerning the death of his dad. Akhil tole him everything & about the leter that she told him about, Balraj is furious to find the letter, but Akhil told him someone stole her purse. Barlraj say if she is alive then she will talk, he have to do something.
The phone began ringing, Shayma then thinks it Mongia & goes to the phone as Nandini is also heading to the phone but instead Biji picks the phone up, & told everyone about Mira’s mom. Shayma doesn’t want to go to hospital thinking about Mongia. Balraj is yelling at the guy he don’t complete the task & the guy must make sure he get the bag or else. While going to the hospital, Shayma thinks about Mongia, she then told Biji Mira probably haven’t eat as yet & she should get some food for her. Biji tells Canteen is there, but Shayma reply but she is pregnant. Shayma come out of the car to get food for Mira.
Nandini is on the phone with her dad, who is in Dehli & wants to meet her. Nandini wonders how will be leave the house now & she talk to herself, she turns & is shocked.
Agasthya arrive, Mira hugs him & start crying & told him what happen.
The doctor then arrive & said he is sorry as she have fall into a coma. Balraj wonder what if she comes, he ask when will she be out but the doctor tell he can’t say anything its how she response. Biji then arrive, Mira run to her, Biji looked at Balraj wondering what sort of storm is about to create.

Pre Cap: Deepika tell Aloka that Biji called and aksed weather Shayma pick up the food or not. Aloka is shocked as Shayma didn’t came home for food, While Shayma is dancing for Mongia. Nandini on the other hand is in the rain & two motor bike guy is troubling when Neil pulled up.

Update Credit to: -Amanda-

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