Parvarish 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 4th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts of with sweety telling mr.mathur that you should ask me what parvarish is. Mr.mathur then continues to ask her the question which surprises sweety. Sweety insults mr.mathur saying that making cartoons is not enough to know how to raise your kids. But mrs. Mathur says that nothing is wrong with reading a book on how to raise your kids as parents learn how to raise their children along the way but with the help of specialist and doctor the children will remain healthy as well. Hearing this sweety gets very mad and says that she doesn’t require and expert help on how to raise her children and that in fact try can come to her for help as she lives close to them.

Scene shifts to night where sweety is sleeping and she has a dream about mr. Mathur on tv and he is telling her and the viewers that if they need any help raising their children they can and should all him. Sweety then wakes up from this dream and is shocked. In the very early mornin sweety wakes everyone up super early which makes her kids and husband mad as they wanted to sleep longer.

Ravi tells her mother that there is nothing wrong with reading a book on how to raise your children as books do nothing but give us knowledge on how to make life better. Ravi’s miter gives her a present of a new tv but Ravi leaves saying that she is very busy which hurts her mother quite a bit. She doesn’t understand what to do as she is trying to get close with her daughter. Rocky comes over to the mathur house and tells mr mathur that he has a problem but will come back in the evening to talk about it.

Precap: sweety sees mr mathur teaching rocky how to ride a scooter and is very angry.

Update Credit to: sanaaya

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