Crazy Stupid Ishq 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Crazy Stupid Ishq 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 4th June 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Anushka interviewing “Raengo?” Ms. Raengo starts making noise and shouts that who is this interviewer who is asking me such questions about my weight and my last flop movie, and explains that just because she is from a small town doesn’t mean that she can’t be big in Bollywood. And then when Anushka tells her to calm herself down because she can understand her well since she is also from a small town and Raengo gets mad telling that how can you even compare to me just look at yourself. Then Anushka tells that how come Ms. Raengo told in one interview that she was 16 when she arrived in Mumbai and just few days ago she told in another interview that she was turning 18, and asks her what her real age is. After this, Raengo freaks out and

declares “cut” and they had to stop the interview and Raengo leaves.

The scene now is shown at Ayaan’s studio. Where Ayaan’s sir loved the singing of the new girl and Ayaan said that she wasn’t even melodious. Just then, Meeral comes in and talks loud that she wants to talk with Ayaan urgently. Ayaan shocked to know how she came inside and disturbed them, he takes her outside and then Meeeral told about the 3 months marriage plans and gives Ayaan a kind of religious drink I guess, and even though Ayaan didn’t felt like drinking that, she made her drink it. He then goes back to studio and apologizes and says that he won’t make that kind of mistake again. And just then here comes Ms. Anushka. Everyone shocked again. Ansushka tells that she called him so many times why didn’t he pick up and she wants to tell a lot of things to him so again Ayaan leaves the studio with her.

Anushka takes her outside and tells Ayaan that she feels that she did great with the interview but still couldn’t get the job and whines about it, while Ayaan is disturbed that every time someone comes in and he has to leave like this from his job. He finally tells her that, “look Pampi, i did promise you to get a job but that doesn’t mean that I would leave my aside and help you anytime, right now i’m busy and you should have came later.” Hearing this Pampi gets upsets and leaves.

At Ayaan’s home, he comes in and talks that Pampi now come out I’ve came to say sorry, but she doesn’t respond so he goes into the room to find her and instead finds a letter which says that she was humbly sorry for creating another problem in his life and she left. Ayaan goes and tries to find her now and meanwhile Meeral imagines her and Ayaan getting married.

He finds a hotel and gets her room number from the reception. Inside the room, Anushka talks to herself saying she has money only for 2 days and she hasn’t even found the job yet. She gets tensed and so does Ayaan outside who is practicing how to say sorry to her. And instantly he rings the bell, Anushka opens it, he quickly tells her that what is this, why can’t she understand that life is not a picnic and she has to fulfill the responsibilities and Anushka just smiles saying you have come all the way here to find me and told him that he himself told her to get away from him then why should she not listen .. and Ayaan tells her that it’s all good now and please lets go home.

Meeral is tensed to go into Ayaan’s house but sees Ayaan and Anushka come together and asks them where they are coming from and ayaan tells that yea Anushka just left somewhere and couldn’t find the way. They all enter the house and Meeral tells to Ayaan that its time now that we get Anushka and Ayushmaan together. Anushka unhappy listening this that it’s so hard to find Ayushmaan.

Precap: Anushka tells that Ayaan will only get marry when she finds a good job and Meeral tells that okay i will find a job for you right away.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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