Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 28th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asthana mansion
All reprimand asthana for what he did, and how agastya managed to turn his own men against him, who blurted out his shady past. all the ladies reprimand him that finally one day the time had to come, when he would have to face the justice. The daughters say that they are ashamed to call him their father, uma says that he cant ever return the 16years that he took away from her. Balraj says that he has done so much for them, and this is how they are repaying back. Agastya tells him that he didnt do anything, but crippled them, so that they had no existence of their own. Agastya asks him to place the call to the asylum, to let go of meera. but asthana still doesnt let go of his ego and says that he wont do anything like that, and use all his power and moeny and they wont stand a chance in front of him. He decides to place a call, when agastya takes out his gun, and points it at him, scaring him, and shocking them too. The family asks him not to do this, as its not right to pay him back in the same coin, and howsoever evil he might be, they cant take the law in their hands. Nandini comes and says that meera cant be hurt, and that he seperated meera from the child, but no power can seperate a mother from her child. Asthana is shocked to find his whole family turned aginst her.

Location: Mental hospital
The nurse comes and tells meera that she can go. As she excitedly runs out without hearing another word from the nurse, she collides into neel, and asks him surprisingly as to what is he doing here. Neel tells her that nandini has told him everything, and that he has come to take her home to her child. She is overwhelmed and thanks him.

Scene 3:
Location: Asthana mansion
The daughters enjoy their time with uma, who says that she missed them bad in these 16 years. they also said that they missed her bad everyday, but never forgot her, and always felt her presence around them. They also introuduce him to the son in law of the house who shyly admits that now he knows where the girls get their good looks from, amidst throes of laughter.

The police comes for arresting balraj. The police arrests balraj for the murder of his brother and meera’s mother. he is also accuses him of making meera mental, by giving her psychotrpic drugs. Finally balraj walks out with the police. He comes face to face with his family, and without saying a word is about to leave, when ammaji says that she would clear out all his balance with him, and its and slaps him tighly numerous times reminding him of the instances that he deserved them for. She asks the police to take him away. As he is walking out, he comes face to face with meera, who has returned with neel. She tells him that he is the murderer of his parents, and he wont ever be forgotten. Nandini comes by her side. Meera says that she never believed in god, uptil now. nandini too says that justice is finally meted out. Meera says that just like he took everything away from her, he also stands without anything. Balraj looks at them with venomous eyes. The police takes him away.

The family welcomes meera happily. As meera is about to thank her, nandini asks her not to. Nandini thanks neel. Agastya questions his brother in law, why is he standing so upset. He says that he also should be behind the bars, and therefore should be punished. Ahastya tells him that penance is the first step to punsihment, and realising his mistakes, and that he would strts afresh. He resolves to do everything with a pire heart now. He asks agastya why is he doing this for him, as he never liekd him. Agastya says that they both are alike as they both committed mistakes, and then realised it too. They hug each other tightly.

The daughters are overwhlemed to see their mother sleeping away in relkaxed state. They comment on how the house seems different without Balraj, and they feel fresh air. Pallavi says that their father left such a profound impacxt on their lives. She says that she’s very sad, as she doesnt m,iss him at all, having gone. She wishes that had he given them love, they would have missed him too.

Biji is in tears, thinking that she couldnt improve her own brother. Uma asks her not to cry for Balraj, after all the sins. Biji says that he must be rotting in jail, deservedly. She says that he doesnt even know, that biji is creying for him. she says that this could have been a heavn, had Balraj not become demonic. She curses herself for not being able to bring a change in Balraj’s personality. Uma says that one who never loved anyone, then why cry for him. biji says that he was her brother after all. The daughters come and take them down for dinner, as the whole family would sit after a long time.

Meera comes to nandini, who’s playing with her child. As she is about to talk, nandini hushes her as he’s sleeping. Meera asks when would she wake up. Meera asks nandini if she would let him go like this only again. When nandini is surprised as to who is talking about, meera drags her to neel, and tells her that when she took her to neel’s place, then she had heard everything. Meera asks nandini to think about her life ahead, and she has to embrace it, if not for herself, then for anirudh’s sake. She gives her hand into neel’s. Neel is happy while nandini is pleasantly surprised. Meera leaves from there. Neel asks if she’s ready to run away with him, and winking at her, says that she always rejects him and asks her to think that she wont get anyone who would love her like this, and says teasingly that he would take all the rsponsibilities of their kids, and asks her to say Yes not atleast. nandini is overjoyed, and hugs neel tightly, while meera has tears of joy in her eyes. Meera is very happy to see this.

Ammaji says that she would feed meera with her own eyes. Biji asks meera to beware, teasing ammaji. they all pamper meera with love, each feeding her with love and care. Uma comes and blesses neel and nandini. Pallavi’s husband says that their eyes might be full, but the stomach is empty. But he is scared looking at the door, wondering that asthana might walk in anytime. But he is assured that he can eat in peace as noone would come now. They all sit down to eat like one big happy family. The screen pans out off the happy family.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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