Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 28th June 2013 Written Update

Raavan says that all this time when he prayed Mahadev., he never come to Lanka and now when he has resigned from his bhakti he has taken the pain of coming to Lanka for not one but two times; and that too for what reason- humans? He asks why is he (M) giving him just pain.. what sadistic pleasure is he getting from torturing him(R).
Raavan accepts that all that he did was mulish, but it did have a part of love that he had for Mahadev. Raavan compares his stubborn behavior with that of a child which whines for something and the parents full fill it.. why didn’t Mahadev, who come just with a bail pater come.

Lol Mahadev replies to Raavan that his bhakti had ‘Main’ in it to a significant extent. I did this, I did that blah blah…this happened to ‘ME’.
He never understood that there is no doer- ship in bhakti. There is no end or entireness to bhakti. Had Ravan called Mahadev on a bail patr he would have surely come.. but it was a mere leaf for arrogant Raavana.

Mahadev lectures Raavan on what/bow -to – be-a -real- bhakt. Serving others is bhakti not the bondage that he thought was bhakti..
The all knowing God further says that if he doesn’t end his arrogance here it will end him in the long run.. and he needs to finish all the mess he made of things n himself..and nothing is impossible for him, the decision is his.
Raavan says that he is not even in the condition of deciding if he is his (M) bakti or not and that he’d pray Mahadev in the future.. but one thing is for sure that there is no such great bhakti like he was of Mahadev.

Ravan then says “Since Mahadev has come this far to Lanka, he won’t let the effort go wasted.” He’d accept whatever Mahadev has come for.. he’d free those humans and that its the last time that he is tolerating someone meddle in his affairs. Henceforth he’d rule his Lanka on his own terms.
He also says that there is no wise, intelligent, powerful ruler as him… so he requests Mahadev to let him rule him on his terms.

At Kailash
Parvati devi is excited about her daughters-in-law to be.. she asks Prajapati Vishwarup to wait till Mahadev comes. Parvati devi feels Riddhi Siddhi’s plight that they have already made Ganesh as their lord and she thought she’d give them both in marriage her both sons!
Also that only after the first son gets married the second one should according to norms.. thus Kartikeya has to get married before Ganesh does.

Kartikeya says to his mother that its not right to wait for his marriage, besides he has many things to do in the South and he was just gonna head towards the South anyway.

Kartikeya takes his mother’s permission to leave.

Gannu bhayya is with his mice friends after a looong time.. they share modak .

Nandi calls Ganesh to at Kailash(the other part) on asked Nandi replies that daughter’s-in-laws have arrived at Kailash. Ganesh asks who is gonna be married.. Nandi lol shyly says the way the ladies where looking at Ganesh.. Nandi says that they where shy when Ganesh was around, and Gannu bhayya says that he thought they were eying on his modak!

Nandi says after the wedding one has to share things… Ganesh says that they are already after his modak!

Nandi then cuts the talk and informs him that Parvati ma is calling him..

Kartikeya waits for his peacock only to be stopped by his mother… Parvati devi tells that she knows why he is going away when he is needed the most.. Kartikeya says that he knows it, but sometimes absence is more helpful than presence.

HE says that he doesn’t want to be Ganesh’s hurdle.. and also to apologies on behalf of him and leaves.


Mahadev tells Raavan that though the devotees separate him from themselves but he still hopes the best for them.
Mahadev explains Raavan that he never wish bad for him, but warns him that he has all the traits of being a great ruler, but the path which he chose is not only gonna embarrass him but also the whole Rakshas clan.

The place which he thinks is gonna be the center of power will be one day teh center of adharma (unjust) which will have to be destroyed. For the world to sustain dharma has to triumph for which Narayan will always take forms .
And in what way or form Narayan will be he would never know about it.. but his acts will make it inevitable for his reincarnation from happening.
Mahadev asks Raavan to mend his ways before its too late.


At Kailash

Parvati devi tells Ganesh that Prajapati Vishwrup has got a wedding proposal for him.. with his both daughters, even his father wishes the same, but Mahadev wants him to take the final call.
Ganesh asks for his bro.. Parvati devi informs that he has gone to the south as he has unfinished business there.. he also apologized for not being there for the wedding which he might not be able to be a part of!

Ganesh tells them all that he understands their plight and hopes they too understand him, but he’d wed only when his bro Kartikeya is present.

Daddy-in-law appears and everyone bows to him.. after so long he gets to see his younger one

Ganesh’s wedding in progress with blushing Siddh n Riddhi.
Mahadev tells Ganesh “All this time you gave others vachan (promise), this day I promise you that Kartikeya would soon return and he’d be a part of your wedding”
Voice over : How will Mahadev get back Kartileya to Kailash. :

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