Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th June 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 28th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi saying his mom that he is ready to sign the papers provided by Rubel to ensure that Nana is not blackmailed yet again. Avantika cries but couldn’t divulge the truth. Adi says it is okay and asks Mom not to be sad and signs the papers. He further adds that Avantika shouldn’t have been so worried just because of this small issue. Avantika hugs him but with tears in her eyes, and Adi slowly wipes the tears, and says he always wants his Mom to stay happy. With this, Adi comes out of the room to leave for office.

On the way, he met Pankuri who was carrying a glass of water for Nana. Adi says her that she was worried since last day about a small matter and asks her not to take tension or stress for little things. Pankuri nods and Adi plants a kiss on her cheek and was going to leave for office when he noticed the glass of water, and playfully was taking it away, when he crashed with Rubel, and the water got spilled on him.

Rubel at first looked angry, but then he controlled his temper and said that since it was unintentional, he is forgiving Adi but also adds that sometimes unintentionally one commits mistakes, but then he will have to suffer for that for the rest of his life. Then he says he was just kidding and goes away. Adi is surprised and says how come Rubel is behaving abnormally and he who picks small issues and makes them big is so calm today.

Adi goes away, Avantika comes with the file and hands it over to Rubel. Rubel was astonished and says how come Adi signed so soon, and Avantika showed a sullen face, says Rubel is simply wasting time of everyone by talking nonsense. Rubel wants signature of everyone now so that he can lay his hands on his property and demands that everyone should sign the property papers.

Nana now comes and says he will sign but first Rubel has to sign a condition which clearly will indicate that if he tells Adi anything about Nani’s death either directly or indirectly, then all the property will be transferred to Adi and Rubel will be left with nothing.

Rubel says he is not in some helpless position to sign the contract but nana ji is, and says he is not going to sign those papers. Nana and others says that Rubel is crossing limits and should sign the papers of Nana first, but Rubel remains adamant and says he is not going to sign anything as he is not in some insecure position. He further threatens everyone that if they do not sign, then Adi will get to know everything.

With this Rubel goes upstairs and Sheila and Latika joins him in the next step of their plan. Sheila says Nana is very smart and won’t sign so soon. Rubel seems confident and says Nana will sign this time as it involves Adi and he realizes that if he doesn’t sign, then Adi’s life will be devastated with that truth coming out.

Getting the necessary confidence, Sheila now comes downstairs and sheds crocodile tears, she says Rubel is not willing to listen to any of her words, and Avantika says to everyone that they should hurry and sign otherwise Adi’s life is at stake.

Pankuri says that though none of them have any interest in property of Nana but still she will never let Rubel blackmail Nana and others in this manner. So she decides to call Adi and tell everything to him.

Pankuri calls Adi and asks him to meet immediately. She was crying while talking, and Adi thinks it might be some sensitive or important issue, and hurriedly comes to the park where Pankuri was present and there after many attempts, Pankuri finally manages to speak everything, how Adi unknowingly took off the oxygen mask from Nani’s mouth while looking out for the ball when no one was there, and Adi cries, he takes the blame on himself. Pankuri tries to make him understand that it was totally unintentional and he shouldn’t take the blame just like that, but Adi was completely speechless after knowing the truth, and after knowing that it was Nana who was shielding him all these years. Tears flows from his eyes and he keeps on blaming himself. Pankuri fails to control him or his sobs.

Episode ends here.

On other fronts, at kullu, Kailash says to Ambika that he wants to adopt a son and says Vedika too has the same wish, and says he will ask everyone to put forward their views before taking any bold step. Ambika says she doesn’t like the idea.

Precap: Adi is going away from Pankuri with a dejected face, and tears in his eyes. Pankuri runs after him.

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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