Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 25th April 2013 Written Update

Balraj tells Meera the person who wants to kill her child is Nandini’s father. Meera is shocked and refuses to believe it. Balraj tells her Nandini’s father wants to harm and the child because of the property. Meera tell she is not interested in any property. Balraj does his nautanki and says he knows she is very nice but Nandini’s father and others are not aware of it and unknowingly she came between them and the property. Balraj reminds her of last night’s attack. Balraj tells Meera they are having bad intention they are dangerous and are capable to stalk her to even Dharamshala and London like they did last night. For her safety she should be in the house. Balraj politely tells her to accompany him he wants to show her their office.


is searching for his phone. He finds Niranjan using his phone to talk to people regarding his novel. Agasthya super irritated and takes his phone back. He tells Niranjan he’ll have to change his number now because of him. Beeji is searching Meera in the house.. Agasthya tells her she went with Balraj to see their office. Beeji says its sunday and even the staff members wont be in office today. Why would he take her to office today. Agasthya and Beeji are confused.

Nupur, Anuja, Niranjan, Pallavi, Akhil, Shyama, Nandini are having fun playing truth and dare Niranjan is dancing. Ammaji comes there hearing them. She starts with her usual taunts then joins them. Ammaji tries dancing.. lagaoes thumka and hurts herself

Meanwhile Balraj and Meera comes to the office. A shady doctor comes there and introduced by Balraj. He tells Meera they hire specialized doctors for their company. (Pharmaceutical company). The doc tells Balraj they need to talk something important. Balraj tells Meera to wait inside his cabin. Doctor and Balraj discusses about the s*x determination test. Balraj warns him not to affect the child. Doc says there wont be any complication only need to make Meera unconscious.

In the Asthana house everyone enjoying the spin the bottle truth and dare game. Anuja’s turn comes she picks truth. Nupur asks her if she took her nailpolish. Anuja says it was Deepika who took it. Everyone laughs. Anuja says to ask Deepika about it after she comes back from college trip. Ammaji says she hates college trips and finds it wrong for girls. They spin the bottle again… Nandini’s turn comes. Nandini picks truth. Ammaji says Nandini always speak truth. Shyama asks Nandini if she really feels Shyama’s love and care for her is fake. Nandini answers no and she open her arms to hug Shyama. Shyama hugs Nandini. They get emotional Shayma wipes Nandini’s tear. Everyone looking happy. Nupur says enough of crying and cheers them up.

Next turn is of Nupur’s. She picks truth. Niranjan asks since when did Delhi university shifted to Lajpatnagar.. why was she in Lajpatnagar few days ago? Nupur is speechless. Beeji rescues her by saying she sent Nupur to Lajpatnagar to bring medicines for her. Anuja ask Beeji to join them in the game.. through their game they’ll know whats inside her secret box. Beeji says she wont play.
They resume the game. Bottle goes to Shyama’s direction. She also goes for truth. Nupur asks Shyama how she was the first meet of hers and Akhil. Shyama is shocked. Akhil looks at her and understands why she is looking uncomforable. *Shyama gets a flashback of her dancing at a bar*
They asks Shyama to answer. Akhil comes beside Shyama and answers for her. He says they met when Akhil rescued her from goons. Shyama was looking beautiful in red that day. He doesn’t reveal the real thing.

*Shyama-Akhil’s flashback of first meet* Shyama and some other girls were brought to the police station where Akhil was on duty.

Back to spin the bottle and its Nupur’s turn again. Nupur is asked by Anuja.. who she was talking with the other day. Nupur says she didnt select truth therefore the question by Anuja is cancelled. Next is Akhil’s turn. The ask him whats inside Beeji’s secret box. Akhil says she he doesn’t know and they should ask the question to Beeji.

Meera is given cranberry juice to drink. Balraj tells her to drink it as she didnt have anything since morning. She takes a sip and puts it down saying she doesnt like the taste of it. Balraj is looking worried. He does some drama making sad face saying it was Ani’s favourite drink and he thought she would like it too. Meera looks at Balraj and finishes the drink. She feels dizzy.. Balraj says its due to her not having food since morning he moves her to rest on the couch. Meera is unconscious. They make her sit on a wheelchair the doc taking unconscious Meera somehwere

Precap – Balraj is anxiously waiting for doc’s call. The doc tells him its a boy. Balraj is laughing and saying nobody can defeat him now. Meera asks Nandini if she knows where her father is.. Nandini looks shocked.

Update Credit to: ablazedmelody

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