Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 25th April 2013 Written Update


Scene starts from yesterday and Sonaiya are so close and sona tries to go away when kanhaiya holds her hands and pushes her to him, their heads get strucked and both did awww and kanhaiya says that black dog can bite so they have to struck heads again and they did happily and laughed. Sonaiya are sitting close when Sona says our suhaagraat, kanhaiya gets excited and says yes our suhaagraat. Sona says i mean our suhaagraat night. Poor kanhaiya hehe. Sona says that she lied that day because dadima asked me to do so and firstly understand u well. Kanhaiya has a cute smile. Sona says that dadima asked me to firstly understand kanhaiya fully(thok baja ke dkh lena). Kanhaiya says that is he a household item whic u will check by beating. Sona says no she means she wanted to understand him. Kanhaiya happily says its ok and they married as unknowns. Kanhaiya says that 80 days of their marriage are completed and after 20 days they will start their new journey of life. Kanhaiya asks if sona has understood him so how many numbers out of 10 sona will give to him. Sona says that she has understood him fully and he is the best husband and she will give him 100/100. They both laughed and their heads strucked again.kanhaiya says black dog and again they shook off their heads and laughed.


Kanhaiya drives bile and reaches police station and asks for his glass of milk. Bajrangi informs that the item for breakfast which her wife bought had been theft. Kanhaiya gets amazed. A man comes and says that vegetables are stolen from his home. Kanhaiya is surprized about the new vegetable theif and decides to find him up.


Darshana and gang comes to sunaina and tries giving her a saree to impress her. Sunaina understands their intention and asks them to behave properly the next time.Sunaina asks Sona and Neelam to bring lunch and uddham has a hesitation in shame with talking to sunaina. Neelam asks sunaina to allow her to work outside the house till uddham gets his job as earning is essential and sona can take care of house till then. Gang laughed at Neelam and sunaina looks at sona and says that if sona will take all responsibility of house then they will only face consequences. Sona feels bad and Sunaina says that she will try to make less expenditures but no need to work outside. Kanhaiya angrily comes and informs about the kitchen items theft and says whats happening in allahabad. Sona remembers shanta aunty’s problem and is worried and says that theft must be caught and kanhaiya agrees and sunaina says to kanhaiya that now-a-days he is very much listening to his wife and goes angrily from there. Renu and bindiya are surprized at mummyji’s anger and sonaiya are sad


Sonaiya in bedroom.Sona is surprized as why at a small reason mummyji got angry and why she is doing this.Kanhaiya asks her to take it easy and sona feels as mummyji shouting at kanhaiya was acceptable but why she got angry at a small reason.Bindiya and renu tries to find out from sunaina the reason for treating Sona badly but sunaina left them empty handed.


Kanhaiya is tieying shoe laces when he heard to soung of people calling his name outside the house. all goes outside ans shanta aunty says that her household items are stoled even when kanhaiya’s duty is to take care of people problems.another man says that even his chillies, onions and other items are being stoled. All wants an ans from kanhaiya and kanhaiya says that he will find the theft very soon. a man asks kanhaiya not to speak like politicians and do his work. kanhaiya asks him not to tell him what he can do for not and he announces that whoever the thief is, he will find him out.Dhadak dhoom dhoom background music.Kanhaia asks people to leave and all went inside the house.Kanhaiya asks his policeman to be on duty all night and it is very necessary to find the thief. kanhaiya says that anyhoe he will find out the vegetable thief..Episode ends


Sona is giving some kurtas to kanhaiya and sunaina angrily says to sona that she did’nt asked sona to get kurtas for kanhaiya. Sona says that kanhaiya has a no. of black kurtas so she thought to buy a red one. Sunaina says that she knows what to get for kanhaiya and sona should not interfere. Sona feels bad.

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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