Hitler Didi 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 25th April 2013 Written Update

Shweta goes out and Indu comes there. She asks Indira where Shweta is and they hear her scream. They get worried. Indu opens the door and goes out. Indira follows her. Both search Shweta. Other family members also come out. A guy comes there bleeding. He tells where Shweta is. Indu runs there while Indira and Rishi are still taking care of guy who is bleeding. Munna goes after Indu. Indu sees Shweta hiding and asks her what she is doing there. Shweta asks her to stay quiet.

Goons are also searching for Shweta. Munna comes and asks them if they saw any little girl. He then sees Indu and takes her out. Indira and Rishi come there now. Goons snatch Indu away from Munna and put a gun on her head. They ask Shweta to come out else it won’t be good for Indu. Indu tells Shweta not to come out. Indira then sees Shweta and says she will bring her.

When she brings her, she asks her to do what she told her to. Shweta goes to goon and they release Indu. Indu hugs Shweta. Shweta kicks on goon’s private part. Munna, Indira, Rishi start beating other goons and ask Shweta and Indu to run away. Another goon blocks Shweta’s way and he has rod in his hand. He attacks on them with the rood. Indira pulls Indu back on last moment. Police come and all goons run away now. Shweta is in pain.

They take her to home and they don’t know what to do.. they don’t have enough time to go to hospital or wait till doctor comes to their house. Indu begs Indira to save Shweta and her child. She promises her that she will listen everything that she says. Indira says to her, you don’t need to beg me. Indira has a plan and she asks all guys to go out. She then tells Shweta to guide her what to do.

Indira saves Shweta and her child. Indu hugs her in happiness and Indira is happy. Her mother says that big doctors get scared in such cases, but Indira saved her. Indu now goes to Shweta and hugs her. She tells her that she got so worried.

Rishi says good now Shweta is fine.. so we can ask her to leave. Indira takes him on a side and they argue once again. Indira says Dr. Jasvant tried to burn her alive and now this. I can’t let him do this. I will make sure there is no wrong going on in Delhi. Rishi says, I understand that someone has to step up to stop these criminals.. but there are so many criminals like Jasvant in Delhi.. why you have to take responsibility of everything? Why don’t you look at your family first? Indira asks him, why do you hate Shweta so much? Don’t you remember all that she did for us for 8 years? Rishi says, because she declared you dead 8 years ago.. and I had to give fire to your body as I didn’t know you were alive. Indira sits down beside him and keeps her head on his shoulder. She says, but today we are together.. that’s what matters. Rishi smiles.

Precap: Indira tells Indu so you remember your promise right? You will have to listen to everything that I say. Indu says, what promise? Indira says, the one that you did in room when you were crying. Indu makes weird face. Indira laughs and kisses her and Indu gets annoyed.
A good one..

Update Credit to: julia

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