Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Meera showing her diary which had Anirudh’s address. Before Agastya could take a look at it.. his phone rings. He leaves from there

Beeji is sad thinking about Nandini. Akhil’s mom tells her such things happen in life. Beeji is worried for Nandini. Akhil’s mom is not happy watching everyone worried for Nandini !

Agasthya goes to Balraj who is looking distraught losing his grandchild. Balraj shouts he lost everything he never thought he could be defeated. Agasthya tells him to relax he will help him all through and together they’ll do something to resurrect the situation. Agashtya says his own son Anirudh never listened to him he never cared for their family business but Agasthya was also there for him. Balraj says for the support Agasthya gave him he always returned it with giving him the importance he deserved for his support. Agasthya says he never treated him like a son. Agasthya’s mom watches them from behind.

His mother tells him not to lose cool… she says after Balraj losing his heir the next closest person to get his property is Agastya. She tells him to be very careful and keep calm with Balraj now.

Preparations for the puja for Anirudh is going on in the house. Nandini comes back home from hospital. Balraj looks at Nandini looking unhappy. Nupur takes Nandini to her room.. Nandini looks at Ani’s photo and flashback…

*Flashback* Nandini telling Ani she always wanted a loving home, husband and kids but she is worried why she is not able to concieve. Ani tells her she shouldn’t worry about it she says she wants a child a child which will be hers and his. Ani says they dont need a third person to keep their love strong. *flashback ends*

Meera is looking at a Saree to wear today and remembers something..

*Flashback* Ani telling Meera she doesn’t need a Saree. Meera says she wants him to buy her first Saree.. she wants to wear one when she’ll meet his family. Ani says she should meet his family the way she is not change herself to suit them. *flashback ends*

Meera keeps the Saree back to her suitcase

Nandini is in her room crying and saying when she heard she was pregnant she didnt know she should be happy or sad but today she feels she lost Ani again. The child was Ani’s last nishaani.

Meera enters the bungalow. She opens the main gate. Balraj is inside doing the puja with rest of the family members except Nandini who is in her room.

Meera says she is finding it hard to take the steps forward to Ani’s house. She scans the garden and balcony of the house which Ani talked about.

Akhil sees her. She introduced herself as Ani’s friend from Himachal. Akhil tells her a puja is going on. She wants to leave but he insists her to come inside.

Meera enters and looks at Ani’s picture. She is looking at the family members from far and recognizing them from what Anirudh described to her. She could guess who Balraj, Shyama, Beeji are.

Agasthya sees Meera watching the puja !! He is surprised he remembers their last night convo. He remembers she told him last night about searching the house of the one she loved. Meera doesnt see him.

Akhil introduces Meera to Shyama. Ani’s cousins goes to Nandini to tell them about Meera the friend of Ani. Meera tells them they should take good care of his friend. They tell Nandini to meet her but the chachi comes there saying she cant meet anyone now

Agasthya secretly watches Meera and remembers what she told him last night.

Finally at the end of the puja Nandini is called downstairs. Meera looks at Nandini from far. Nandini is walking downstairs .. Meera looks on. Meera asks who she is to the cousin. She says thats Ani’s wife Nandini !!!
Meera is completely shocked hearing that

Nandini and Meera looks at each other from a distance. Meera is in tears she runs away. Nandini is surprised she asks Akhil about her, Akhil says she was Ani’s friend Meera. Chachi is saying if she was his friend then why she came now 2 months after his death. Balraj saying Meera looked like a badtameez girl from her appearance. Agasthya says there is something strange about Meera.
Nandini goes to meet Meera

Update Credit to: ablazedmelody

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