Junoon 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 22nd March 2013 Written Update

**The show starts at the breakfast table and Aakash suggest to Prithvi to join the office.He says better it will a change.
They leave,Meera talks with dadi and Dadi wants to talk with Prithvi to help her.Meera refuses saying she’ll do whatever needed.Meera wants to prepare food for Prithvi.
In the office Aakash presents Prithvi as his elder brother and the workers are giving him a weird look.
Aakash takes him in his office tells him to take his place and not to forget he’s P. Khanna the boss.
Prithvi sits and the secretary brings a file for Aakash,Prithvi seems not happy with her mini skirt.
Akash gives a look to Prithvi and to the secretary.(Tina)

**Tina is leaving and tells Aakash she’ll come to collect the file after.aakash tells her to wait,until he finishes and enjoy seeing Prithvi feeling uneasy.
Prithvi leaves and Aakash says to Tina she requested to increase her salary and from today it is double but she must prove herself for the increment and tells her to make Prithvi happy.Tina agrees.
Prithvi sees the peon who’s lifting the heavy box and helps him while the other workers laugh at him saying he seems a weight lifter at the railway station.
Prithvi is going to answer when Meera enters and says that Prithvi being the boss helped the peon whereas they are merely a simple workers they are making fun of him.

** Meera retorts to the workers they may be educated and a degree holder but they lack behaviour.
The man says sorry to both Meera and Prithvi.they return back to work.Meera gives the tiffin to Prithvi he refuses and tells Meera he does not want to see her face.Meera says she’s also not interested to come in front of him and puts the tiffin in his hand.The worker once again says it seems Meera hubby is Prithvi the way she’s taking care of him, while she’s going to marry Aakash.The latter comes out from his cabin with Tina and sees Prithvi slapping the worker for misbehaving.Aakash fires him and asks Prithvi about the tiffin.Prithvi gives him the tiffin saying Meera brought food for him.Aakash acts again goody goody.Tina says what happened to Prithvi, who leaves?
Aakash opens the tiffin and is going to eat Prithvi enters he tells him to join in but he refuses saying he’s not hungry at the same time Aakash receives a phone call and goes to answer,Prithvi has flashback of Meera and eats the food.Meera sees him and smiles.

**Aakash returns back and Prithvi tells him to eat,Aakash feels bad seeing nothing is left whereas Prithvi is surprised. Aakash says it is ok and Tina enters she says she wants to re-assemble all the tiffin and asks Prithvi what has he eaten only onion and bread she would have ordered good food for him.Meera sees it and comes in.She tells Tina to move and she re-assembles the tiffin.While leaving Meera tells Aakash to eat something and tells Tina to order his food as what she brought someone else eat it.She leaves leaving her phone.
Aakash tells prithvi to go for a meeting but he’s reluctant as he does not know anything about the business.Aakash says Tina also will be with him and Meera enters to take her phone Prithvi accepts to go with Tina,Meera once feels jealous.

**PRECAP** Aakash calls Meera and inquire about Prithvi ,she says he’ll be home with him but is still at the hotel.Meera wants to go to see Prithvi with Aakash.
Aakash messaging someone says now it will be fun when Meera will see Prithvi with Tina.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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