Pavitra Rishta 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Manav opening cupboard and looking at the shirt which Archu brought for him. He says in his mind, you brought this shirt for me with so much love. Thank you Archana. Thank You. Door bell rings and it’s DK.

Dk tells him their company is now 20 years old. He says Archu also deserves same credit as you. Dk says, they should throw a party on this occasion. But Manav is not interested. Dk tells him, not a big party.. just our employees and all. Manav says, I won’t be able to enjoy the party without Archu. Dk says even he used to feel like that when his wife passed away.. but she had said that life must go on. Arjun arrives now. Dk continues, if not for yourself, then at least come for Archu. Arjun says, dad is right. He tells Manav, you’re my inspiration and without you I am incomplete. If you come, Archu aai will feel good. She was also part of this company, and she was your inspiration. Manav agrees.

Mittal is pissed off and shouting at his employee. Right then, Onir comes to his house. Mittal gets surprised seeing him. He asks him, what are you doing here? Despite doing a crime, you’re free… now what do you want? Onir says, I know I have made a big mistake.. and I came to correct it. Mittal says, what mistake? changing babies? And what’s big deal in accepting your mistake here? Onir says, I am not talking about that.. I only have made 1 big mistake in my life which is – I didn’t file complain against bad person like you. I should have filed complain on same day when I caught you and Dr. Kundan together. If I had done that, then today, we wouldn’t have to see this day. Mittal says, what do you mean? Onir says, you will find out soon.

Mittal says, you don’t know me. I will give you a tip. Don’t do anything silly.. I have some big contacts. Right then door bell rings and now it’s police. Mittal gets scared. Onir tells him, don’t get scared.. I have called them here. He asks police, wait a minute, do you know who am I? Police say, currently you’re a criminal. There is a case of human body parts trafficking filed against you. And there are other illegal works going on in your office as well. Mittal says, what are you saying? I am a builder. He puts blame on Onir. He says, Onir is trying to trap me. And based on which proof are you arresting me? Onir says, I will show proof in the court. Mittal catches his collar and says, I won’t spare you. Police take him and Punni enters. She tells police, he can’t do anything like that. Police say, court will decide that. Police leave with Mittal. Punni stares at Onir.

Break 1..

Punni is not at Purvi’s house. She is shouting at Purvi telling her, I had told you to keep your husband away from me. Everyone comes out. She tells everyone about police arresting Mittal. Manju asks why. Punni says, everything happened because of Purvi’s husband.. Onir must have filed police complain. Purvi says, you must have misunderstood.. without asking me, Onir wouldn’t do anything like this. Punni says, he has done it already.

Manju now shouts at Purvi. She says, how can you pretend like you don’t know anything? You really don’t know anything or just acting? And what kind of human being Onir is? One case is not done.. and he filed another. He could have at least thought about us before doing anything. Don’t know what society will say and how we will face them? Sulo tells Manju, why are you worrying so much? If Mittal is innocent, then nothing will happen to him just like Onir. No one will be do anything to him.. so don’t worry.

Manju says, but he is so famous.. and this case will hurt his personality. Vinod says, nothing will happen by discussing here.. we should go to police station and see what happened. Sulo says, I will come too. Vinod says, no.. you stay here.. your health is not good as well. Manju, Vinod, Punni leave.

Punni tells Sulo, I really didn’t know Onir was going to do all this. If I knew, then I would have stopped him. Sulo says, he must have thought something and then did this. And if Mittal is innocent, then court will leave him. Why are you blaming yourself for this? Purvi says, Punni was so angry at me. Sulo says, her husband got arrested so she must be upset and angry so she took out frustration on you. You go and rest.

Purvi is sleeping and Onir is searching for something in a drawer. Purvi wakes up. She says, I was trying to call you.. where were you? Onir says, why do you look so tensed? Purvi says, Punni had came here and she told about police arresting Mittal. Onir says, actually I filed complain against him. Purvi stares at him. Onir asks him what happened? Purvi says, what was the need to file complain against Mittal. Onir says, what are you saying? You know Mr. Mittal is a criminal. Purvi says, but he is part of this family as well. You don’t know how tensed Punni is. And now I feel, our problems will increase after this. He must have got more angry now.

Onir says, but we can’t ignore what he did. Purvi says, if whatever he did was wrong, then we also did wrong thing. Onir tells her, I have told you so many times.. don’t think like that. There’s a huge difference between us and Mittal. We did for good reason unlike him. He continues, I even know that now Manju mami and Vinod mama will have problem with me living here. Sulo comes there and asks, why are you thinking like that? You know you didn’t do anything wrong.. don’t talk about leaving from here. And Mittal is criminal anyways. Onir says, but I am living here from long time.. so it would be better if I go back to Kolkata. Sulo says, so what? You’re son in law of this house.. you can stay as long as you wish. Archu is in hospital and if you two leave as well, then.. Purvi goes to her. Sulo tells her, don’t talk about leaving from here again. Sulo is leaving, but then stops and asks, while ago you were talking about doing good for someone.. I didn’t get it. Purvi and Onir look at each other. Sulo says, what’s the matter? Onir says, nothing.. I saved Ovi and her child.. I was saying about that only. Sulo says, don’t know.. I feel like you two are hiding something from him. Phone rings.

Purvi picks up the phone. It’s DK and he invites everyone for the party. He says, you’ve been a valuable employee for our company. Purvi says, we will definitely come and congrats to you.

Purvi tells Sulo and Onir about this. Sulo says, I won’t be able to come.. I have to stay with Manju and all. She leaves.

Ovi comes to Sulo’s house with Pari. Pari cries. Sulo says, what happened? Ovi says, she hasn’t got her massage today. She asks Punni’s sister to bring oil and she will do Pari’s massage. Sulo says, wow you learned massaging. Ovi says, no.. usually aaji does there.. but today I thought to do myself. They all sit down to do Pari’s massage. Purvi comes and looks at them from a distance. She thinks in her mind, if I hadn’t given my baby to Ovi, then I would be massaging today. Sulo sees her and asks her to join them.

Ovi has an angry face now. Purvi says, no.. you and Ovi did already. Too much massaging won’t be good. Sulo says, nothing happens.. they actually like it. Purvi joins them in end. Ovi doesn’t like it. She says to Sulo, I will take her to home after her massage. Sulo says, no no.. after massage she will take bath and then she will sleep. Purvi says, I have to go to hospital.. I shall leave.

Break 2..

Purvi at the hospital. She is telling Archu that she made a big mistake and she don’t know how to correct it. She continues, aai without you I have became very lonely.. I feel helpless. She says, when I used to hide anything from you, you used to catch it right away. Today aaji almost caught me as well. I can’t tell anyone that Pari is my daughter except you. If you were conscious, then I know you would support me.. you would understood me. Right then some sound comes from a machine there. Doctor comes. Purvi asks him to check if Archu is fine. Doctor says, she is fine.. maybe when you were talking with her.. something might be going on in her mind and she might wanted to react to what you said. But her body couldn’t support her and that is why her pulse rate went up. Everything is fine now. Don’t worry. Doctor leaves.

Purvi apologizes to Archu saying I am sorry if anything that I said hurt you. I was just sharing my feelings with you because I feel it’s only you who understands me.

Episode ends.

Precap: Punni is watching a hospital video in which Onir is telling Purvi that he tried a lot but couldn’t save Ovi’s child. Purvi says, we will give our child to Ovi. Punni is shocked.

Update Credit to: DesiTVBox

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