Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 22nd April 2013 Written Update

The show begins with meera waking after a nap and feels her baby.She gets hungry and goes to the kitchen.Aloka asks Shyama and Pallavi to add lots of chillies to the dishes.Shyama asks Meera if she wants something Meera says nothing , she’ll eat dinner directly. Aloka says she’s disturbing, Shyama asks Aloka why is she behaving so and Aloka says she gave Birth to boys… and if Meera does not eat nothing will happen she’ll not die.
Meera hears them.

Nandini sees Meera file and she checks father name and sees Ani name’s ,she gets flashback of Balraj saying Meera is characterless she can claim for property etc… Meera sees her with the file and stops Meera asking whether Ani is really the unborn father or whatever she’s

doing is only to snatch their property , she’ll make a scandal as the Asthana’s is a very well known family.
Nandini says that she wants the DNA test done so that Meera can prove that Ani is the real father.
Biji asks Nandini what is she doing Aloka says why if Meera never hesitates to go to any extent with ani so why should Nandini.
Meera says her child does not need Asthana’s name’s nor their property her mother will be giving Birth to him and he’ll be known take his mother surname’s.
He does not need the name’s of the man who cheated his mother.
Nandini and the others are shocked.

Meera asks Nandini Aloka what is her fault it is only because Ani never marry her means she’s characterless?
She asks Pallavi if she has an affair with Ani mean she’s
She asks Nandini if she’s bearing Ani child means she’s having an affair with lots of men and she’s characterless. Biji tries to stop her and Meera says let her talks. She tells Nandini she stayed back because of Balraj and she does not want anything in Ani property she only wanted to see Ani family.
She tells Ani is the man who cheated her and today she’s siding and fighting for him… Nandini is so stubborn she does not want to hear anything and tells that she was the most stupid to bring Meera home and asking her to stay back though she wanted to leave. She gave Meera her oath. Biji seperates both Nandini and Meera and says enough…
Shyama says to Biji what was nandini talking and Biji tells Shyama this was not Nandini but someone else ideas… Aloka is happy and smiling.

Meera is thinking all the bitter words of Nandini that she said the child father is not Ani and Meera is here because of property.
Biji slowly comes to see Meera who’s lost in thought and tells her not to take into consideration Nandini words as she’s lots hurts and she knows that Meera also is hurt. Meera says she’s also right at her place and she tells her the main reason that today she’s still in Asthana’s house and all is because of Balraj, Meera says she found a devastated father who’s is also the grandfather of her child and that’s why she’s here today.While she’s telling Biji about Balraj Biji seems shocked on Balraj lies. Meera asks Biji if she also thinks that it is her fault to stay back? Biji says to clear her mind on her behalf but the soceity is still a part of their life’s.Biji tells Meera to hear well what she’s going to tell her it is her request that she should leave the house quietly w/o anyone knowing about it.

Everyone are at the dining table and Shyama tells that Meera left and her belongings also cannot be find.
Meera is in a jeep and two goons forcefully board in and Meera asks what is all this? One says they were searching for her since two hours.Meera tries to escape and is going to fall as she stumbles.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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