Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Indr using his antics tells Dhatich to act swiftly on his decision.

The wife says that its so unfortunate for a wife to encourage her husband to fight for a cause is her duty, but this decision of his have brought her to an unknown cross-roads ..and she needs to chose one.. but should she be blamed for her heartrending!
She should be proud of him, but she only feels sad of herself that their child cannot hear, feel or see its father henceforth!
She only feels bad for him, who has to think all this.. There is so much she wants to share with him.. time was not enough for their togetherness to be complete.

She continues saying that if this was the end of their togetherness then she too has to give away her life.. as she couldn’t imagine herself without him. But she has to live for his child which is in her womb.
She further says that she is a normal human and her spirituality couldn’t reach to its pinnacle as his did.. but the truth is that at this moment she needs him more than anyone.

Dhatich says if he takes back his decision would she feel good abt it.. would she see for the rest of her life her husband backing off from saving the world?

Shiva interrupts calling his name…
But Rishi Dhatich says, he for the betterment of the world became Nilkanth by consuming dangerous poison which he still holds in him.. where as he, has to bear a few moments of pain

Mahadev tells that whatever decision he takes has the consent of his wife Parvati devi, he too should do the same with his wife Swarja and if she isn’t agreeing to it he (Mahadev) wont permit him to give away his life.

When Rishi Dhatich turns towards his wife, she tells what could be more unfortunate for a wife to give her consent for her husband’s death!
As a mother she wishes that their child should have its father.. but she also knows if she stops him now he’d hold on to this thing forever..
She then tells that she agrees to his scarifies for the three worlds.
Rishi Dhatich replies that he respects her thoughts.. its not her fault and he’d do the same if he were her..
She with her loving, caring attitude made his life successful and now with her unstinted acceptance she made his death too a blessing.
And her acceptance itself will keep them together forever.

He feels extremely fortune of playing a part in the lok kalyan mission by sacrificing his body.
Mahadev feels heartening seeing such great scarifies… two extremes on one land.. Indr and Dhatcih & Swarja.

Back at the war camp.. Vrinda is making all the arrangements for the medical treatment which might be required for the injured asuras.. she is now being interrupted by Shukrachary who inquires her abt not going for rest all the while.
She tells that there may be a possibility that there may be more injured soldiers this time..
Shukarachary boasts his army’s power the previous day against the devtas.
Vrinda informs him that Indr mustn’t have ran away from the war..he does know Devraj would have gone to the Tridev for help and she wants to make sure she has enough medicines.
Shukrachary asks if she is certain that asuras would lose the day!
She gives a deplomatic answer adding that there is a different kind of war between Asuras and Devtas.

Shukrachary says that his army is ready and alert!
She retorts saying that there is a subtle line between being confident and being over confident.. On asked the difference by Asur guru; she replies there is a difference of devotion, scarifies, surrender. And in the absence of the above confidence transforms into over confidence.

Vrinda then apologies if she spoke any ting wrong and excuses herself.
Then she turns back and says may someone’s devotion knock the over confidence out of Vritrasur!

Back at the ashram Rishi Dhatich pores water to his plants for the last time. The wife feels pained to sink in that he would be coming back..
He consoles her (BG was so dolorous)

Param sukh say main toh chal ta hun
Siv sharan main , may toh chal ta hun

Tere Sharan main toh chal ta hun!
Then he puts on the ash powder on to his arms uttering Shva’s name.

Apana jeevan, apne priy jan aona shukh apne vyatha
kuch bhe apna hai nahii bus swarth ki hia yeh kathaa

They reach to a place in the ashram where everyone including devtas, Mahadev’s family except him wait to bid farewell to rishi Dhatich.

Moh swarth say swader hoke Swayam ko guru charan main khoke.

All are weeping for him.. Rishi says not to weep.. and bid him with a smile.
He says that his life is going to be meaningful, its a great day for him as he is going to his guru for the last time.. so that he never could be away from him.

Nirvikap ho main toh chal ta hoon..

Where as Mahadev is waiting unwillingly for something he never thought should have happened or even feared if it would happen!

He then goes to a pained Kartikeya, a teary Ganesh and gives his final pranam to them..

Back her Shukrachary has every intention to get Jal married or his safety sake wah kya baat hai
To some one who os pure, resolved and anticipating; and all these qualities finds only (he means the only lady from asur clan whom we show) in Vrinda. (Shukr- cupid- achary) thinks she is devoted and dedicated and is just whom Jal needs.
Jal rewind -stop-plays his bitter memories of losing his mother and is passionately hating Indr

Shukrachary hear this and thinks that Jal only thinks of attack and he of protection.
On seeing Shukarchary he asks if wanted to say something.. asur guru denies.

BAck here rishi Dhatich, gives a bail patr to Parvati devi and for the last time says “Dishako bhatakna hee disha ko pana hai!”

Parvati devi gets reminded of the first time Sati is handed a bail patr by him.. then Parvati as a child and then when she takes her yog vidya lessons from him. She could relive those moments in her that moment.
Rishi Dhatich and his wife walk towards the huge mountain where Mahadev (his guru) is waiting for the.

Voice over : Rishi Dhatich’s scarifies will forever be remembered and revered in the world, but cannot be understood.


Mahadev to Kartikeya “You are a worrior son, your job is to protect the world from asuras. and if you miss Rishi Dhatich’s scarifies would get wasted!”
Vritrasur in overconfidence goes single handed to Indr saying he’d not spare his brother’s murderer ..

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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