Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd April 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 22nd April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ayesha is on the moby n says. coming ..! Shipra stops her and stares at her mini dress and asks her to stay back .. its last night before marriage.. ! Ayesha says..its her bachelorette.. with Saudamani n co.! Nutz suggests Shipra that they should be a part of it too! Shipra says..she is coming too ..! Ayesha says.. not needed but Shipra goes to get ready..! Nutz says..she will come along too and take care of Shipra.. so Ayesha can enjoy..! Ayesha relents!

Shipra goes hyper about the decor of the peacock party n Nutz says..its hens party..! Saudamani greets Ayesha…! Shipra orders .. Gulabi Chatri wali drink with salt.. n says.. its too costly..! Saudamani starts to rave about how she managed to get the booking for her..! Ayesha thanks her..! Ayesha says that Sid thinks only he can party. .but today they will have fun too..! The girls go to the dance floor and groove on Dhak Dhak karne! Shipra suggests they should dance too. .n Nutz is appalled but relents..! Shipra starts to groove with the boys.. n Ayesha is horrified.. n Nutz laufs..!

Ayesha tries to stop Shipra.. but she keeps dancing..!

Next day morning Mamaji rues that he is eating boiled eggs with salt.. its a wedding house but no servants..! Sid comes..! He asks for perfume and Mamaji says..he sent everything to Ayeshas place..! Sid apologises to Mamaji ..n asks him to give up his anger ..its his wedding after all ..! Sid rues that he is missing his mom.. as there is no one with him .. despite it being his wedding..! Sid fake pouts.. and gets up to leave. when Mamaji gives in and asks him to cut the drama..! He says..he forgives him. .but asks him not to misbehave like this ever again..! Sid promises n they hug..!

Vikram is checking the bills and says..its wastage of money ..and Neha says..its Ayeshas money..! Vikram says ..its Rams hard earned money..! Neha says.. he gave money to Sid.. then why rueing about Ayesha? Pandit ji comes and Vikram asks him how much time will it take for the wedding? Pandit ji says.. 2.5 hours..and Vikram suggests to get the wedding done in 30 minutes..! Rahul suggests instant pizza comes in 30 mins..then? Neha says..1 hour .. Pandit says no.. Rahul settles it at 1.5 hours!

Priya comes and Ram asks..what is stuck on her face? Priya says..chocolate..! Ram asks..why did she eat? Priya insisted..! Ram asks her to eat what is good for her health n says.. bitter gourd..! He says..he will order for her..! He says.. every morning lauki juice.. n then on..! Priya says.. next time.. he should check parenting tips too .. coz those parents who are too serious about brith their kids are serious too..! Ram says..teasing always.. and says fine do as u please..! Priya says. .only kidding.. and doc hasnt stopped her from eating anything..! Ram says.. he doesnt know how crazy she is..! Priya says..she used to eat everything during Pihu n Ram says..thats why she is (indicating she is golu) but says.. sweet n Priya says.. yes.. yes..!

Ram says that pregnancy book says not to eat such things n Priya reads n says.. it says.. not to drink coffee … n not chocolate..! Ram says..why to eat ? Priya says.. read properly .. n Ram relents n offers chocolate..! Priya says.. now giving whole bar? Why? Ram says.. not to be serious .. else baby will be born frowning..! Priya takes the chocolate bar n says. .he wont get.. as on net it says..fat people should not eat chocolate..! Ram says..enough jokes.. n gives her a watch as gift..! Priya asks ..occassion? Ram says.. none needed.. n its for the change of era…n time..for RaYa..! Priya says.. no complaints from past.. as those days were spent with Ram.. n coz of those days..she values happy n sweet days more now..! Priya thanks Ram.. n RAm says.. now she cant forget taking meds on time..! Priya asks..if he gave the watch so she can take meds on time? She says..he is impossible..! Priya says that her dad might not agree to do Ayeshas kanyadan n Ram assures he will talk to her dad..!

Part 2

Sudhir (Priyas dad) is watering plants. .when Ram comes..! Ram says that he wanted to talk to Sudhir since some time. .but dinno how to! He says that today morning..he saw Pihus face .. when he woke up n was wondering if he could save her from every bad thing in life.. maybe not! He says.. then he realised what Sudhir feels looking at Ayesha..! Ram says that he must be wondering why they are getting Ayesha married to Sid.. though they know Sid is not nice! Ram says.. Ayesha has done wrong too and deserves to be punished.. but if Sid-Ayesha dun get married.. RaYa n family wont get justice..! Ram says that he knows that if he requests Sudhir.. he wont refuse.. but he wont force him .. to do Kanyadan. .n he will respect Sudhirs decision! Priya overhears the whole convo..! Sudhir says..he must have done something good that he found Ram as son in law.. n he is like a son to Sudhir..! Sudhir tells Priya n Ram that he will be part of the wedding and do Kanyadan too! Priya thanks him .. n asks him to get ready…! Sudhir relents..!

Mamaji is helping Sid to get ready… n gives him a watch n says..its Sweetys..! Sid asks .. how is he looking? Mamaji says.. as he looks always..he is not going first time.. so no big deal..! Mamaji dances on Bari barsi..! Sid sulks..! Mamaji asks if Sid changed his mind? Sid says..he is feeling weird.. ! Mamaji asks if his health is ok? Sid says that he doesnt understand.. if someone like him could love ever..! Mamaji says.. Sid was too drunk previous night.. so this happened! Sid says.. that he is in love with Ayesha..! Mamaji is taken aback..! Sid rues that he is too bad..but Ayesha supported him always..who does it? Mamaji says.. like crazy people do.. like he went crazy after Saudamani..! How did ths happen? Sid says.. nothing can be done.. he is in love..! Mamaji says.. fine.. one should fall in love once in life! Mamaji puts Sehra on Sid..!

Ayesha is arguing about lipstick.. and nailpolish..! Nutz asks Ayesha to get ready fast..! Shipra comes and sees her with no make up and hair. .done.. n Ayesha says..time is needed by bride to get ready..! Nutz says.. better hurry before Groom elopes..! Shipra asks her to hurry up n Ayesha asks all of them to leave..! They do..!

Part 3

Vikram and Neha are at the wedding venue..! Shipra-Sudhir-Nutz are busy with discussion! Neha says.. its worlds firs wedding where no one will cry at Bidaai.. rather cry out of happiness..! NEha asks how did she convince Sudhir? Priya says… Ram did.. ! She says..she feels she married two people .. her hubby n then Pihus dad! Ram comes n screams..why is she standing n Priya tells Neha..she saw what she meant? Priya says..yes.. ! Priya says..happy? Ram says why angry? Vikram says..its the start.. Neha says..keep quiet n they leave..! Priya says.. glad Ram wasnt around her during Pihus birth else she did been fat like Ram.. sitting whole day!

Vikram says that Sid-Ayesha wedding wont work..they need legal proof he has asked Rahul to take pictures and get the wedding registered ..! Sid-Mamaji arrive…! Pandit asks where is bride? Vikram says on the way..! Ayesha arrives..! Garlands exchanged.. all clap..! Rahul takes photographs! Nutz does gath-bandhan..! Sudhir-Shipra do kanyadan! The pheras start.. ..! When the time comes for Ayesha to walk before Sid.. Ayesha says.. one minute.. n that some special guests have come! All are stunned..! Cops arrive.. ! RaYa and all are shocked..! The cops says..they have warrant for Sids arrest..! Ram come? Sid is on bail ..! Cop says.. a new FIR is lodged against Sid by Ayesha..!

Precap — Sid walks in a huff ..with the cops..! Mamaji asks Ayesha why she did this? She used to love Sid? Ayesha says..she still does..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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