Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 12th June 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Meera in the labour room and doctor tells her to be strong when she will take baby all her pain will vanish.
Balraj and Biji are waiting outside and Balraj is worried as Meera decided to leave after the baby birth. Biji thinks of Aloka words and asks Balraj what will he do? He asks why is she asking all these to him?
The doctor comes and tells them Meera is lots courageous and the baby is healthy. They both go in Meera room and are happy. Balraj looks at the baby saying he’s the key to get all the money and properties which he was in the verge of losing he will never let her go but use an another to get Meera signed papers, he will never let him go. Deepika brings Nupur and Nandini in the baby room and Nandini gets sad. Only to make Deepika happy she says the room is very beautiful.
She leaves thinking how much she wants to be happy but can’t, she begins to cry.
Biji asks Meera in the hospital if she can take the baby , Meera says that the baby is her’s and Ani son. Ani cannot see him and she thanks Biji for all love and support she gives her.
Meera thinks about Arti and cries, Biji says bygones is bygones she must be very strong as she’s the parents of the newborn.
Meera thinks about Nandini and how she’ll be hurt when they will reach home. Meera tells Biji Nandini will be hurt seeing Ani son’s in her lap why is she the cause of Nandini sadness.
Meera says she wants to go if she could have left.. Biji says she’s not enough healthy to leave just after the birth of the baby.Meera says she knows that Balraj also will not like her going. Biji says she can leave after a few days and thinks Balraj will not let his heir leaving…

At home they are asking Biji how’s the baby to whom does she resembles? Biji says to Meera. Biji asks Akhil to fetch a nurse to help Meera and the child when they will be back. Biji says she no more can look after the baby. Aloka tries to fill the ears of Akhil saying the baby will snatch all their properties and rights as he’s the heir of Balraj.
Akhil says to Aloka he’s only a small baby why is she thinking so negatively? Both brothers are matured enough and self dependant.
Aloka thinks Meera will never be able to leave as Balraj will never let her.
Balraj is very angry thinking he failed to get the signed papers by Meera. Whatever he’ll play an another game. Someone’s calls him and threatens him saying he’s in possession of the letter found in Arti bag.
Balraj asks how much does he want he says to wait for his next call and hang up.
Balraj says why all these problems are coming at the very same time.

The baby and Meera are back they are welcome by everyone. Nandini sees Meera and leaves. A nurse hired by Biji also arrives and Biji says she’ll be helping Meera who says she can take care of the baby.
Balraj comes downstairs and welcome Meera who goes inside.
Balraj asks Aloka where’s Agasthya as he’s not coming to the office and he pays him a huge amount of money. Aloka says Agasthya is worried for his father death and the letter. Balraj says that agasthya needs to forget about all these. Aloka says the truth will obviously comes out one day how much it could be hidden.Balraj asks what does she mean? Aloka changes her tone and asks Balraj to give agasthya a better position in the business.

Precap: Balraj is in Meera room saying all his properties belongs to her son to sign the paper.
Meera says they need only the love of the family.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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