Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 12th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ayesha coming to the police station to meet Sudhir. She taunts her father saying she talked with Natasha and she is in no mood to forgive them and will punish them. She says you threw me out of the house, and as you sow, so you reap. Shipra looks from her cell. Ayesha laughs on her misery and says you will come out in a day or two and after that, real punishment will start for you. Sudhir looks at her angrily. Ayesha says two divorce papers will come to him as one is for Natasha – Karthik and other is for Ram – Priya. She smirks saying your son did a big thing and whatever happened between Ram and Priya previously was very small thing.

She comes to Shipra and says why you raised your hands on your daughter-in-law. She says what your daughter-in-law did with you? She says the reason for Ram and Priya’s marriage is Natasha’s marriage, and when Natasha’s marriage is ending, then surely Ram and Priya’s marriage will also end. She adds on saying that Ram and Priya will seperate and support their respective families. She says Priya did sail through all the troubles because Ram and his family was with her but not anymore as she has to turn against her in-laws and support you people to save you. She says Natasha is right and Priya will fail if she supports wrong. She asks Shipra to get ready to face the divorce of two couples.

Shipra yells at her to stop speaking ill and says Pihu is with Priya and Ram and she will bind her parents together. Ayesha says Ram is concerned about his sister and he will not listen to anybody now. She leaves.

Ayesha calls Natasha and says she did feel pain to see her parents in Jail, but she taunted them a lot. She further adds not to take the case back as Ram and Priya might try to emotionally blackmail her. Natasha says she will not let them free and will not give up. Natasha says she will not forgive anybody and everyone have to pay for this. She sees Priya and cancels the call. Priya tells her that she talked with the doctor and he said you can go home now. Natasha says no need she will manage and leaves alone while Priya looks on.

Scene shifts to Ram and Vikram:

Vikram calls Ram and informs him that Priya came to his house with the baby and he could not say no when she requested them to take care of the baby and left him here. Ram says so you kept the baby, how could you do this? and why you are informing me about this. Vikram tries to explain that he was helpless as he could not say no to Priya. Ram says how could you do this for choti, i.e, Natasha. Ram asked him not to keep the baby with himself and wants Karthik to take his responsibilty. Ram says he wants Karthik to come and till then baby can live in some child organisation. Ram requests him not to keep the baby with them. Vikram tries to explain his point that the baby’s parents are not with him and think about the baby. Ram says I know baby is very small and needs to be taken care of, but right now I want to concentrate on Natasha. Ram asks his support.

Scene shifts to Ayesha:

Priya comes to Ayesha and says do you really care for Natasha. Ayesha says she is with Natasha. Priya scolds her for provoking Natasha to take the revenge and asks her to stop pretending. Priya asks her how could she send maa and papa to jail. Ayesha says it is because of Karthik. Ayesha says maa and papa will know who cares for them and she will get them out of the jail. Priya warns her not to hurt anybody for her bad motives, and if she tries to break her family, then nobody will be bad than her. Ayesha smiles evilly.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya comes home and tells Ram that she wants to talk to him. Before she could say, Ram says you left the baby with Vikram and Neha, Why? Priya says she thought baby can be taken care of in Vikram’s home. Ram says he sent the baby to the orphanage and he will be up for adoption after 2 days and asks Priya to tell his brother to come soon. Priya says adoption? but the baby is not orphan, he has his parents. Ram says he don’t want the baby to suffer and wants Karthik to take his responsibility. She says she talked with Karthik and he will be coming. Ram says he wants same as Priya and dont want her parents to suffer. Priya says she also wants Natasha to get justice and Karthik should take over his responsibility. I dont want baby to suffer.

Ram says we need to concentrate on Natasha as she is suffering more and you are thinking about your brother only. Priya says she is with Natasha and felt the pain of Natasha. Ram says if your brother don’t turn up in two days, then this baby will be someone else. Ram says I am not supporting the baby as it is Karthik’s, but this would be my stand and I might have done this only. She asks Ram to wait until Karthik comes and we are no one to decide about the baby. She asks Ram why Natasha didn’t take her complain back as baby is out of the house now. Ram says he is also hurt as Sudhir is a father figure for him and Natasha wants Karthik to come and if she take backs the complaint, then karthik will not come back. Ram says he wants exactly what she wants. Priya says she will talk to karthik now.

Natasha comes there. Priya tries to talk to her, but she ignores her.

Scene shifts to Vikram’s home:

Vikram brings coffee for Neha, but Neha is sitting sadly. Vikram explains her that we cant turn down Ram and Natasha is the one who is suffering the most. He says we have to do this as Karthik needs to be punished. Neha cries saying we sent the baby to the orphanage when his parents, relatives are there. She feels bad, Vikram says he is also feeling bad. Neha says Priya left the baby in her care and they sent the baby. She asks why you informed Ram. Vikram says we cant hide from him and Ram will not be unfair towards the fair. He cares for Natasha and wants Karthik to be punished. Vikram says we have to support him.

Scene shifts to Kapoor Mansion:

Priya calls Karthik and asks him whether he remembers her. Karthik says it is not like that, Priya says she asked him to come soon, but you are hiding. Karthik says I accept my mistakes but… Priya asks him to come and take his responsibilty. Priya makes him remember about his parents and says they are suffering because of him. She asks him to come in 2 days or else forget about your family. She says Ram gave the baby for adoption and he will be up for adoption in two days. Karthik says my son is given for adoption, he asked her help. Priya says he is your responsibity and I want you to accept this. She asks him to correct his mistakes. Karthik says he knows Ram will send him to jail if he arrives back. Priya says all I want you to take his responsibility. Karthik finally agrees. The Episode ends on Priya.

Precap: Ram talks with someone on the phone probably with the police and says Karthik reached the airport and he will go to the orphanage first. He asks them to wait there. Rishabh listens silently.

Update Credit to: Amena

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