Hitler Didi 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Hitler Didi 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 12th June 2013 Written Update

Rishi takes covered Indira’s hand in his hand. Ammu notices the ring and says, this is not bahu’s ring. Rishi says, you might have seen mine ring. Ammu says, my sight is not that weak. She removes the cover and it’s Veeru in it. Ammu gets mad and asks where is Indira. Right then Indira comes. Ammu asks Rishi to tell her why they had to bring Veeru like that. Before Rishi says anything, Indira interrupts and says, I don’t believe in God and pooja. Ammu says, this is our family tradition.. all bahus have to be present in the pooja. Here things run my way.. I am not saying that much to you because you’re bahu and I feel you will change one day. Indira says, I understand but no one can make me sit in pooja forcefully. This is not real God, this is just a piece of rock. Where was your God

when I had to struggle in my childhood? Ammu asks her to shut, but Indira continues saying against God. Ammu gets angry and tells Rishi, no one talked to me like this before. You’re responsible for all this. She’s about to slap him, but Indira comes in the way and Ammu, by mistake, slaps her.

Indira says, it’s neither Veeru’s nor Rishi’s mistake. I gave them this idea, so I deserve punishment. Ammu asks her to go away and asks priest to start the pooja. She says, Rishi’s wife made him go away from all the traditions.. now have to see how much she respects his and my tradition. Ammu asks Rishi if he is going to take part in the arti or she breaks all her relationships with him. Rishi puts his hand on Indira’s shoulder and then joins the arti. He also calls Indu. Ammu says, when everyone does Kuldevi (God’s) arti, she gets happy. And I mean every single one. Indira joins in now and whole family does the arti. Indira looks at the God and says in her mind, don’t think I accepted you.. I just did this for my family so accept me, Mrs Indira Rishi Deewan Chandila, as a part of this family.

Rishi says in his mind, I know you don’t break your ideals for anyone, and you’re doing all this for me.. I will never forget what you’re doing for me. This is what I love about you. He thanks God for brining Indira in his life. Arti is done now. Suddenly a flower falls in Indira’s hand. Ammu gets excited and says, God listened to me. She tells Indira, God gave you this flower as blessings. Indira is confused. Ammu says, you will give birth to a boy. She is going crazy in happiness. Indira says, what if it will be a girl? Then what will you do? Ammu asks her to stay quiet. She says, whenever you open your mouth, you say silly things. It’s better if you stay quiet.

Ammu puts lots of property on Tarkeshwar’s name. Taoji asks who is that? Ammu says, my grand-grand son, Rishi’s son. Beera feels bad and leaves from there. Indu laughs and says, what kind of name is that? Rishi makes her quiet. Everyone leaves. Rishi thanks Indira for giving all this happiness to his family and says, I am sure you will accept all challenges that come to you. He kisses her hand.

Indira goes to Ammu and says, we can’t take all that properly. It’s too much. Ammu says, you don’t refuse what’s given to you with so much love. Ammu puts her hand on Indira’s shoulder and says, I understand you very well.. you have taken all responsibility on yourself since your childhood and have always given to everyone. She explains her that everyone has bad time phase in their lives, but that doesn’t mean you destroy your future. I know your father left house, but what’s your fault in it? What’s baby’s fault that’s inside you? I said whatever came in my mind. Leave elders work on them. Go and rest. Indira seems quite surprised seeing such soft side of Ammu. Ammu says, I know you took all Rishi’s mistake on you. She then checks her cheek. Indira protects it. Ammu says, I am not slapping you again, I am just checking. She then tells her to put ice on it. Indira takes blessings from her. Ammu leaves.

Indira feels quite happy. She says in her mind, I didn’t know I would find mother here that I was searching in my own house. People say anything about saas-bahu relationship. When you can find God by searching hard, why can’t you find a good mother-like-saas?

Precap: Beera is drinking and takes out his frustration on Nanda. Nanda gets down to his legs, but Beera pushes her back and says, there’s no need of you in this house. Indira comes to her hitler giri and asks Beera to apologize Nanda. Ammu also comes there.

Update Credit to: Julia

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