Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 10th June 2013 Written Update

Aloka read the letter with tears in front of her husband picture. She is shocked to find Balraj is the murderer of her husband and Arti husband. She decided to tell that to everyone. suddenly stops thinking Arti wants to do the same.

Meera crying beside her mother. wardboy comes and tells about a call for her in reception. she is confused and goes to attend the call.

Balraj standing like he is praying comes into Arti’s room. he talks to unconscious Arti about how he can’t be defeated and she needs to die. he takes a injection.

Meera in the reception attends the call and finds the line is disconnected. lady in the reception says person was in hurry and wanted to talk to Meera. Meera is confused who could be the person who called reception instead of her mobile. she thinks Balraj might called her because of low signal inside. she dials balraj mobile.

Balraj trying to inject into the medicine tripping into Arti’s vein. he gets call from Meera. He ignores the call telling her name. arti opens her eyes. Barlaj notices it. Arti sees as Balraj mixing the poison into her medicine. her fingers shakes. slowly she closes her eyes. he smiles.

Aloka thinks several option about exposing Balraj. she thinks her son Akhil in police can arrest Barlaj. but she thinks Balraj will buy all laws. she decided to act wisely to trap him.

Meera comes to her mother room and finds doctors in a very worried sad. doctor tells her sorry. they closes her mother face. Barlaj comes. Meera is about to faint. he holds her.

Beeji consoling Meera.

Nandini looking at Ani’s payal and toys. Nupur comes there. Nandini tells about giving these to Meera’s baby. Nupur is shocked. Nandini is emotionally talking about she can’t give that to Meera. she is disturbed. Nupur tells Nandini hates Meera. Nandini says she hated her when she heard the news but now she accepted the situation. Nupur says these items are hers and her husbands.

Balraj talking to lawyer about a legal paper. he asks lawyer to include the line of meera not holding any rights on her baby. he tells he will get sign when she is in labour pain. lawyer tells if she refuses to sign, Balraj says he know how to get her sign and asks him to prepare the document properly.

Agasthya comes in. lawyer leaves. A asks about what legal paper as he is the one who handles all the legal papers of their business. and he points about not having any new deals. Balraj says its about a land papers. he switches the topic about his visit. A says M wants to leave after delivery. B is thinking and asks him about the reason of visit again.

A says the letter which Arti was having is missing. it didn’t go to Police hand and not in bag too. then where is the letter? Balraj is not interested. he asks 3 months after her death why he is thinking about the letter. A tells he wants to find out the killer of his dad. he asks whether they have any enemy. B says he don’t know as he is not here and his father and A’s father is handling the business. A is furious to know about the killer of his father. Balraj tries to divert him says he don’t shows his emotion that doesn’t mean he is not sad about his father’s death. Balraj sends him away saying they can discuss about this later.

Precap: Meera in labour pain. Balraj asks her to sign saying it is necessary if they need to operation to take out baby. Meera signs.

Update Credit to: newt2007

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