Anamika 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 10th June 2013 Written Update

Anamika is in her room; happily combing her hair.
She feels the presence of someone and hears them crying.
She looks around in the house to find the person as she continuously hears the crying voice.
She comes to particular room from which she finds smoke coming out of. Her doorbell and phone ring at the same time.
The door of the room automatically opens.
Anamika enters it, frightened from the smoke that surrounds her.
Anamika sees the silhouette of a figure, gets frightened and runs away.
Everywhere she goes she finds these silhouettes and is extremely anxious.
Anamika cries in helplessness.
Suddenly, she smiles and starts laughing in pleasure.
A lady enters the room and laughs with Ana.
Jeet returns home to find Chiku barking.
Ana says that finally the day has come that she had been waiting for as Jeet accepted her in his life.
Ana says that despite Rano trying continuously to destroy Ana, nothing defeated her and instead Rano died herself.
The lady says that finally the day has come that they had been awaiting for 350 years.
Ana says that Rano had won that day by stabbing the skeleton’s chest and she took Ana to a place of which she was frightened..the ‘black’ world.
Ana remembers the pain of that world and how her leg was chained so she couldn’t go anywhere. Ana remembers her misery.
Ana says that she had no choice but to call the person that all the spirits feared… ‘Shaitaan.’
The flashback shows Ana calling for Shaitaan and despite all the spirits fearing him, Shaitaan appeared.

Precap: Ana requests Shaitaan to make her human. Shaitaan says that to become this she will have to cross fire; burn in it and melt in it…this is the only way.

Update Credit to: Kriti

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