Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 10th June 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Sohum and Bani’s conversation on the roof terrace. He tells her that she’s going to a new country, new life, new people, new town and everything will be new and that she does not need to be sad. Sohum makes Bani promise that she will always remain happy. Bani agrees to the promise, but is crying throughout and Sohum turns to leave.

As Sohum walks away, Bani slides down the wall crying and sits and cries. Simran Bhabhi, was behind a wall listening to all that Sohum had said and comes out from behind the wall to speak to Bani. Bani is shocked when she sees Simran (as she is having a breakdown) and tries to control her tears by wiping them away.

Simran says that what Sohum said wasn’t wrong. She says that it’s strange how those who teach us, are the ones that couldn’t understand us. She says, that Bani needs to think about her future and her happiness. Simran then goes onto tell Bani to forget whatever has happened, as it’s not going to happen. She says she doesn’t know whether what has happened is right or wrong, but she knows that Bani’s wedding is about to happen and she wants Bani to move on with happiness. She goes onto mention Sohum and how she wants him to move on and get all the happiness he longs for. Bani stands still crying and breathing heavily, Simran attempts to comfort her.

Later, Bani is looking in the mirror when Raji walks by and calls her. Raji says she was looking for her outside and stops when she realises Bani looks upset. Bani asks her why she has stopped talking, but Raji brushes whatever she was thinking off and continues to talk. Raji mentions how scared she is as tomorrow is their mehndi and after their mehndi is the wedding. Raji says that she’s only got one night left, then she’s going away from her family and from Bani. Bani is looking anxious throughout, and Raji mentions that they’re moving onto another family. Their happiness and their dreams are going to be left. Bani adds that she does not know what is written and they hug.

The next scene is in Parmeet’s house, where they’re carrying out mehndi preparations. The daughter-in-laws and mother all relive their own mehndi’s at their weddings. When the mother mentions her mehndi the daughter-in-laws feel bad as she hasn’t worn mehndi in so long and doesn’t remember the last time she actually put it on. Looking back, she mentions how much time has passed. She leaves it there and tells them to think about the future and tells them how much work they have to do. The mother tells them that when Bani enter the house, there will be a lot of happiness around.

The next scene is at Amreek’s house, where Amreek is sitting down and his parents are carrying out preparations around him. Amreek’s mum mentions how Raji’s mehndi is on the tray and how red the mehndi comes out is how much Amreek is going to love her. Amreek looks to the floor at this point, lost in thought. They then send the mehndi tray to Raji’s house.

The next scene is in Raji’s room. Raji’s mum walks in to find Raji lying down and tells her to get up, as there’s so much work to do for the mehndi. She asks Raji what’s wrong and checks her temperature. She then catches on to what’s wrong with Raji – pre-wedding blues. Raji agrees and asks how she knows. Her mum says that she’s her mum. Raji says that she never imagined her wedding like this – marrying an NRI (and becoming one) and having to go abroad. She tells her mum how quickly the process has gone: rishta, takhar, shugan, sangeet, today’s mehndi and tomorrow’s wedding. She doesn’t know how Amreek’s family will be. Her mum tries to comfort her and tells her it happens to all girls, an unknown husband, household etc… She tells her that she needs to make this unknown family her own and there’s nothing else she can do. Her mum tells her that she understands and she tells her that Amreek’s family will love her so much that she’ll forget about her family. Raji cries and her mum is shocked. They then hug. Her mum’s final words are that Amreek is a good guy and will look after her and then she carries on with mehndi preparations.

The next scene is with the entire family preparing in which Sarabjeet and Nirvail need to leave. Desho tries to hurry them. Desho wants two of Bani and Raji’s friends to attend the mehndi (I’m assuming she means Bhoomi and Simar). Raji’s mum tells Desho not to worry, they’ll come. SHOCKER: Mamiji then asks Desho where Sohum is! Desho’s face drops.

The second last scene is in Sohum’s house. Simran asks Ghuggi if he is on her side, Ghuggi tells her that he’s never not helped someone and if it is a question of Sohum’s happiness, Ghuggi will be the first to help. Sohum comes out and Simran and Ghuggi act weird. Sohum is about to go to Bani’s house but Simran asks him to drop her off to her friends house. He reluctantly says yes. They arrive at her friends house and they both go inside. Sohum says he’s going but Simran makes him stay. They then sit and wait, whilst Sohum keeps asking to leave. In walks in a young girl and Simran’s friend. The girl’s name is Sukhmani. They are both told that there are talks about Sohum and Sukhmani’s rishta. Sohum looks up in shock and turns to Simran, the episode ends…

Precap: Bani and Raji’s friends surprise them with their arrival for the mehndi.

Update Credit to: cazwhyso

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