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Chapter 11

Recap: raglak marriage…


Ragini and laksh were standing at the door hand in hand waiting for ap to start the greh pravesh ritual.

Laksh: mom.. Fast I’m tired yaar. …

Laksh said frustrated. Everyone giggled. Ragini blushed.

Ap ; haan haan… Coming beta.

She comes with the aarti plate and does their tilak and showers flowers on them. The rice pot and the kumkum thaal is already placed on the floor.

Ap: ginni beta now u slowly kick the pot with ur right leg and enter the house by dipping ur feet in this kumkum water. ..

Ragini nodded and smiled and did as she was told. Laksh too followed her and they sat on the chairs kept opposite each other.

Laksh ( murmurs): duniya bhar ki rasme aaj aur abhi hi honi hai…. ( all the rituals hv to performed now only…)

Omi who heard this giggles and pats his shoulder giving him assurance and give a sympathetic look. Laksh twists his lips.

Lalsh’s sister puts a ring in the big bowl containing milk and rose petals.

Sis: now u both hv to find the ring.. U’ll get three chances and the one who wins will rule the other…

They both dip their hands in the bowl and try to find the ring. Laksh tries to distract her but she’s focused and concentrates on finding the ring. And finally she finds the ring.

Ragini: yeyyy!!

She happily screams. Everyone smiles.

Laksh: still there r two chances left…

Ragini : lets see…

They again puts their hands and this time too ragini wins and jumps in happiness. Dp smiles seeing her. He always wanted a daughter and today ragini made a place in his heart as his daughter. He blessed her and the couple were taken to their fully decorated bedroom!!!!

Ragini entered and was awestruck to see the beautiful decorations. Laksh closed the door behind and back hugged her. She closes her eyes feeling his touch on her stomach. She blushed hard!?

Laksh: oye hoye… Blushing haan!!!!?

He kissed her cheek and made her blush harder. She turned and hugged him tightly… He too hugged her back and slid his hands on her bare waist. Her hands roamed on his back. His hands went up to her blouse and untied its string. Ragini opened her eyes and went away shyly breaking the hug. !! Laksh smiled and went behind her. They both were standing facing the mirror.

Laksh: someone said take as many kisses but after marriage….

He said imitating her. She blushed and held her lehnga tightly. He came closer to her and removed her dupatta which was on her head. He moved his fingers on her bare back giving her goosebumps!! He moved up to her neck and then opened her hair. It was slightly difficult as there were so many pins to tie her hair in a bun but at last he succeeded. Ragini was just looking down blushing. He removed the other dupatta also from her shoulder and now she was in her lehnga and choli with jewellery. She shied. He removed her jewellery one by one and then picked her up in bridal style. She placed her hands around his neck.

(( romantic song played in bg))

He made her lie on the bed and kissed her forehead. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes welcoming him. He smiled and switched off the lights and came over her. In no time they were kissing each other passionately.. It was their first official kiss. Both were enjoying each other’s nectar. Laksh removed her choli while she removed his sherwani.. Now they were just in their bottoms.

Laksh rolled such that now she was above him. She took out his pyajama which he was wearing and he took off her lehnga. She was blushing hard.. He again kissed her lips and cleavage and everything and then finally they both made love with each other. Marking them as their’s officially!!!

On the other hand at airport ram sujata and sanskaar were leaving India forever!! Every Part of his heart was crying ? but he could hardly do anything… He just wished ragini best of luck and happy married life in his heart and went away to London with beautiful memories of his love and friendship!!!!!!!


It was a bright ? morning in Mumbai!?


Both ragini and laksh are fully covered with blanket as it’s a Lil cold and they are not wearing clothes ??….. Ragini slowly opens her eyes and found herself in laksh’s embrace. She smiles and then blushed remembering abt last night. Laksh too opens his eyes and finds his beautiful wife blushing.

Laksh: good morning miss… Umm noo mrs blush!!

Ragini gives him a confused look.

Laksh: ah aha.. Don’t look at me like that… In morning it self u hv started blushing.. Now say how I am supposed to control my self????

He complained holding her waist more tightly as she tried to go away.

Ragini: please let me go… its already late.. What everyone think if we went down late the first day itself??

She tried to get off his clutches but failed as he rolled above her and placed her both hands near her face. He kissed her first softly then the soft kiss became wild…

After few minutes they broke the kiss as they were out of breath.

Ragini: now??

Laksh nodded no cutely.

Ragini: please???

She shranked her eyes. He thinks and then smiles naughtily.

Ragini: what??

Laksh: only one condition!!

Ragini: what condition??

She look at him tensed.

Laksh ( burying his head in her nape): every morning you’ll give me bath!!

Ragini’s eyes widens with shock and he pushed him with all her might.

Ragini ; lucky are u mad or what?? U r not a small baby that I’ll give u bath everyday???

She made a weird face! He pouts

Lalsh: but I’m ur husband and for a wife his husband is a child so I hv no problem if u make me bath…. N u hv already seen me _______

Before he could complete she started beating him on his chest. He holds her hands.. They both have a passionate eye lock. He picks her up and they both went in the bathroom… ( and u all are very smart to understand and imagine so I’ll not write… ?????..)

At Dining Table!

Ap and dp are waiting for Raglak..

Dp: arre bhai where are the kids,,??

Ap: ji.. They r not kids any more..

Dp: still annu….

Ap: now u r big enough to understand ji…..

She said blushing. He understands but still to make her blush he continues acting innocent.

Dp: but what exactly I hv to understand??

He asked keeping his finger on his chin.

Ap: arre yesterday was their wedding so….

She signs him but he’s still acting making her very embarrass.

Dp: so what?? Everyone does marriage so what yaar???

Ap: so yesterday night….

She tries to make him understand but he’s not ready.

Dp: what yesterday night annu?? What r u saying? Okay.. U do one thing u too do the same thing tonight which they hv done yesterday’s night… Okay?????? Then I’ll understand….

He said sipping his tea and smiling naughtily. Ap blushed like anything and hits his hand.

Ap: do u even know what you r saying??

Dp: haan annu… N its final that you’ll do the same thing which they hv done……. Now no more argument….

He look towards the other side and finds RagLak coming to them hand in hand. Ragini was looking beautiful in a beautiful saree with her hair tied in a bun and laksh in a suit.


Both took ap’s and dp’s blessings and sat down for the breakfast.

Ap: ginni beta today ur first rasoi rasam and muh dikhai rasam will b there so b ready haan??

Ragini: ji mom…

Dp ; n tomorrow u both have to go from here….

He said sternly. All the trio stopped eating and looked at him shocked. He burst out laughing looking at their shocked faces.

Dp ( hitting laksh’s forehead): arre buddy tomorrow you’ll take my daughter for honeymoon in Sydney?!!

Laksh: oh god buddy u scared me man….

Dp: be a man yaar… Don’t be scared my brave daughter is with u… Don’t worry she’ll take care of u….. What say ginni?,,

Ragini ; of course papa….

They both hi fived.

Laksh: mom…..

Ap: duggu… Ginni…..

Dp – ragini :: mama’s boy !!!

They both again hi fived and laughed. Everyone had a gala time….

Later in the afternoon Ragini’s first rasoi rasam was done in which she made rajma chawal, shahi paneer, dal makhni and rotis. … All kept eating until they were full then she served them hot gulab jamuns…. Then in the evening her muh dikhai rasam was there. Everyone blessed the newly wedded couple. Later in the evening shomi and shekhar came to take her for the pag phere rasam where she got to know tha sanskaar has shifted to London with his parents. She became really sad and upset as he didn’t even informed her. but then what could she do?? She went with her parents to spend a night with them……..

The next morning laksh came to her house to pick her and they both went to Sydney for a week long honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The episode ends with RagLak returning back to Mumbai after their honeymoon trip!!!!!

I know guys u really felt bad for sanskaar in last episode but don’t worry time will heal every wound!!!!! N Swa-San….. Ummmm…. Lets see….. Till then enjoy raglak ‘!!!???

Okay so this was it for today!! Hope raglak fans liked it!!! Agar thoda zyada naughty ho gaya n u didn’t liked it then also pls do tell me…. I’ll take care of it from next time……. Pls do comment and tell me…..

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