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Okay! So shekhar shomi ram and sujata are welcoming the guests in a simple yet elegant banquet Hall decorated so beautiful with flowers and lights. While shekhar and ram are in sherwani shomi and sujata are looking beautiful in heavy sarees with their hair tied in pretty buns.

The music is being played by the DJ, snacks are being served and the guests are eating n enjoying.

Shomi: sujata… Where is sanskaar?? I hv not seen him from morning after his n ragini’ s fight….

Sujata: even I don’t know where he went… Must b coming….. Well now u should welcome ur damad ( SIL) LOOK he has came…..

She said pointing to the door.

Laksh with ap and dp on either side and baarat behind them… Shomi smiles and goes to them with aarthi ki thaal and does his aarthi n put tilak on his forehead. Laksh took everyones blessings and came in. All the relatives met each other and proceeded with the function.

LAKSH –×1100.jpg

Dp was wandering here n there looking for someone but he wasn’t able to find him. He comes to ram.

Dp: ram…

He turns and greets him.

Ram: arre Dp ji. … Kahiye aap ko kuch chahiye tha?? ( do u want something??)

Dp: no nothing like that.. But where is sanskaar??

Ram: he might b coming….. U enjoy i’ll just come.

Saying this ram left as sujata called him.

Laksh was sitting on the couch waiting for his bride eagerly. Photographs were being clicked, guests were coming n eating, music was being played, children were playing and dancing ?……. But. .. But sanskaar was still no where to be seen.

After sometime Ragini was brought in by sujata and shomi.. She was looking damn beautiful as always. Laksh kept staring at her. Soft music played in the bg. Shekhar got teary eyed seeing his daughter in a bridal dress. Ram side hugged him. They both went to Ragini and blessed her.


Ragini’s eyes were finding someone but she didn’t got that. She was made to sit beside laksh. He smiled, she blushed.

Ragini: ma… Where is sanskyy???

Shomi: he might b here only ginni..

Said shomi consoling herself rather than Ragini.

Ragini: ma is he that much angry on me that he’ll not even come at my wedding???

Asked Ragini innocently, a layer of tears forming in her eyes.

Laksh: ginni don’t cry bacha… He’ll come…. Look there are so many work so he might b busy…

Shomi: haan ginni…. N u should not cry… Its not good for a bride to cry on her d day!? So stop crying and enjoy I’ll see where ur duffer friend has gone……

She wiping her tears and kissing her forehead.

Ragini: maaa…..

Said she glaring at shomi.

Shomi: sorry sorry…. Ur sweet friend okay??

She bite her tongue realising what she has said and quickly corrected herself. Laksh chuckled. Shomi went from there.

Ragini’s eyes were still on the door. But sanskaar was still not seen.

Laksh: ginni….

Ragini: yeah??

Laksh: if I also went somewhere without telling u or anyone will u b worried abt me also like u r for sanskaar????

Asked laksh feeling a Lil bit J!!! ??

Ragini ( turning towards him and saying with her one brow up): so Mr laksh durgaprasad maheshwari is jealous???? Haan???

She chuckled! He frowned.

Laksh: of course not ginni…. I’m not at all jealous…. U… U don’t change the topic and tell me what I hv asked…

Ragini ( laughing): acha acha…… Thik hai…. Don’t be angry mr. Angry bird!! N the answer of ur question… So lucky ji if u went somewhere without telling me than I’ll beat u that much which u will not be able to handle…. N don’t u even dare think of doing something like that….

She glared at him angrily pointing her index finger on him. He looked around and found few ppl staring at them and smiling he nervously held her finger and smiled sheepishly and kissed her hand.

Ragini: lucky….

Laksh: what lucky..?? In front of so many ppl u r pointing finger on me that too on our wedding…. look everyone is laughing on us…

He said pouting. She looked around and found everyone staring at them. She too smiled sheepishly and blushed.

Ap came there with pandit ji who told them to start the varmala rasam! Sujata brought the garlands in big thaals and handed each to raglak!

First ragini made laksh wear it and then laksh . Everyone clapped and showered flowers on them. Then photographs were clicked and finally it was time for the pheras.

Both were taken to the mandap and were made to sit beside each other. Ragini again looked for sanskaar but didn’t found him.

Dp: one second pandit ji. …

Everyone looks at him.

Sp: wht happened chotey????

Dp brings Pooja ( their widow sister in law) with him… Ap smiles while sp makes faces.

Dp: without elders blessings this wedding will b incomplete….

Sp: wht was the need to bring her in this auspicious moment??

Dp: bhaisaab please. .

Pooja goes and takes everyone’s
Blessings. … Except sp everyone talks with her. Ap pulls dp to her.

Dp: arre wht r u doing??

Ap: I love you duggu!!!

Dp: y?? Am I looking more handsome today!?

She chuckles.

Ap: no bcoz of what u did today…. Now come lets go….

Dp was also looking for sanskaar but couldn’t find him. The rituals started. Ragini’s hand was given in laksh’s hand for the kanyadan.. Shekhar and shomi blessed the couple after the kanyadan. sujata did the gathbandhan and they both stood for the pheras…..

They both took promises as they took rounds around the holy fire and then sat down. Laksh filled her maang with sindur and adored her neck with mangalsutra! Ragini’s eyes welled up with joy.

Dp: shekhar ji… From today ur daughter is our daughter.. Our pride…..

Everyone smiled listening this and ragini hugged dp. Shekhar and shomi were overwhelmed to see their love for their daughter. They thanked god for sending them in there lives.

They all were then seated and had their dinner. Laksh and Ragini fed each other. The guests have already left.

Now it was time for bidaai!

Ragini: maa… Where is snasky!???

Shomi: I don’t know beta…. Bhaisaab ( ram) where is sanskaar????

” umm… Someone talking abt me?,,??? ” said a voice from behind…

Everyone turned back to see sanskaar standing there looking extremely handsome and was having ice cream in his hand. Ragini sighed and went to him. Dp looked at him teary eyed.


Ragini started beating him with his hands. He kept the cup aside and held her hands and stopped her and look straight into her eyes but then looked aside so that he doesn’t break down. Dp looked at him painfully.

Sanskaar: ginni what r u doing yaar???

He said leaving her hands and brushing his sherwani. Everyone looked on.

Ragini ; what I’m doing haan??? ( she again started beating him) where were from morning haan??? Itna naraz the ki meri shaadi mein bhi nahi aaye????

Her eyes welled up.. Sanskaar looked at her and wiped her tears and took her in his embrace while everyone adored their bond.

Sanskaar: who said that I didn’t attended ur wedding haan??? ( she along with others looked at him confused as no one saw him… He looked at everyone and then continued) of course I was there…. Actually first I was checking the arrangements and then… ( he choked but then acted like coughing coz he didn’t wanted to cry.. She rubbed his back… He smiled and signed he’s okay….) then the food…. It was too good yaar… I was the first one to eat every dish that’s y I was in kitchen enjoying the tasty dishes before u…..

He pinched her nose. Everyone smiled but Dp looked at him feeling really sad and sorry for him.. Only he could understand his pain. Sanskaar too looked at him and then fluttered his eyelashes to assure him.

Ram: abb aa gaya na tumhara sanskaar??

She nods and hugs him.

Sujata: then lets do the rasam….

Everyone face turned pale and eyes became teary.

Sanskaar held the tray of rice and the rest of them came behind her. Shomi and sujata pulled out their pallu ( as in the last part of their sari) to catch the rice.. Laksh was walking beside Ragini. She took the rice and throwed back… The ladies took them in their pallu. Everyone cried but sanskaar didn’t let a single tear flow from his eyes..

(( Babul mora naihar chhuto hi jay
Naihar chhuto hi jay
Babul mora naihar chhuto hi jay
Naihar chhuto hi jay
Babul mora naihar
Babul mora naihar chhuto hi jay
Mora naihar chhuto hi jay
Aa ha aa aa aa
Naihar chhuto hi jay.))

Ragini hugged everyone one by one and at last sanskaar. She hugged him tightly. This time he couldn’t stop his tears so he let them flow and kissed her forehead. He side hugged her and move towards laksh..

Sanskaar: if my ginni cried ever bcoz of u n if a single tear came in her eye…..

Laksh: don’t worry bro remember that sea ? water…… I’ll never let tears come in her eyes and that is my promise again to u…….

All smiled. Sanskaar last time saw ragini and patted her cheeks and then made her sit in the car with laksh. And then they pushed the car a little and it went away.

In the car ragini was crying and laksh was trying to console her.

Laksh: ginni please dont cry na. …

She cries more. He takes her head and rest it on his chest and tries to console her. She tries to move aside but he doesn’t let her go. She starts beating him but still he doesn’t give up and finally she hit him hard on his stomach and to the reaction of which he leaves her. He holds his stomach. She wipes her tears. ( its a really funny scene with funny tune playing in bg)

Laksh: ginni… That was not done…..

Ragini: are but u were holding me forcefully….

Laksh ( imitating her) : but I was only consoling u…. If ur friend that sanksy saw tears in ur eyes he’ll eat me raw like this…….

He does some silly actions and Ragini laughs seeing him……..

Ap and dp joined their hands and told that they’ll leave. Shekhar shomi ram and sujata did the same. Ap sat in the car.. Dp came to sanskaar and hugged him.

Sanskaar: promise me uncle that ginni will always stay happy and will never get sad?

He brought his hand forward. Dp keeps his hand on his..

Dp: I hv never seen a selfless man like u. . I promise u beta that ur ginni will never see a bit of sadness also on her life…

Sanskaar: thank you uncle…. N one more thing..

Dp: yeah beta say….

Sanskaar ; uncle just forget abt me and my one sided love…. Just think abt lucky ginni and their upcoming life…. Just forget abt me…..

Dp: beta…..

He keeps his hand on his head.

Sanskaar: aapko meri kasam hai uncle! Just forget abt me na….. Forget that u hv ever met me on the beach… Just forget it na…..

Dp nodded and again hugged him.

Dp: u r true lover if God is seeing this then he’ll surely get true love in ur life …..

Sanskaar chuckled and broke the hug.

Snaksaar: bye uncle and take care of my ginni. …. .

Dp nodded and went from there….

Sanskaar looks on teary eyed and went to his favourite place, beach and sat there thinking how he never went in the wedding coz he didn’t hv courage to see his ginni becoming someone else’s… He was on the beach only…… . At the time of bidaai he came there coz he didn’t want ragini to get upset and wanted to see her for the last time… Yes bcoz he was going to London forever coz he got a very big contract there and also wanted to stay away from ragini’s memories….. N this was the best chance…. Ram and sujata were also going with him coz he knew if they stayed back then ragini will always ask them abt his whereabouts.. He didn’t wanted to take nay risk. Now he was going away from his first and last love…………… It was last night in Mumbai for him and first night of a beautiful life for ragini……………

Screen freezes on sanskaar’s teary face!!!!


So guys! How was it…. Finally raglak are married but sanskaar……… Chalo let’s see wht god has on store for him…. U guys tell me how’s it?? Okay i’ll wait for your comments……… keep smiling and take care dearies ‘!!!!!

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